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These Five 1-Week Vacations Will Cost You Under $1,000

Vacation. It’s a word we’ve not heard bandied about much in the past year or so; a pandemic tends to have that effect on travel and adventure. But the good news is that vacations are starting to make a comeback, and there are great places where you can relax, explore, and have fun without breaking the bank while you’re breaking into a smile.

Check out the following travel options and destinations where you can spend an entire week for $1,000 or less per person (fees and rates valid as of December, 2020).

Photo: Pexels/G.Isle px.

Caribbean Cruise| Smooth Sailing To Adventure And Attractions

Caribbean cruises are a great way to treat the entire family to superb food, wonderful entertainment, and an extravaganza of fun activities, all at a budget-friendly price. Stops along the way can include Central American and Caribbean ports where you can explore local culture, shopping, and dining at your leisure. Carnival Cruise Line offers regional deals as well as discounts for returning guests, military personnel, seniors over 55, and airline employees.

  • Seven-night cruises start at $400 per person boarding in Miami, Tampa, and Port Canaveral in Florida, and in Houston and Galveston in Texas.
  • Round-trip flights to Fort Lauderdale, Florida start around $185 from New York, $275 from Denver, $195 from Chicago.
  • Carnival Cruise day excursions start at $35 per person.

Marrakesh, Morocco | Magical And Marvelous

If you’re in the mood for an exotic getaway, Marrakesh is definitely worth a look. Breathtaking palace architecture, enticing street markets, enchanting artist galleries, and more, all blend together for an escape that is the stuff of captivating stories and legendary romance. Prepare to be entertained by street performers, musicians, and acrobats that light up the night with amazing feats.

  • Round-trips cost about $415 from Boston, $575 from Chicago.
  • Hotel rooms in the city center cost about $13 to $20 per night.
  • Expect to spend about $20 per day on food, or under $140 over the course of a week.
Photo: Pexels/Johan Van Geijl

Great Smoky Mountains – North Carolina And Tennessee | The Height Of Excitement

Hiking and horseback riding. Camping and zip-lining. Cave exploring and geology learning. The Great Smokies have it all, and entry to the park is completely free. Check out historic homesteads, the Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler distillery, and the Alpine Slide (just $7 per person) while you’re there. The park is about four hours from Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; or Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Free parking.
  • Round-trip air fare: $300 from Boston, $165 from Florida, $305 from Houston.
  • On-site camping costs $14 to $23 per night; Cabins of the Smoky Mountains rooms start at $85 a night.
Photo: Mark

Lake Tahoe, California | Sand, Sea, Surf – And Savings

It’s the land of golden dreams, and the place for swimming, hiking, skiing, shopping, dining, nightlife, boating, and golfing. There is, quite literally, something for everyone here. And the beautiful weather leaves nothing to be desired in terms of spending time outdoors in the fresh air. Recreation areas abound. Resorts beckon. And you can experience the good life with abandon.

  • A road that loops the lake offers access to several parks, including Sand Harbor State Park and Emerald Bay State Park; park entry fees range between $5 and $10 per car.
  • Advance online skiing prices can include a lift ticket for just $49.
  • Reno-Tahoe International Airport offers flights for $59 from San Diego or $99 from New York City.
  • Resort towns around the lake offer reasonably priced lodging; Truckee hotels range from $110 and up per night; Airbnb options start at $77.

Lisbon, Portugal | Beauty And History Are A Must-See

Offering beautiful year-round weather, Lisbon is hard not to like. The capital of Portugal is packed with wonderful museums where you can explore everything from Roman artifacts and Asian history to  ancient burial sites and modern art. There are marketplaces aplenty, gorgeous public parks, and spectacular lookouts that offer some of the best views of the city and the surrounding landscape in all its lush beauty.

  • Avoid visiting in mid- to late August when much of Lisbon is closed.
  • If you fly from Chicago to Lisbon in mid-March, flights might be available for as little as $600; however, by making a stop in Manchester, England, and flying Ryanair from there to Lisbon, you could save over $100.
  • A private hotel room with shared bath could cost you about $30 a night, but regular hotel rooms can be found for not much more.