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Vicks Vaporub: All The Lesser-Known Hacks And Uses

Vicks VapoRub is a popular household item that you’d be likely to find in many people’s medicine cabinets. But while many people think it only serves as a treatment for congestion caused by the common cold, its uses extend far beyond this one simple application.

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A quick glimpse at the product’s outer label indicates how you can rub it on your chest, or even drop some in your humidifier, as it has healing and opening properties that can assist with a variety of respiratory symptoms. Made with eucalyptus oil, menthol, camphor, and other calming agents, Vicks VapoRub has uses however that actually extend far beyond the aforementioned ones.

Once you learn about the various uses that Vicks VapoRub has to offer, you’re going to realize that the little jar isn’t going to suffice, and don’t be surprised to realize your urge to go buy the stuff in bulk at your local Costco. So without further ado, these are the many Vicks VapoRub hacks you wish you’d known about long ago…

Relieve Sore Muscles

Hack: Relieve sore muscles

This is actually one of the uses indicated on the item itself but is almost a forgotten use due to Vicks being advertised as a savior for the common cold. The truth is that it can be used to relieve sore muscles, too.


The menthol in Vicks does not only give a refreshing cool to your skin, but it also helps improve your blood circulation. If you’re feeling sore, grab some Vicks and rub it onto the areas that are particularly sore. It should provide relief and comfort to those areas. You might even want to keep an extra jar in your gym bag. Going to the gym can really leave you sore, so this will help.

Use it to Train Your Pets

Hack: Use Vicks to train your pet not to make in the house.

If your cat or dog is making a habit of marking his or her territory around the house, you can use Vicks VapoRub as a means of training them. What you need to do is take an open container of Vicks VapoRub and place it in an area that your pet often makes its mark (and it’s more often than not in the same few areas).


The product’s strong scent will have an effect on them by deterring them from making it again in that area. It’s really a great gentle teaching method compared to other house-training approaches. And as a bonus, your home will have that camphor smell!

A Form of Antiseptic

Hack: Use Vicks as an antiseptic on wounds.


This is a hack that can be used as an alternative to Neosporin, or whatever you would typically use on a cut or scrape. Maybe you ran out of the tube considering your kids keep scraping their knees and elbows every day. In that case, Vicks is pretty handy.

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If you happen to cut yourself and you can’t find or run out of, the antiseptic cream Neosporin, you can use VapoRub instead. Spread a thin layer around the wounded area (whether it’s a splinter or a cut) to help speed up the healing process. It also has the added benefit of protecting against germs and bacteria. It’ll sting for a moment, but that should fade quickly.

Shower Bomb

Hack: Use the VapoRub as a shower bomb.

You might have heard of bath bombs before, but shower bombs are an excellent way to get relaxation during your next shower. There are even products called “shower disks” that contain Vicks VapoRub that you can buy on your next grocery run.


What do you do? Well, after placing the item in the shower, the vapor will gradually dissolve into the steam-filled air. The vapor paired with the steam from the shower will instantly clear up any clogged sinuses that you might have been suffering from and it will leave you with a general uplifting aroma. Try it out! Trust me, it will change your showering experience.

See how Vicks can be used as skincare, next!

An Alternative to Skin Moisturizer

Hack: Use Vicks as a moisturizer.

Something that most people probably never thought of when using Vicks VapoRub is that it can be used as a skin moisturizer – and a fantastic one at that. It especially works well on really dry or chapped skin.


VapoRub will restore the moisture to your dry and cracked skin. Not only on your face but also on your hands and feet. The winter can take a toll on our skin, and this is a great way to stay moisturized and also smell minty fresh.


Plus, the cooling sensation feels so much better than the regular skin moisturizers. And when you add the benefit of increasing your blood circulation, it makes it all that much better.

Healing Cooking Burns

Hack: Heal small cooking burns with Vicks.

We’ve all been there – we think we’re the next Rachel Ray or Jamie Oliver in the kitchen. We move fast with a hundred things going on at once – the burners are all occupied and it’s messy. And oh, great! We burned ourselves. But, first things first, just like you learned when you were little – you need to put the burn under some cold water first.


Let it cool down a bit. But later, take out a tub of Vicks. And then you can apply Vicks to the burn. It will soothe the sting of the burn and you can go back to impress your family with your cooking skills.

Next up, a hack for itchiness…

Relieve Itchiness

Hack: use Vicks to relieve uncomfortable itchiness

How annoying is it when your skin is itchy? Scratching only temporarily relieves the itch – and by temporarily, I mean like a matter of only a few seconds! Itchy skin is just one of those irritating skin conditions to deal with. So, considering that the natural reaction of scratching the itch doesn’t really do the job, you’re going to need a hack for that.


Put some VapoRub on bug bites or dry skin, which will help to not only relieve the red and itchy skin but also to prevent itchiness. Trying to write, work, study in class is impossible if you’re scratching your skin. So this can definitely help your skin and your productivity too!

Soothe That Sunburn

Hack: Use the VapoRub to soothe a sunburn.


Hot summers and the sunburns that come with them means we’re always red around the shoulders and chest (and even with a sunglasses tan). And that also means that we’re always looking for a good sunburn remedy. It’s similar to aloe vera, but not everyone has a tub of aloe vera in their home.


But if you do have some Vicks then you’re in luck. Similar to aloe vera, once you rub it on your literally hot skin, the cooling feeling is instantly soothing. Not only will it help the redness go away, but it’ll make your skin feel extra cool.

Did you know that Vicks VapoRub helps with stretch marks too? See how next!

Relieve Tennis Elbow

Hack: Use Vicks to help ease the pain of tennis elbow.

Whether you’re a tennis pro or an amateur tennis player that likes to hit the court every once in a while, you can get a “tennis elbow”. And guess what? Vicks has a solution for you. Massage your elbow with VapoRub until the ingredients, specifically the camphor and menthol, soothe the pain. But give your arm some rest before you go out to swing it again.


Here’s some information on tennis elbow: tennis elbow does not usually lead to any serious problems. However, if the condition continues and it is left untreated, a loss of motion or loss of function of the elbow and forearm can develop. So it’s best to pay attention to it.

Help With Stretch Marks

Hack: Use it to help with unwanted stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a very common issue that both men and women suffer from. For women, stretch marks can be particularly annoying to have to deal with as they’re a common result of pregnancy. But for both men and women alike, stretch marks are just another sign that our bodies are changing. Whether you’ve gained or lost weight, or are pregnant, Vicks can help you fight the battle of stretch marks.


The ingredients in Vicks, including the eucalyptus oil, cedar leaf oil, petrolatum, camphor, and turpentine oil, all mix together to help your stretched skin feel a lot softer and it increases the moisture. Thus, it will help keep stretch marks from standing out.


Prevent Skin Infections

Hack: Use it to prevent skin infections

If you don’t take the proper precautions when you have a burn or a skin wound, that wound can become infected. And once infected, it can take a whole lot longer and more difficult to treat. Not only can it be more difficult, but it can also leave a scar. And that sucks!


So, of course, any hack that minimizes the headache of dealing with an infection is a good one. And yes, you guessed it – Vicks can help with that. What do you need to do? Apply some VapoRub directly on top of the wound in order to prevent infection.

Vicks can help with acne, too! See how on the next slide.

Help Treat Acne

Hack: Treat acne with Vicks

You, your teenage children, your friends, your coworkers, or anyone else you know might be dealing with acne. It’s just one of those uncomfortable skin conditions that no person in the world chooses to or wants to have. Like, come on – who wants acne!?


In the very likely case that you or someone you know has pimples, this is how Vicks can help. Put VapoRub on your pimples or other blemishes and leave it on overnight. When you wake up in the morning, wash it off, and you should see that the blemish will be a lot less prominent. If you find that other remedies aren’t working for you, this is worth a try!

Next, see how Vicks helps with bugs!

Calming Bug Repellent

Hack: Use Vicks as a bug repellent

When you think about it – if Vicks can deter your pets from scratching furniture and peeing, then it really comes it’s no surprise that it can also repel bugs. So if you’re on a camping trip, hanging out with friends at a bonfire, fishing with your pals, or just having a BBQ in your backyard, this is a good one.

Apply a thin layer of VapoRub to your exposed skin and it will repel those annoying mosquitoes. It’s perfect for camping or traveling in humid areas. The strong scent deters the bugs and your skin will feel nice and soothing on your outdoor adventure. That’s a double whammy!


See how Vicks can help with bruises, next…

Help Alleviate Bruises

Hack: help heal bruises quicker.

You might be someone whose skin bruises easily, or you might just have gotten a bruise of walking into the chair again. Either way, Vicks can be your friend. In this case, you need to add some salt, too.


With a pinch of salt and a dab of Vicks, rub it onto any areas of your skin that are bruised. It will dissolve the bruise and your skin will return to normal pretty quickly! And you can repeat the process until the bruise goes away.

Fact about bruises: they form when the soft tissues of the body get bumped. And when they do, small veins and capillaries (those tiniest blood vessels) under the skin sometimes break. Red blood cells can leak out of these blood vessels. The red blood cells that collect under your skin are what cause that bluish, purplish, reddish, or blackish mark.

Relieve Earaches

Hack: Help relieve the pain of an earache.

Use Vicks VapoRub to stop those painful earaches that happen every once in a while. What you need to do is put a small amount of the VapoRub on a cotton ball and put it in your ear for a few hours. And do that several times throughout the day, until the pain fades away. It will reduce the pain as well as prevent potential infection. And ear infections are not a fun thing to experience.


Ever thought about why your child may repeatedly pull on their ear that hurts? It’s because of an earache and the pain that comes with it is usually worse at night. It’s when your child is chewing, sucking a bottle, or lying down because that’s when the pressure is at its worst. In the worst-case scenario, chronic, frequent ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss.

Relieve Headaches

Hack: help relieve the pain of a headache.


If you or a family member suffer from headaches or even migraines, you know how difficult it can be. Vicks can be a great way to provide some much-needed relief. It’s all due to the ingredient menthol. The rub helps to cool off your temples and relieve the pressure. If you notice, however, that your headaches aren’t improving at all, it’s wise to check with your doctor.


FYI: Headaches are extremely common. Pretty much everyone has a headache at least occasionally. The most common headache is called a tension-type headache. In most developed countries, tension-type headaches affect over one-third of men and over 50% of women.

See next how Vicks can be part of your makeup routine!

Eye Makeup Remover

Hack: Use it for removing makeup

Out of eye makeup remover? No worries. Vicks is here once again to save the day. Just make sure to use a small amount. Use a cotton ball or pad to wipe the tops of your eyelids and around your eyes. And avoid wiping it directly on your eye or eyelashes because it could really sting. If you do get it in your eyes, just rinse with water or a saline solution.


Random fact about the history of makeup: Queen Victoria (1819-1901) had made a public declaration that makeup was vulgar and improper due to its connection at the time with prostitutes. The first use of prototype cosmetics is traced back to ancient Egyptians; many Egyptian tombs contained makeup canisters and kits.

Help Burn Some Fat

Hack: try using Vicks as a way to deal with cellulite.

Want to get rid of some fat and cellulite? I mean, come on, who doesn’t? Apparently, applying some VapoRub mixed with camphor, baking soda, and a little bit of alcohol can do the trick. If you rub this mixture on the area you want to slim down and cover it with some plastic wrap, you might notice some results. But this is a method that would need to be done frequently.


Wonder what cellulite even is? It is the deposits of normal fat cells your skin’s connective tissue of the lower abdomen, hips, buttocks, and upper thighs. Cellulite doesn’t have any symptoms and is not a sign of disease. Cellulite is found in 80%-90% of normal adult women.


Removing Lipstick

Hack: Use VapoRub as an alternative to lipstick remover.

Just like how it can help remove your eye makeup, Vicks can help when you can’t get off that matte lipstick that you put on hours ago and the tint is still there. Apply a thin layer of VapoRub on your stained lips and let it sit there for about 5 minutes before wiping it off completely. Your lips will return to their natural color and get some needed moisture too.


Random fact about lipstick: 80% of American women regularly wear lipstick, and more than 25% won’t leave the house without it. Did you know that lipsticks have expiration dates? Storing them in the fridge can prolong their life. The main ingredients of modern lipsticks are waxes (sometimes natural beeswax), oils, pigments, and emollients.

Stimulate Hair Growth

Hack: Help stimulate hair growth with Vicks

Vicks is said to be able to help promote hair growth. If you take a small amount of Vicks and apply it to your scalp, you might start to notice some benefits. The benefits? For one, it stimulates blood flow to the scalp. Secondly, it kills scalp bacteria. Oh, and the tingling sensation means it’s working. Apply it to your scalp a few times a week and see what it does!


In general, to make your hair grow faster, you can try adding fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains, and healthy fats to your regular diet. Eating a nutritious diet will support strong, healthy hair. Also, avoid shampooing your hair every single day since shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils and leads to breakage.

Relieve Night Coughs

Hack: Use it to help with night coughing.


Vicks is typically applied to your chest to relieve congestion and coughing. But it can also be put on your feet as well to stop night coughing. It might sound strange but putting Vicks on your feet before you hit the hay can provide nighttime cough relief. Rub a good amount of VapoRub all over your feet and cover them with socks. Your significant other will appreciate the good night’s sleep too.


Coughing tends to get worse at night because a person is lying flat in their bed. Mucus can pool in the back of the throat which can cause coughing. Sleeping with your head elevated can decrease postnasal drip, which causes coughing at night.

Use With Your Bedtime Humidifier

Hack: Use it in your humidifier.

Certain types of humidifiers and vaporizers can allow you to add extra elements. And some humidifiers even have a specific compartment for Vicks VapoRub. Make sure to check that the humidifier has an aromatherapy compartment before buying it (if you’re looking to buy one). The humidifier will circulate the Vicks throughout the air in the room and keep you breathing nicely all night long.


Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air in your room to prevent dryness. Dryness can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers are particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, throat, nose, and lips. They can also ease common symptoms caused by the flu or common cold.

Fix a Squeaky Door

Hack: Vicks can help with a squeaky door!

Speaking of headaches, squeaky doors that aren’t oiled up can definitely be the recipe for a headache after hearing that same sound all the time. If you have a creaking door, try using Vicks VapoRub.


To stop your squeaky door hinge, apply the Vicks to the inside of the hinges. But, if they keep squeaking, try using a hammer and nail to tap out the pins inside of the hinges. Then, coat them with the VapoRub. Then, all you have to do is tap the pins back into the hinges.


It’s a good replacement for WD40 when you’re in a pinch. And if you want to know some secret uses for WD40, click here!

Hide Bad Smells

Hack: Vicks can help mask bad odors.

Vicks should also be considered for the use of a “smell hider.” Let’s face it – life can stink (not just metaphorically). The house can get stinky – from baby diapers to full garbage bags, and your pets’ markings. You can get creative when deciding how to use it for this purpose. You can literally put it under your nose, or you can use it with your incense or humidifier.


Whatever you choose to do, it can really help disguise some bad scents.

Random fact about smells: studies have found that women have a more developed sense of smell than men. Women are also capable of identifying a greater number of different odors than men are.

Treat a Dry Scalp

Hack: Use Vicks to treat your dry scalp.

Treat your dry scalp by taking a small amount of Vicks and rubbing it onto the dry parts of your scalp. You’ll want to do right before you go to bed or after you take a shower. The oil from the eucalyptus and the petroleum work together as a balm for your scalp. You’ll see that you won’t have any more itching or flakes. You can wear black and not worry!

Dandruff and dry scalp are actually two different (but equally prevalent) scalp problems. As the name conveys, dry scalp happens when the scalp is lacking a significant amount of its natural moisture. The irritation that results causes the skin to dry up and eventually flake off.

Treat Hemorrhoids

Hack: It can even help treat hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are painful and something you wouldn’t wish on anybody! So if you happen to have some right now, you might be glad to know that Vicks VapoRub can help you out. For small, itchy hemorrhoids, apply Vicks and let the menthol drown the itch out. But be sure that you can tolerate the burn first by testing Vicks on another part of your body, or on the palm of your hand. If it’s manageable, you’re good to go.


FYI: small hemorrhoids are likely to clear up without any treatment within a matter of days. But, large, external hemorrhoids can take longer to heal and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. If hemorrhoids are not going away, it is best to see a doctor for treatment.

Keeping Your Horse Focused

Hack: Vicks can help your horse stay focused.

If you own a horse or know someone who owns a horse or knows someone who knows someone who owns a horse, this one’s for you! Horses tend to get distracted by the scent of female horses. And so applying some VapoRub under his nose can help keep him focused. The mating season doesn’t need to stop you from going on a ride. This has actually been a secret in the equestrian trade for years.


Studies have revealed that horses can, in fact, experience varying degrees of “distractibility.” In other words, there are horses that can get more easily distracted than others. This can have a significant effect on their attention capacities and, thus, their efficiency in learning

An Acting Aide

Hack: Cry on cue.

For anyone who needs to cry on cue, such as actors on sets or in theater, it’s known that it’s not an easy task. Crying on the spot can be pretty much impossible for many if they’re just not in the mind space for it. Vicks can help you out if you need to get that crying scene just right. Rubbing a little VapoRub underneath your eye will help you shed some tears.


Some of the greatest scenes in film history are largely thanks to an actor’s ability to create real tears. There are a lot of actors, though, that have a hard time crying when they’re told to. So maybe they can use this hack.

Croup and Pneumonia Salve

Hack: Use it a salve for pneumonia


Lunsford Richardson, the original pharmacist in North Carolina, created and sold 21 home remedies under the “Vicks” name in the 1890s. Of those remedies, the best-selling version was by far the Vicks Croup and Pneumonia Salve. The salve’s ingredients included menthol, which was a new and lesser-known Japanese ingredient.


People didn’t realize that just by rubbing it onto a person’s chest, body heat vaporizes the menthol, releasing soothing, medicated vapors. FYI: Pneumonia is more common than you think. The infection causes more than a million hospitalizations and sadly, more than 50,000 deaths every year. It’s an infection in one or both of your lungs, which leads to inflammation and fluid build-up. It may cause problems with oxygen exchange.

Treatment for Chapped Lips

Hack: Use Vicks as a way to heal chapped lips.

Just like how the VapoRub acts a great skin moisturizer, it can help with chapped lips too. If your lips get dry often, use some Vicks to moisturize them. You’ll want to avoid licking your lips though as it doesn’t have the best taste in the world. If you can avoid the taste, you’ll see the results are worth the application.


FYI: Lips don’t contain oil glands like other parts of our skin. This means that lips are more susceptible to drying out and getting chapped and cracked. The lack of moisture can make the problem worse. Chapped licks can result from the weather, poor self-care, or even habitual licking.

A Treatment for Psoriasis and Eczema

Hack: Help treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema

Just because you have eczema or psoriasis doesn’t mean you need to hide your skin in the skin-exposing months of the year. Just make sure you have enough Vicks for the summer season. Using VapoRub on your eczema will reduce the inflammation and itchiness, not to mention you’ll feel smoother and more refreshed too.


FYI: eczema is a condition where patches of the skin become inflamed, red, itchy, and cracked. Blisters can sometimes occur as a result. Different stages and even types of eczema affect 31.6% of people in the United States. The word eczema can also be used specifically when talking about atopic dermatitis, which is the most common type of eczema.


An American Brand

Vicks is an American brand owned by the American company Procter & Gamble. Vicks also makes NyQuil and its sister medication, DayQuil, which are also staples of the American household. And for most of the company’s history, Vicks products were made by the family-owned company Richardson-Vicks, Inc. Richardson-Vicks, Inc. was eventually sold to Procter & Gamble in 1985.

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Some history about the product: the history of Vicks goes way back. When the Spanish flu hit the U.S. in 1918 and 1919, Vicks VapoRub sales skyrocketed from a number of $900,000 to a whopping $2.9 million in just one year. Sales of the product had increased so dramatically that the Vicks plant operated day and night to keep up with orders.

Some More Vicks History

After the flu epidemic of 1918, sales of the VapoRub soared from $900,000 to $2.9 million in just one year. In 1948, Edward Mabry became president of Vicks (the first non-family member of the Richardson family), which was then known as the Vick Chemical Company.

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In 1985, it was sold to Procter & Gamble which has since been marketed as the product which is “The only thing more powerful than a mother’s touch.”

Who can use Vapo Rub? Just so you know, the product is intended for anyone over 2 years of age. VapoRub is suited for both adults and children as a topical medicine. But you should not be using it on your kids if they’re younger than 2 years old.

Vicks Cough Drops

In 1931, Vicks went on to expand its product line with two new products: Vicks Va-tro-nol Nose Drops and Vicks Cough Drops. And it’s no surprise that the company did as well as they did. Their cough drops were the first major product to join VapoRub in the Vicks Company. The drops were an immediate hit, having sold more than 25 million packages in the first year only.


Random fact: when we catch a cold, germs spread to the nose, throat and other air passages. The body tries to fight off the germs and it produces a slimy mucus to get rid of them. The act of sneezing and coughing blows out the germs with the mucus build-up. Sneezing does the job of stopping the tickling in our nose, but for a short while.


Coconut Oil Hacks

Okay, so we hammered into your head all the hacks for Vicks, and if you have any more, feel free to tell us!

But for now, we’re going to stay on the hack train and move on to another common household item that is equally useful and also very healthy and natural! Yes, we’re talking about coconut oil.


Hack: Use coconut oil as a natural deodorant.

We all reach the point in the hot summer when deodorant just doesn’t cut it. We just keep sweating it off! Using deodorant with coconut oil in it can actually boost the effectiveness of the deodorant. Also, if you ever run out of deodorant and forgot to buy more, don’t freak out! Coconut oil can be used as a replacement for deodorant.

Eye Makeup Remover

Hack: Use coconut oil as a natural makeup remover.

Okay, ladies, nothing is worse than not getting your makeup off completely. We’ve all been there, and it causes breakouts and suffocates our pores. Well, coconut oil can help! Makeup remover wipes don’t get off your makeup entirely. Rubbing coconut oil on your face will remove all the excess makeup ad hydrate your skin at the same time. This trick works especially well with eye makeup.


Coconut oil fact: There’s tons of information on the internet about the health benefits of coconut oil, ranging from supporting your efforts in weight loss to controlling diabetes to reversing Alzheimer’s disease. Coconut oil is one of those “superfoods” that can really help in a number of ways.

Hydrating Conditioner

Hack: Use coconut oil as an alternative to store-bought hair conditioner.

Coconut oil is filled with vitamins and nutrients that are really good for your hair. You can even create a hair mask by simply putting two tablespoons of coconut oil in your hair. Massage the oil into your scalp and throughout your hair. Then you just wrap your hair in a bun and put a shower cap over it for an hour. Once you rinse it off, you will have noticeably shinier and softer hair.


Coconut oil has been used for centuries for uses surrounding hair, and its unique fat composition makes it particularly beneficial for certain hair types. You can use it as a hair mask, hot oil treatment, or in homemade hair products.


Cuticle Cream

Hack: Use coconut oil as a cuticle cream.

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to get our nails done. After not getting a manicure for a while, our cuticles build-up, and our nails become weaker. No need to worry girls! If you don’t have time to go to the nail salon, dab some coconut oil on your cuticles. It will help soften up your cuticles and strengthen your nails. At least until your next manicure.


Coconut oil fact: Some weight loss programs claim that coconut oil helps with weight loss because it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). The claims made about MCTs include that these fats promote weight loss. How? By speeding up metabolism and that they reduce belly bloat.

Zipper Fixer

Hack: Unstick a stuck zipper with coconut oil.

If you have ever jammed up a zipper, you know how frustrating it can be! Whether it’s on a shoe, sweater, or back-pack, it feels like the end of the world. Instead of wasting so much time trying to fix the jammed zipper, use coconut oil! That’s right, rubbing a bit of coconut oil on a jammed zipper will help loosen it up.


Coconut oil fact: the claims about it helping weight loss are based on studies done with a small number of participants. So, the truth is we don’t yet know if these claims apply to everyone. Both the amount of pounds lifted and inches lost by participants were very few.

Hair Tamer

Hack: Nourish your locks with coconut oil.

We already know that coconut oil contains minerals that can be very beneficial for your hair. Just apply it to your ends to keep your hair sleek. If you ever get annoying fly-away hairs or the humidity makes your hair frizz, there is a very simple fix. Apply some coconut oil on your hands and put it in the frizzy strands. It will help tame your hair.


Coconut oil fact: It can help to Control Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes causes the level of glucose (sugar) in your blood to rise above the normal level. Animal studies have been done with coconut oil, suggesting that the oil may be beneficial for individuals with Type 2 diabetes.


Natural Shaving Cream

Hack: Use coconut oil as a natural alternative to shaving cream.

having cream helps make your legs feel extra soft after shaving. Not using shaving cream can lead to dry skin and razor burns, leaving your skin feeling tough. Next time you run out of shaving cream, use coconut oil instead. The vitamins contained in the oil will leave your legs silky smooth. Say goodbye to those irritating bumps.


Coconut oil fact: When it comes to diabetes research, the findings in animal studies may not be applicable to humans. Currently, there is only limited evidence supporting the value of coconut oil for people with Type 2 diabetes. If you have Type 2 diabetes, then treat coconut oil like any other saturated fat: use it sparingly.

Natural Makeup

Hack: Use coconut oil as part of your makeup routine.

Ever since I discovered highlighter, it has been my favorite part of putting on makeup! The way it makes your face glow is amazing! If you ever have a no-makeup day but still want your skin to shine, it can! Just use coconut oil. Make sure only to apply a drop to avoid oily looking skin. If you ever run out of highlighter or just don’t feel like wearing makeup, it’s the perfect replacement to keep you glowing.


Coconut oil fact: It is claimed that oil can reverse Alzheimer’s Disease. The link between brain health and coconut oil comes from the MCTs. The sugar that your body gets from the foods you eat is the main source of energy for your brain.

Natural Lip Balm

Hack: Use it as a natural and effective lip balm.

I don’t have to tell you about how chapped your lips can get in the winter. Lip balm can be easy to lose and doesn’t always work, but there is another way to heal your lips! Using coconut oil as chapped-stick will instantly hear your dry lips and make them much softer! Next time your lips get chapped, using coconut oil instead of chapped-stick. You won’t regret it.


Coconut oil fact: there are researchers who believe that the brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s don’t efficiently break down sugar for energy. And so, their brains need an alternative source of energy. One theory suggests that the MCTs in coconut oil might be able to provide that backup energy source.


Gets Rid of Eye Circles

Hack: Use the oil to get rid of those pesky under-eye circles.

We’ve all had those late nights where we don’t get enough sleep. Waking up with those puffy eye bags that won’t go away can be frustrating. And not only is it frustrating; you also have to leave the house looking like a raccoon! And no matter how much concealer you put on, it just doesn’t do the trick!


Well, believe it or not, coconut oil can help! That’s right. So the next time you wake up after a crappy night of no sleep, try applying coconut oil under your eyes will make you appear more awake. The vitamins will instantly reduce the swelling and can even erase those dark circles.

Homemade Toothpaste

Hack: Use coconut oil as an alternative to toothpaste.

Who knew that coconut oil could be used for brushing your teeth? I told you from the beginning, this fantastic oil has so many uses! And one of those uses may be as unexpected as this one. Running out of toothpaste is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you. Not being able to brush your teeth in the morning can increase plaque buildup and leave your breath smelly. And who wants that?


Have no fear! Next time you run out of toothpaste just combine coconut oil and baking soda to create your own! This organic toothpaste can be more beneficial than regular toothpaste because it doesn’t contain chemicals.

Shampoo Replacement

Hack: Use it as an alternative to shampoo.

We already discussed the benefits coconut oil has for your hair. For this reason, you can use it to create your own shampoo. You simply combine coconut oil with apple cider vinegar and put it on a bottle. This natural shampoo will leave your hair clean and smooth. In addition, your hair will smell incredible! You will probably stop using your regular shampoo and switch to this!


Coconut fact: the coconut is an exotic food in the Western world, which is mainly consumed by health-conscious people. But, in some parts of the world, coconut (which is loaded with coconut oil) is a dietary staple that many have thrived on for generations.


Body Lotion

Hack: It’s an excellent replacement for body lotion.

There are numerous benefits to keeping your skin moisturized. In addition to making you feeling soft and smelling good, it keeps your skin stay tight and youthful. Instead of regular body lotion, try using coconut oil. It will keep your skin smoother for much longer than regular moisturizers. The oil also contains anti-aging minerals that help prevent wrinkles.


Coconut fact: One population that has been thriving on coconuts is the Tokelauans, who live in the South Pacific. They would get over 60% of their calories from coconuts. When they were studied, they were found to be in excellent health and with very low rates of heart disease. Another example of a population that eats tons of coconuts and remains in excellent health is the Kitavans.

Coffee Creamer

Hack: Use it in your coffee.

Once you hit a certain age, it’s seemingly impossible to start your day without coffee. Coffee creamer is a delicious addition to any cup of coffee. However, most creamers contain a high amount of sugar, which can become very unhealthy. Coconut oil is a lovely alternative to coffee creamer. It has the perfect amount of flavor but is still organic and healthy. This way you can have an enjoyable and guilt-free coffee to kickstart your day!


Make a cup of coffee like you normally would and then pour it into a blender. Add the coconut oil and blend for 1-2 minutes until the coffee lightens in color and becomes frothy. You can also add any extras like warm coconut milk or cinnamon.

Healing a Sunburn

Hack: Use coconut oil as an alternative to aloe vera.


Running out of sunscreen in the summer heat can cause painful sunburns and then you have red and hot skin to deal with. Applying coconut oil on the sunburns will immediately soothe it and help reduce the redness. But an alternative to aloe vera isn’t the only way to use coconut oil in terms of sunburns.


In addition to healing your sunburns, coconut oil can also prevent them! That’s right; coconut oil has an SPF between 4 and 6. When you re-apply your sunscreen add some coconut oil. Not only will it reduce your chances of getting burned, but it will noticeably hydrate your skin. But use a higher SPF in general. Coconut oil can be used in combination with regular sunscreen.

Speedy Nail Growth

Hack: Help your nails grow faster.

Breaking a nail! Every girl has been there. Having to wait for our nail to grow back can be very frustrating and can take up to weeks. Don’t worry. Coconut oil can help! As we mentioned, coconut oil contains vitamins that are very beneficial for your hair and nails. In addition to cleaning your cuticles and strengthening your nails, coconut oil can also make your nails grow faster.


Fingernail fact: nails grow an average of 3.5 millimeters each month. The nails on your dominant hand tend to grow faster, by the way. Did you know that fingernails are made of the same stuff as hair? They are a hard material called keratin, which is a protein made of dead cells. That’s why cutting your fingernails and hair doesn’t hurt.

Smooth Healthy Feet

Hack: Coconut oil is perfect for moisturizing dry feet.

Once in a while, we all experience dry skin. Even if it’s a mild case just on your elbows or the bottom of your feet, it’s never enjoyable. It feels rough and can get itchy. Unfortunately, scratching will make it worse and can cause bleeding.


Coconut oil is an amazing solution. This works for severe cases of dry skin too. If you ever get athletes foot, a cracked heal, or even a fungal infection, coconut oil will help. The oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal minerals that help get rid of the fungus and soothe the dryness. So not only will it feel nice and smell great, but it will also help remove the fungus.


I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter

Hack: Use it as an alternative to butter.

Everyone loves butter. It tastes wonderful on a piece of toast in the morning or even on your pancakes. It basically makes everything better. Unfortunately, butter is very fattening and can become very unhealthy when you eat too much of it.


Luckily, you can replace your butter coconut oil. Instead of starting your day with empty calories, try putting coconut oil on your toast. It tastes delicious and will give you a tremendous energy boost!

When it comes to baking, it’s a personal preference whether or not you prefer to have the natural coconut flavor in the food. It’s important to remember that coconut oil can be substituted in a 1:1 ratio for unsalted butter in almost any baking recipe.

Health Benefits

Coconut oil can help your digestive system. Not only is it easy for your body to digest by the compounds it consists of help promote the growth of probiotics while destroying bad bacteria. In addition, coconut oil also may help your thyroid function. There is no conclusive evidence that coconut oil directly improves your thyroid; however, a correlation has been noted. Worth a try!


Coconut oil fact: There are claims that coconut oil can help with thyroid issues. The benefits of coconut oil for thyroid problems come from the oil’s unique medium-chain fatty acids, which help increase metabolism and promote weight loss. Lauric acid, the type of medium-chain triglyceride found in coconut oil, has great anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Fight Toenail Fungus

Thymol is one of the primary ingredients in Vicks VapoRub, which happens to be great for blocking the growth of fungus. Why? Because of its antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties.


All you to do is rub some of it on the bed of your toenail to get rid of the fungus. Repeat the process until the fungus has gone away completely.


Insect Repellent

Bug sprays are always needed. If you find a cockroach in your house, there is nothing more satisfying than spraying that thing dead. The last thing on your mind is the amount of chemicals you’re inhaling.


However, these sprays are designed to suffocate and kill insects. That means they probably aren’t healthy for humans either. The fatty acids in coconut oil actually repel the insects. In addition, coconut oil on your skin will reduce your chances of getting mosquito bites.

Leather Shiner

Do you have any leather jackets or shoes? If you do, you probably noticed that they need to get polished after a while. You can use coconut oil to help shine your worn-out leather.


This hack works for belts, wallets, and even the inside of your car! You simply rub it on, and you will immediately notice a difference. In addition to keeping your leather polished, it will prevent it from cracking as well.

Conditions Wood

Most of us have wooden household items. Whether it’s a wooden spoon or wooden furniture, wood isn’t the easiest thing to clean. Therefore, wood can be hard to maintain at times.


Apply coconut oil to your wooden items and let it soak in. Not only will it give that old rocking chair some sparkle, but it will also prevent rot and tearing.

Makeup brush cleaner.

We mentioned how coconut oil could help get makeup off your face, so it only makes sense that it can get makeup off your brushes too. Just put some coconut oil in the microwave for 30 seconds and then dip your brushes in.


Then rub them off on a paper towel to remove the makeup before rinsing in warm water. Since coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties, your brushes will be healthier to use on your face.

Lubricant replacement

If you need to smooth out your bike chains or your door hinges, try using coconut oil. It does the job as well, if not better than other lubricants.


Next time your door won’t stop squeaking you don’t have to go out and buy WD-40. Try this hack first! Using coconut oil as a lubricant replacement will also save you money!

Season the Cast Iron

Since cast iron pans are not no-stick, you need to coat the cast iron surface before cooking. Usually, people use butter, which works well but is also high in fat.


Instead of cooking with negative fats, use coconut oil instead. Not only is it safe to cook with, but it’s the coconut oil contains healthy vitamins and minerals that are good for your body.

Lice Remedy

If you have young children, you probably know how fast lice spread around. Use coconut oil as an easy natural lice treatment. All you need is coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.


You begin with rinsing the hair with the apple cider vinegar. After the vinegar dries, cover your hair with coconut oil and leave it in for 12 to 24 hours. Then you simply comb and shampoo.

Stretch Mark Cream

If you are a woman, chances are you know the struggle of having stretch marks! They sneak up on you, and once you have stretch marks, they are seemingly impossible to get rid of.


My advice is to apply coconut oil on your skin every single day, especially if you are pregnant or working out. Although coconut oil can’t get rid of stretch marks, it will help prevent them from forming.

Natural Medicine

If you feel congested with a stuffy nose or sinus headaches, you can create a chest rub made from coconut oil. You simply combine five drops of eucalyptus oil and three drops of peppermint oil with just two tablespoons of coconut oil.


Rub the mixture in your hands to warm it up and then apply it to your chest, nose, and hands. This secret remedy will help you get better in no time.


Eyelash Growth Serum

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that have been shown to increase hair growth. However, this isn’t limited to the hair on your head. Combining coconut oil with one drop of lemon essential oil and one drop of lavender oil creates an eyelash growth serum.


Since coconut oil can help stimulate hair growth, it will lead to longer lashes. Simply apply the mixture with a Q-tip to your eyelash line each night. You should notice results in just a few weeks!

Cold Sore Cure

Cold sores can get itchy and very painful. They also burn your mouth and bother you while you’re eating. Fortunately, coconut oil can stop cold sores from hurting.


Thanks to the anti-bacterial compounds that coconut oil contains, it stops the underlying virus from reproducing. Therefore, this hack stops more cold sores from spreading out of the original sore.

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is normally a result of a dry scalp. Applying coconut oil to your hair nightly will reduce dandruff. Just massage it into the roots of your hair to send moisture to your scalp.


The moisture will reduce the dryness in your scalp, so applying coconut oil to your head every day will eventually completely rid your hair of dandruff. Since coconut oil is good for your hair anyway, it will also make it silky smooth.