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5 Easy Steps Toward Earning Loads Of Travel Rewards

The only thing better than a vacation to beautiful Hawaii? A trip for half the price. That’s why it’s ideal to rack up travel rewards and make your trip more affordable and guilt-free than ever before. The process is unbelievably simple – you can collect points and credits just by living your everyday life. That gallon of milk you bought at the grocery store on the way home? You just earned points and got one step closer to your dream trip – and you’ve definitely earned it. Read on for a few easy ways to earn travel rewards and live the life you’ve been dreaming of…

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Find The Right Card

There are countless options when deciding on a credit card, from the issuer to choose whether you want puppies or a sunset as the design. But the most important thing to look for? The type of rewards you’ll receive when making purchases. A shopping enthusiast might check if their card offers points toward your favorite clothing chain. Search for one that provides cashback or travel points on essentials like groceries or gas, as well as a bonus for signing up with them for the first time. Take the time to shop around and find the right card to meet your goals.

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Be Loyal To Your Favorite Airline

It’s okay to play favorites. Choose the airline or hotel chain you most frequently visit on your travels and sign up for their rewards program. Every last-minute purchase at the airport or quick weekend trip adds up to more points toward a future vacation.

Pay For Your Business Trips

Yes, really. If you travel a lot for work, you can easily pick up more points for your travel rewards by paying your own way. Flight, hotel, dinner – just put it on your credit card. You can just invoice your company later to get reimbursed and keep the travel points for yourself… it’s a win-win scenario.

Keep An Eye Out For Limited Time Offers

Many airlines and travel agencies offer incredible deals around the holidays and peak seasons – giving you the chance to save more points for that summer vacation you’ve been dreaming about. That means you should always keep an eye on your email. Don’t delete all the messages in your spam folder without a second thought. Browse through them and take advantage of limited-time deals while you still can.

Pick Up The Tab

Sure, it may seem a little sneaky, but it works. Next time you go out to dinner with a group of friends, offer to pick up the tab and use your credit card to pay the bill. As many cards even have special dining rewards, this is a great trick that can add a lot to your rewards balance. Just don’t forget to ask your friends to Venmo you afterward.