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These Celebrities Left Hollywood For “Normal” Jobs

Photo: Shutterstock / Everett Collection

The celebrity lifestyle comes with many benefits, including fame, name-recognition, and a healthy bank account. Few people ever reach that level of fame, so from the outside looking in it could seem as though it’s all peaches and cream in that world.

Many celebrities however, even A-listers, have made the decision (or have had the decision made for them) to exit stage left from the limelight, and are now working “regular” jobs unrelated to the entertainment industry. Where are these formerly famous faces now, and what are they up to?

Working Outside Of The Spotlight


After living a life under the bright lights, celebrities often aim to keep a low profile, and to gain a measure of privacy. Residents of Taos, New Mexico, for example might not know that Julia Roberts is their neighbor, and contributes to the local economy in the form of various small businesses.

If someone of the stature of Julia Roberts is living and working amongst the masses, you might be wondering who else is living a peaceful, non-Hollywood life, and working a “regular” job in a small town near you?