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These Jobs Are Set To Grow Like Crazy In The Near Future

As the economy grows and technology continues developing, jobs are set to shift and change for the future. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), many job types, ranging from wind turbine service technicians to mathematicians, will be on the rise.

As technology continues to replace human workers, it may be helpful to stay on the lookout for these up-and-coming jobs that are expected to see growth and expansion.

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Forest Fire Inspector And Prevention Specialist

Everyone should do their part to prevent fires, but fire prevention can also be a career path. Fire inspectors and prevention specialists are experts at patrolling public or residential areas, making sure that everyone is following correct fire prevention procedures and leaving no room for mistakes. This job may require fire academy training and a high school diploma, and firefighter training is an added credential.

This job has a predicted 24% growth rate from 2018-2028 and on average earns about $39,600 per year.

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Software Application Developer

Think about it like this: A team of software developers has created the platform on which you are reading this very article. Software developers design and create a wide range of computer programs and are in high demand as the need for new software increases. The applications created by these technology geniuses can be for the general public or for privately owned companies or customers.

This job has a 26% growth outlook and can earn you up to $103,620 annually. That being said, you will need to develop great skill to stay afloat in this career path, as many jobs are being outsourced to different countries.

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Operations Research Analyst

If you have a large business or corporation, then you will likely employ an operations research analyst as they provide important knowledge. These professionals are expected to interpret large amounts of data, manage schedules, and methodically develop game plans. Typical functions of an operations research analyst include managing and monitoring airline ticket prices, managing military supply schedules, and much more.

This complicated job requires a bachelor’s degree and, in some cases, advanced education. Analysts typically earn about $83,390 per year.



When you think of a mathematician, you probably envision a teacher at a school or university. In reality, these number experts typically work for chemists, engineers, or designers to analyze the effectiveness of a business or develop marketing strategies.

In fact, most mathematicians are often referred to by their official title—most often data scientist or qualitative analyst—in the workplace. This job is well-suited for math whizzes with a bachelor’s degree and can earn you up to $101,900 per year.

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Tables, graphs, and charts, oh my! Just by looking at the word “statistician,” you can already guess that these professionals collect data in numerous forms. This includes surveys, experiments, polls, and other data used to relay conclusions and ideas to higher-ups.

These professionals can work for a variety of large companies, but according to the BLS, the most common employer is the federal government. A master’s degree is needed for most entry-level statistician roles, which bring a median annual salary of $87,780.

Information Security Analyst

All kinds of businesses and organizations have sensitive and private data that must be protected. Information security analysts play the critical role of staying ahead of cyber threats and developing innovative solutions in order to protect data.

Most of these analysts are employed by computer companies, consulting firms, or financial firms and earn about $98,350 per year. Entry to this field generally requires a bachelor’s degree, but practical experience is also extremely important in dealing with private information. Cheung

Wind Turbine Service Technician

With renewable energy on the rise, new energy sources and strategies will require greater numbers of wind turbine service technicians. Wind power is expected to double over the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, meaning that there will be a need for workers to develop and maintain new wind turbines.


While wind turbine technician roles do not require a college degree, technical school training, and some on-the-job learning training are needed. The average pay is about $54,370 per year.

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Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Speaking of renewable energy, these skilled workers install solar panels not only in fields but also on rooftops and other structures. This job is expected to see a 63.3% growth in the next 10 years as many consumers and businesses are switching to solar energy.

Being a solar photovoltaic installer doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree, since all the skills you need are learned on the job. On average, you can earn $42,680 for these roles.

Home Health And Personal Care Aid

It’s no surprise that human health care is a constant need, which is why these patient healthcare professionals are essential, especially to elders. Baby boomers are aging, meaning these in-home helpers will be very important for those who need assistance with daily tasks such as grocery shopping and cleaning. This is an extremely important job and will require patience and accuracy as you take vital measurements and distribute medications.

Aids typically need a high school diploma and some on-the-job training. Although this is an essential job, the average pay is only $24,060 per year.

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Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistants spend their days working alongside occupational therapists, assisting them with whatever they need and helping patients relearn the skills needed to function normally again. Occupational therapy aids also work alongside therapists but require much less training than assistants.

An occupational therapy assistant needs an associate degree or higher education, which will bring greater responsibility and higher pay. The average pay for this job is $60,220 per year.

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Physician Assistant

Physician assistants may not sound like a critically important job right off the bat, but these professionals have an extremely important role in health care. These professionals are expected to prescribe medications, set broken bones, and much more. The typical work settings are doctors’ offices, hospitals, and clinics.

A physician’s assistant focuses directly on the treatment of diseases and injuries and needs a master’s degree and significant experience. The experience of the job may be worth it as they take home about $108,610 per year.

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Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are trained to perform many duties of a doctor and are often granted “full practice authority,” which means that they can work without being overseen.

A nurse practitioner differs from a registered nurse in education and required experience levels. A nurse practitioner must obtain a master’s degree in addition to meeting licensing and exam requirements, while a registered nurse typically only needs an associate or bachelor’s degree. All the schooling and training may be worth it, though, when you can earn $113,930 per year.

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Speech-Language Pathologist

A speech-language pathologist can help you with any of your communication needs. They help treat and work with patients who suffer from many different conditions such as brain damage, autism, or hearing loss. The aging of the Baby Boomer generation makes this role increasingly important as these professionals often deal with patients with dementia.

Speech-language pathologists must hold a master’s degree and, in most states, must also be licensed. This job earns an average of $77,510 per year.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Petty Officer 2nd Class Joseph Seavey, U.S. Navy

Physical Therapist Assistant

Baby Boomers increasingly need some sort of therapy to keep their bodies moving and working correctly. Physical therapist assistants help these patients perform exercises to stretch out stiff muscles. In addition, they record patient progress and determine future treatment steps.


This job requires an associate degree and a state license, which can land you a job earning $58,040 per year.

Genetic Counselor

With technology improving rapidly, there is a great need to study the human genome and gain deeper insight into genetic disorders. With knowledge in this arena, professionals will be able to treat many types of patients and help them with preventive care.

Genetic counselors can identify risk factors for developing genetic disorders and evaluate the probability of having children with chronic conditions or disabilities. Immediate knowledge of these disorders can make prevention and intervention much easier. Genetic counselors need a master’s degree in genetics and board certification in order to practice in the workplace and earn about $80,370 per year.