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The Uber Advertising Program: Another Way For Drivers To Make Extra Money

If you’re tooling around town as an Uber or Uber Eats driver, why not maximize your time spent on the road by displaying advertising that’s designed to get consumers to spend more money?

Companies have long recognized the potential profitability of hawking their wares on taxicabs, where their advertised products and services are seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers on a daily basis as vehicles wind their way through busy streets in cities and towns, over and over again…

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An Update To An Old Idea

Uber and Uber Eats drivers in eight major markets will have the opportunity to beef up their earnings through the company’s new advertisement program. Dubbed Uber OOH, the pilot advertisement program is the company’s first leap into the advertising business. According to Adweek, Uber is partnering with ad-tech company Adomni to install out-of-home (OOH) ads atop Uber drivers’ vehicles.

The modern, updated versions of the advertising signage were inspired by the lighted signs that once sat atop old taxicabs, and which often promoted lawyers, local businesses, and a fair number of pawn shops. But the new car rooftop advertisements promoted by Uber are ultra-high-tech and include, “two-sided, internet-connected screens on the tops of participating Uber drivers’ vehicles” that play videos and cycle through a series of still ads, bringing them firmly into the 21st century.

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Added Earning Potential

What does the new advertising program mean for drivers in terms of steering them towards more cash? The potential to earn extra money is significant: drivers will earn a $300 one-time payment for installing the vehicle topper, plus an additional $100 each week they drive more than 20 hours. (Once the program expands, the payment will shift to an hourly model.)

The initial phase of the advertising program will include car-toppers installed on 1,000 vehicles in Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix by April 1st. Adomni has announced that the program is expected to expand to Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco after the initial rollout.

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Perfect Timing

Brett Baker, head of Uber OOH, said that “after exploring this idea for over a year now, we realized that the timing is perfect to launch this new ad network, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner than Adomni. Their expertise with mobile vehicle digital out-of-home networks and programmatic ad sales is compelling.”


An Uber spokesperson confirmed the company’s partnership with Adomni to The Penny Hoarder. When asked for additional information about how drivers can sign up for the new advertising program, spokesperson Steve Imm sent a link to the Adweek article, which unfortunately doesn’t include any such sign-up information.