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Attention: Anyone Who Wants To Make Money Just For Watching Videos and Movies Online

Who knew making money as a couch potato would be something worth considering? Truth is, if you enjoy spending time watching movies and videos, you can not only save cash but also make some money, all while doing one of your favorite things.

Movie studios often look to gauge an audience’s reaction before releasing a movie, while some platforms pay you to watch videos online (perhaps as a means of getting their view counts up). But look closely at the companies offering wads of cash for viewership, to make sure their compensation is in line with your expectations.


Tag, you’re it: become a Netflix “tagger’

Netflix hires people called “taggers” who are paid to watch Netflix and add tags to videos. Once videos receive the relevant tags, it’ll help other viewers to find content that matches their individual interests. The job reportedly pays about $300 per month, which might explain why tagger jobs are not all that easy to come by. 

Tune in, add up: Get points with Swagbucks

Yes, you can earn some extra cash by watching TV shows and videos, but the process isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Swagbucks works as a system that rewards you with points. When the points add up, you can cash them in for gift cards or PayPal cash. 

Still sounds good, right? But take a closer look at the earning vs. redemption ratio of the point system, and all might not be so easy-peasy. To earn $25 from Swagbucks, deposited into your PayPal account, you’ll need to earn a total of 2500 points. To get started, you’ll need to watch a predetermined list of 15 videos that’ll each earn a whopping one point. Bottom line: Get ready for some eye strain, because you’ll need to watch an insanely long list of videos to see a small return on your time.

Get a front-row seat to see movies for free

If you love going to the movies, but don’t like paying for a theater ticket, this gig could be for you. For years, test audiences have been relied upon to offer opinions on major Hollywood films prior to national releases. Now with the website, you can sign up to watch pre-released movies from home. While you won’t earn any cash for catching the latest flick, you’ll save money by not having to pay the ever-rising cost of purchasing a movie theater ticket. After screening the movie, all you need to do is provide your opinion via an online survey, and your “work” is done. Talk about a movie with a happy ending!