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Things Baby Boomers Need To Stop Doing Immediately


Wearing jorts and using phone books are not things anyone under the age of 40 would admit to doing. But people born between 1946 and 1964 insist that these practices are still relevant.

While trends and fashions continuously change, the older generation tends to stay obstinate in their old ways, inflicting misery and embarrassment on future generations. From blaming millennials to using potpourri, it’s time to ditch these habits…

Rocking Phone Hip Clips


Wearing a phone hip clip is the modern equivalent of wearing a fanny pack. It’s incredibly utilitarian, although a bit of a fashion faux pas.

With Bluetooth headsets and earpieces available, there’s no longer any need for our phones to sit right on our hips. Plus, with hands-free options, we seldomly ever need our phones all that close to us anymore.

Socks With Sandals


Socks are like blankets for our feet, keeping them safe and warm and covered from the elements. However, wearing socks and sandals together has always been a controversial fashion combination and one that is often flaunted without shame.

It is assumed that sandals were first invented by the ancient Egyptians to allow their feet to breathe while remaining protected. Unfortunately, adding socks to this equation diminishes their utility.

Using Phone Books


When was the last time you saw a phone book left at your front door? That’s because it doesn’t happen very often anymore. Nowadays, everyone’s numbers can be easily found on the internet.

Websites operate as modern-day phone books, making these large sacks of yellow paper completely obsolete. If you still have one of these lying around your house, it’s time for a trip to the recycling bin.

Playing Racquetball


While racquetball may be an excellent professional game, it’s generally only a sport that is played by people in their 60s.

Millennials probably won’t understand why anyone would opt to play a sport in an air-conditioned room over an open tennis court. But you have to admit that racquetball is great exercise, even if the courts are dominated by older people.


Photo: Dumlao

Crocs might just be the most polarizing item of clothing we have today. While the youthful and fashionable population has driven Crocs to the outer limits of the Earth, others have allowed them to persist by enthusiastically purchasing and promoting their wear.


Since Crocs are known to comfort tired, achy feet, it’s no surprise they’re worn all the time by older people. While they may be comfortable, it doesn’t make them any less of a fashion no-no.

Dressing Like A Tourist


It appears that when you reach a certain age, your desire to dress like a tourist in your own neighborhood increases by about 80%. The cargo shorts, tucked-in polo, random sun hat, and fanny pack are all part of the equation.

We can probably all agree that no one sets out to dress like a tourist. It just happens. And it’s often an embarrassing moment when you realize that you’ve dressed like you’re about to go on a tour of the Colosseum.

Collecting Knick Knacks


Minimalism, as shown by millennials, can offer a less stressful existence and, in turn, less clutter. Older generations seem inclined to collect heirlooms and acquire random items to fill up their homes, but it can easily lead to too much stuff.

The minimalist way is to keep only what you need and use, getting rid of everything else. Less visual clutter will make your space feel larger and certainly less dusty.

High-Waisted Jeans


High-waisted jeans, or “mom jeans,” are often uncomfortable and unflattering, yet they continue to be fashionable. They were really popular a few years ago, but they’ve since fallen out of style.

High-waisted jeans tend to look frumpy and dowdy, and one shouldn’t expect to look their best in them. Low-rise jeans are much more flattering these days.

Jean Shorts


If you’ve never heard of the term “jorts,” then it’s likely that you are culpable of this crime against fashion. Jorts, like many other things in life, have clearly outlived their usefulness.

Jorts are like American patriotism: they’re stitched into our culture. Sure, jorts are durable, but the jean fabric is weighty and uncomfortable. Wearing athletic shorts or cargo shorts is far more practical.


Going On A Cruise


Cruises offer the perfect blend of value, adventure, and excitement for all ages, but the main issue that the cruise industry will have to face soon is the age of its target market.

The vast majority of cruisers are between the ages of 58-67, and as these people age, they’re less likely to take cruises. In fact, the number of people over 65 taking cruises has been declining for years.

Entering Sweepstakes


There hasn’t been a sweepstake period since the year 2000, and we can assume that most people haven’t been interested in one since around 1900. Except, of course, those who are always intrigued by the prospect of winning a million dollars.

Instead, money-seekers should consider playing bingo instead. Bingo can improve your mental sharpness, social skills, and motor skills. All of these skills are important for cognitive function and you may even win a few bucks.

Eating At All-You-Can-Eat Buffets


Buffets are easy to overindulge in when out and about. And if you’ve ever been to a buffet, you know the food’s never all that great, so it’s yet another thing to skip on.

The food isn’t always the most sanitary because it sits out for a long period of time and people touch it with unwashed hands. You’re better off ordering takeout or eating at a sit-down restaurant.

Making Purchases From Home Shopping Networks


Nowadays, it’s not practical to spend hours viewing items being slowly unveiled on TV and then purchasing them from a show like HSN or QVC. This is where the internet saves the day.

E-commerce has been a boon to home shopping. You can find anything you want online, have it shipped to your door, and most importantly, have it delivered quickly. No more waiting around for weeks for that new piece of furniture or that must-have gadget.

Dad Slacks


The inclination to put on business casual shorts that are trimmed in half for the golf course is another well-known fashion faux pas. Worse, they’re usually accompanied by tucked-in tops and New Balances. You’re under arrest if this describes you.


The best way to avoid this outfit is to keep your business casual shorts above the knees and make sure to wear them with shoes that are clean and stylish. As well, don’t tuck in your shirt unless it’s a polo.

Going To The Mall


The malls of today’s America have slowly started to deteriorate, as society’s online purchasing access has taken away our need for in-person stores. Buyers now understand that the availability of online shopping far surpasses what our local malls can offer.

We have the ease and convenience of buying whatever we want or need online now. It has reached the point where some stores are now starting to abandon their mall locations in lieu of online selling, contributing to the disappearance of malls in our culture.

Keeping Those Catalog Subscriptions


In today’s digital world, there’s no need for catalogs anymore. Companies post their discounts and entire product lines on the internet, so you’ll have to visit their websites to place an order anyways.

When ordering from a catalog, the process of returning an item can be a hassle, whereas online returns are usually quick and simple. Consider ditching those catalogs for good now that online shopping is such a breeze.

Hawaiian Shirts


Hawaiian shirts were briefly fashionable in the 1930s. Nowadays, you’ll seldom see a youngster in a Hawaiian shirt in the name of fashion.

If you want to be stylish, you have to know what’s in and what’s out. Nowadays, the Hawaiian shirt is definitely out. While some people love them, unfortunately, they’re no longer considered fashionable.

Bar Soap


Both liquid soap and bar soap are effective at fighting against harmful bacteria and viruses, but they have slight differences. Liquid soap is often less drying since it tends to have added moisturizers.

Liquid soap also comes in a wider variety of scents and who doesn’t want nice-smelling hands after they’ve made a trip to the bathroom?


Writing Checks


You might be stuck in the stone age if you’re still writing checks. Banking applications now offer digital transfers, so writing a check nowadays is almost completely obsolete.

We get it, you like the feeling of physically writing a check and handing it over. But did you know that most places nowadays don’t even accept checks? In today’s digital age, paperless banking is becoming more and more popular.

Carrying A Briefcase


Let’s be honest – now that we work on computers, everything is digital – so what could someone need a briefcase for? A pen? Paper?

In today’s world, you can take pictures of all of your documents and store them digitally. Lucky for you, that means no more lugging around a heavy briefcase.

Buying Diamonds


We know how precious these gems are to our elders, but many young people today don’t care about diamonds. Millennials and Gen Z-ers simply don’t see the value in spending so much money on something with no real utility.

As the market drops, jewelers are struggling to keep up. The thing is, diamonds have been on a steady decline for years now. A lot of people attribute this to the fact that young people today aren’t as interested in them as previous generations were.

Owning New Balance Shoes


New Balance shoes have been around since the early 1900s. They are one of the world’s major sportswear brands. The shoes are comfortable and easy to wear, but they are not stylish or fashionable.

Sadly, these classicly obtrusive white shoes are a bit of an eyesore for the younger generations. If you still own a pair of these in your closet, it’s time to swap them out for a new pair of kicks.

Watching 24-Hour News Networks


The first 24-hour news network wasn’t a thing until 1980 when CNN was founded and offered around-the-clock news. Until then, people would have to wait until the evening news shows aired to find out what was going on in the world.


While many love that they can stay up to date with the latest stories at any hour of the day, these channels are no longer attracting the viewership they used to have. Nowadays, most people get their news online.

Blaming Millennials


If you’re a millennial, you’ve likely heard older people complaining about you and your generation. Every generation has complained about the one that comes after it – a time-honored practice that probably dates back to the Middle Ages.

This generation gap occurs because of the different ways each generation lives its life, making the lifestyle of each completely alien to the other. Instead of pointing fingers, it’s better to all come together.

Watching Every Police Drama


Shows like Law & Order and NCIS are popular police dramas. While these shows may be interesting when you first start watching them, you’ll soon realize that they all follow the same storyline.

It’s not clear what it is about television police dramas that are so addicting to watch. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the show is; people get hooked on them. With all of the television available today, what’s so special about cop dramas?

Eating Plain Toast


Toast has been a cheap and easy breakfast option since it was first created in the Victorian era. But today, our breakfast options are endless. With waffle makers, blenders, and do-it-yourself pancake mix, we’re spoiled for choices.

In light of other tasty breakfast options, having toast first thing in the morning isn’t all that exciting anymore. We get the ease and simplicity of toast, but maybe it’s time to shake up your breakfast routine.

Posting Word Art On Walls


“Live. Laugh. Love.” “Family.” “Gather.” Some people think that putting these words on the walls of their homes will make their space feel more welcoming.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a home these days that doesn’t have word art on the walls. While it’s nice to see gentle reminders of what someone is thankful for, it’d be better to send those words of affirmation to someone you care about.

Paper Bills Instead Of Electonic Bills


Paper bills being delivered to your home is another antiquated practice in today’s digital world. Bills tend to just clutter up the place and there’s not much you can do with a paper bill except throw it away.

If you don’t have auto bill pay or paperless billing set up, what are you waiting for? It’s quick and easy, and you can pay your bills with the click of a button.



Ironing makes sense when you have a big job interview to attend or you’re going on a date. But who has time to iron every day?

There are a lot of different ways to get wrinkles out of your clothes other than using an iron. If you’re looking for a more convenient way to remove wrinkles, there are superior detergents and softeners that can do the job pretty well.

Still Paying For Cable TV


Although cable used to be necessary to view television, it’s no longer the case. Not only are satellite and cable things of the past, but streaming is less expensive. It’s time to call it quits with your cable provider.

If you grew up in the era of broadcast television, you’ll remember when cable was first introduced. It was a game-changer for watching TV, and most couldn’t imagine life without it. But times have changed, and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are taking over the TV landscape.

Writing In Cursive


No one writes in cursive anymore. And if they do, other people are sure to give them funny looks. Reading some people’s handwriting is already awful enough, why add the extra challenge of writing in cursive?

Unless you’re a busy doctor scribbling down notes on a chart or writing a prescription, it’s not very practical to write in cursive. Although it was probably more mainstream back in the day, it’s no longer necessary these days.


Using Fuzzy Toilet Seat Covers


Despite being machine washable, owners of this trend need to be reminded that soft, shaggy, and furry toilet seat covers are not very sanitary.

Who thought it would be a good idea to put a soft, plushy cover on a toilet seat, anyway? It certainly would need to be cleaned daily and who wants one more thing to add to the laundry pile?

Adorning Your Home With Patterned Wallpaper


Sure, it was popular in the ’60s, but if you still have wallpaper on your walls today, your home is due for an upgrade. If you want to add a bit of flair to your walls without going too far, consider using wall decals instead.

Decals come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they can be easily removed when you’re ready for something new. Plus, they won’t damage your walls like wallpaper does.

Putting Mrs. Dash On Everything


If you can detect the Mrs. Dash in your food, it’s because you’re eating a meal made by someone between the ages of 58-67. This is and will always be this generation’s preferred seasoning.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, try out Emeril’s seasoning. It’s got a bit more of a kick to it, and can really add some zing to your food. This is perfect for those who like their meals with a bit more flavor.

Using Potpourri


Often found in jars, glass dishes, and small bowls scattered around the home, potpourri often just looks like a strange decoration of dead petals.

It’s musty, will undoubtedly cause you to sneeze, and when tipped over, it leaves a mess. After some time, it just becomes a vessel that collects dust. If you’re looking for a way to make your home smell great, candles are the way to go now.

Serving Meals On China Dishware


It’s not uncommon to be offered something to eat on a piece of China at a dinner party. But, why China? It’s breakable, must be hand washed, and it’s past time to upgrade.


Yes, we know China dishware is often passed down and can have sentimental value. Almost everyone values a gift from a loved one, but China is no longer very stylish.

Sending Emails Instead Of Texting


In a time when everyone has their own personal computers in their hands, some people continue to choose to send emails rather than short texts or instant messages. Perhaps they don’t realize that individuals save emails for work and promotional nonsense that no one reads anymore.

Young people prefer to text because it’s quicker and more direct. While communicating once meant sitting down at a typewriter, or later, a computer, and typing out a letter, the times are different now.

Wearing Velcro Shoes


The general guideline is that only children and elderly people wear velcro shoes, so you might be ahead of yourself if you’re wearing them too. While they may be simple to put on, stylish shoes don’t have velcro closures.

There’s nothing wrong with velcro shoes per se, but they definitely have an association with being old. If you’re trying to look young and hip, velcro shoes are not the way to go.

Working From 9-5


The 8-hour workday is an antiquated concept that more and more companies are moving away from. Today’s workers have more flexible schedules that often take into account the needs of both the workers and their families.

Some companies are even normalizing a 4-day work week now, opting for schedules that better suit their employees’ performance. This means that some people have 3 days off per week. So much for the old 9-5 schedule. That’s a thing of the past.