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6 Easy Ways To Make Money While Traveling

More than ever, people are leaving their footprints around the globe, even if it means doing so on a budget. Traveling doesn’t always have to be about spending money, especially when there are a ton of ways to make a steady income while you see the world. Here are six easy ways to make easy money while you travel.

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Work Online As A Freelancer

You can get started working online by creating a profile on a freelance website, unless of course you already have potential clients. There are people who live amazing lifestyles working this way. You can make your own hours and commit to as much or as little work as you want. And you can do anything from writing to managing someone’s business. One of the most difficult decisions you’ll face is whether to turn in a project on time or go enjoy some helado in the center of Tulum.

Become A Travel Influencer

If you love seeing the world, and you happen to take great pictures, becoming a travel influencer just might be your calling. In this digital world, it’s easier than ever to get a huge following, which can eventually lead to partnerships with hotels, travel groups, and more. The best part? You actually get paid to travel. You can get your flight, accommodations, and even some daily spending covered.


You may be surprised to know that many bars around the world offer part-time or temporary jobs to foreigners. More than that, they pay you ‘cash in hand’ after working every night. Finding one of these jobs is quite easy. You can check out and ask at hostels, look on social media and online, or just take a walk around and ask.

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Work As An Au Pair

An au pair is someone who works for and lives with a family, taking care of their household, and sometimes, their children. If you’re planning on moving around for a while, the great thing about this job is that you’re getting paid and you get a place to stay for free. And while the kids are away at school (or asleep), you get to explore the country.

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Teach English

While a number of places do require some kind of certification to teach English (which you can get online), there are opportunities available that allow you to give lessons without having any papers. You can advertise at cafes and even schools, and you can even teach more than one language if you have that in your repertoire.

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Work At A Hostel or House Sit

Do you know tons of hostels will hire their guests in exchange for free room and board? Sure, you won’t exactly be getting paid, but you’ll be saving money by not having to spend it on accommodations. You may have to clean, cook, or fix things from time to time, but you’ll also get to meet interesting people from around the world and have a solid base in a country of your choosing.

When it comes to house sitting, the hardest part may be finding a house. But we also have a solution for that. There are websites dedicated to precisely this kind of service, such as Nomador or Trusted House Sitters, for example.


So now you’ve got a bunch of good ideas on your plate, and can no longer use the excuse that traveling is too expensive. So what are you waiting for? Make some connections, get yourself a gig, and start seeing the world!