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These Are The Best Things To Get From Aldi


Aldi is chock full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Yes, it’s a little different. You have to bring your own bags and rent your cart for a quarter, but that’s what keeps the deals coming. If you have yet to step foot in an Aldi store, what are you waiting for?

Everyone is looking for the best ways to save on their grocery bills (and everything else) now and Aldi is the perfect place to do just that. Prices are ridiculously low and yet they’re still able to offer gourmet and specialty items. Here are some products you definitely need to throw in your cart, and a few you can probably pass on…

Specially Selected 100% Pure Maple Syrup


For pancake fans, breakfast just isn’t complete without maple syrup, but it’s not cheap to stock up on. Aldi does have a Mrs. Butterworth dupe, but the syrup we’re talking about is 100% Pure Maple Syrup under their Specially Selected label.

The value and quality are exceptional. Aldi’s Specially Selected is 100% pure maple syrup so there aren’t any annoying additives and chemicals and it’s reasonably priced at $6.49 for a 12-ounce bottle. Among the best offers available, this is a fantastic one.

Clancy’s Chips


This one is up for heavy debate. It seems people either love or hate Aldi’s Clancy’s line of chips. If you’re craving a bag of Lay’s or Doritos, these aren’t exactly dupes. The taste is very different so if you’re expecting it to be similar, you’ll probably be disappointed.

However, some people do enjoy Clancy’s chips and actually prefer the taste to the name brands. If that’s the case, then, by all means, fill your cart up. However, the cost savings just aren’t enough to make this deal a great value for most consumers.

Burman’s Mayonnaise


Believe it or not, Aldi’s mayo has somewhat of a cult following. People absolutely swear by the creamy condiment so much that there are even Reddit threads devoted to it swearing it is actually Hellman’s with a different label (and smaller price tag).

At less than $3 for a jar, it can be half the cost of others making it extremely affordable and it tastes great. Nearly every supermarket has their own take on mayonnaise, but even with so much competition, people continue to flock to Aldi to stock up on the Burman’s version.

Mama Cozzi’s Take & Bake Pizza


With Mama Cozzi’s Take and Bake pizzas, pizza night can happen whenever you want it to. Customers of Aldi adore how inexpensive these pizzas are, how simple it is to prepare them (just pop them in the oven, and they’re ready to eat), and most importantly, how yummy they are.


While you can always find the classics (pepperoni, supreme, and cheese), Aldi also continually introduces new, must-have pizza variations to its selection, maintaining its position as a destination for not only groceries but also pizza.

Simply Nature Organic Ketchup


American families, especially those with children, often have a bottle of ketchup handy at mealtimes. Every consumer has their own opinion on how a product that sells in the millions should taste. Shoppers at Aldi can be thankful that they sell Simply Nature Organic Ketchup.

Even though it costs a little bit more than Aldi’s non-organic ketchup, this ketchup has a superior flavor and is of the same high quality as other well-known brands that are available at other major stores. This product marks another triumph for the grocery store’s condiment selection.

Benton’s Cookies


Benton’s cookies may be Aldi’s best-kept secret. Hidden in plain sight are copycat Girl Scout cookies all year round for less than half the price. These cookies are worth a trip alone. They come in so many flavors, including several that are sure to please Girl Scout cookie devotees.

There are peanut butter-filled cookies, fudge mint cookies, caramel coconut cookies, fudge marshmallow cookies, and more. Aldi wins hands down when it comes to the baked goods category because they have a wide variety of products and their prices start at just $1.35 for a pack.

Happy Harvest Canned Goods


The pandemic caused people to rush to grocery stores to stock up on dry food and canned products, resulting in a boom for Aldi in this sector. People stocking up on foods in anticipation of a quarantine wiped out stores of everything from canned veggies and fruit to soups.

Aldi’s price savings is glaringly obvious when you look at the price comparison of their canned goods to other big retailers. The average cost per can is $0.65, making it easy to stock the pantry without breaking the bank. Aldi offers a wide range of canned goods which includes all the basics.


Emporium Selection Cheese


Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now and Aldi has a superior selection of gourmet cheeses for your next get-together. Aldi saw an opportunity in the market to provide high-quality cheeses at affordable prices and jumped right in with their Emporium Selection cheeses.

Good quality slices of artisan cheddar and brie may be purchased at Aldi for $2–$5. Products not only look and taste wonderful but are packaged beautifully enough for a party. There is a great assortment of regular cheeses, but Aldi also offers great limited-edition flavors as well.

Cotes de Provence Rose


To pair perfectly with their cheese, Aldi offers an amazing wine selection at great prices. While most people feel the higher the price tag, the better the bottle, Aldi proves that theory wrong. Their Cotes de Provence Rose easily rivals its higher-priced competitors and at around $10, it’s a steal.

Customers absolutely adore this wine. It is marketed as a “delicate pale rose with fruity notes, lightness, freshness, and a superb vivacity on the finish.” The taste and price tag make it an absolute necessity to include in your shopping cart on your next trip.

Choceur Chocolate


For all the chocoholics, Aldi offers high-quality European chocolate. Many households like to keep chocolate bars on hand for those sweet cravings. Hershey’s and other well-known American brands continue to dominate the market, but Aldi’s Choceur is a great alternative.

It’s available in a wide range of forms, from plain dark to fruit and nut varieties. Apart from the delicious flavor, the product’s low cost is what really has customers lining up. Choceur is a must-buy at just $1.75 on any shopping run.

Aldi’s Irish Craft Beers


Aldi didn’t want to miss out on the growing demand for craft beers, so they began stocking a variety of these beverages. Their wide selection of Irish Craft Beers appealed to customers, and those over the legal drinking age are certain to find something to their liking.


These brews are reasonably priced without sacrificing quality. Also popular among malt lovers is the grocery store’s selection of various ales, such as Boot Tread Belgian Amber Ale. Next time you’re shopping, be sure to add one (or a few) to your cart.

Park Street Deli Hummus


Aldi has quite an impressive selection of dips and spreads but their hummus options are a particularly great find. To dip anything from pita chips to cucumber slices, hummus is a must-have party food. At Aldi, you can get it for $2.75 and it tastes just as good as the popular brands.

The Park Street Deli brand hummus sold at Aldi is available in several different flavors, including the traditional type as well as roasted red pepper, garlic, and the unique olive tapenade. They also offer a variety pack that contains four different flavors for less than $5.

Aldi’s Special Buys


Aldi has a Special Buys section that they are known for that is always worth a visit. It’s stocked full of hidden gems and changed regularly so there’s always a new deal to find. These items’ prices are significantly lower than those at competing retailers.

The Special Buys at Aldi are legendary, and the store is known for selling a wide variety of things beyond food, including furniture, toys, apparel, and even swimming pools. Even if we don’t immediately recognize the need for it, at only $15, who could say no to a popcorn maker?

Friendly Farms Milk


Most American families have some type of milk in their fridge and for those who prefer the dairy variety, Aldi’s Friendly Farms brand is a great option. Price wise it even beats out retail giants Costco and Walmart.

Taste-wise, Friendly Farms holds its own against the more well-known brands, and its price is ideal for a staple item that most families need to replenish at least once a week. Aldi also has a focus on and push towards more organic products and even their non-organic milk contains no added hormones.


Simply Nature Coconut Oil


Coconut oil’s popularity has increased in recent years, yet there was a time when it was prohibitively expensive. Similar-sized containers at other retailers go for $10-$15 easily, but Aldi’s Simply Nature brand of organic coconut oil retails for only $4.19.

Coconut oil is versatile and many women even use it in their beauty routine. Customers claim that the Simply Nature brand sold at Aldi is as good as more expensive name-brand alternatives, but costs much less. It’s packaged in a durable glass jar, and it has an impressive shelf life to boot.

Earth Grown Veggie Burgers


Aldi has increased its meatless selection in response to the expanding vegetarian and vegan market. They offer the impossible brand, but they also have created their own take on the veggie burger with their Earth Grown line and its veggie burgers are a best seller.

The price is incredible and even meat eaters will admit that they taste great. You can afford to stock up on this product because it just costs $3-$4 a package. A wide range of flavors, from savory to spicy, is also available. Aldi is on the rise with a sizable share of the growing meatless sector.

Aldi’s Fresh Veggies


In addition to a great canned selection of veggies, Aldi also offers a great variety of fresh veggies at unbeatable prices. Basic staples like cucumbers and green beans can be found at Aldi for a fraction of the price they go for at even budget-friendly Walmart.

Pre-cut bags of lettuce and salad are convenient for those of us who lack the time or energy to wash, dry and chop our own veggies and they go for about $1 a bag at Aldi. Organic spinach and kale are around $2. They also have a great selection of salad kits that can make a quick, healthy meal.

Little Journey Baby Wipes


Baby wipes are an absolutely essential tool for every parent. Not only are they good for wiping baby bottoms, they can be used to clean up messes, wipe faces and hands and even dusting. They are miracles of versatility which is why you need to make sure you always have them on hand.

At around $5 for a pack of three, Little Journey Baby Wipes from Aldi are a great value. They are kind and soft on the delicate skin of babies, and their quality and performance are on par with other name brand giants like Pampers.

Stonemill Spices


Herbs and spices are necessary ingredients that should always be kept on hand for anyone who loves to cook. However, buying them adds up quickly. Grocery stores sometimes charge over $6 for McCormick Garlic Powder, yet Aldi only charges $1.09 for their own Stonemill brand making it a steal.

They carry all the essentials you’d need but for a much lower price so you can always afford to keep your spice cabinet fully stocked. When it comes to its spices, Aldi doesn’t skimp on flavor or quality. In this competitive market, Aldi has unquestionably found its place.

StoneMill Who Needs The Bagel? Seasoning


TJ’s version was an instant hit, so it’s no surprise Aldi created their own. The seasoning is comparable to the original in both price and taste. This means no more extra trips to Trader Joe’s to get your everything bagel seasoning fix, saving you time and money.

Aldi’s version has all the essential ingredients as TJ’s and the seasoning’s application is not limited to bagels. Try it on everything from eggs and salad to salmon and toast and at about $2 per jar, it’s within the budget of most consumers.

LiveGFree Gluten-Free Products


Gluten-free items aren’t always simple to come by in stores, despite the fact that there are many people who have dietary restrictions. Depending on the item, the price tag for gluten-free options can be high.


Fortunately, Aldi has come to the rescue with an excellent selection of LiveGFree products. Aldi offers a wide variety of affordable options, from cookies to pizza. Aldi is one of the best retailers when it comes to increasing the variety of foods available to customers with special dietary needs.

Radiance Disinfectant Wipes


Companies with significant market share in the cleaning supply industry spend an absurd amount of money on marketing. Aldi saves that marketing money and instead offers customers similar items at lower prices that do just as well a job. This strategy helps them compete with well-known brands.

Aldi offers 75 wipes for $3.45 under their Radiance label. A 75-pack of Clorox wipes at Target costs $6.69. When it comes to quality, customers have nothing but praise for the Aldi brand and in fact, the majority of Aldi’s cleaning products are well-received.

Vista Bay Hard Seltzer


These past few years have seen a meteoric rise in demand for hard seltzers among consumers. It is a popular beverage due to its mild, refreshing taste and low-calorie count. Widely known as the most popular hard seltzer, White Claw has some competition with Aldi’s own Vista Bay line.

Customers at Aldi are raving about the new Vista Bay Hard Seltzer, saying it’s even better than the original White Claw. The flavors, taste, and calorie count are comparable but the Vista Bay line is significantly cheaper. A 12-pack of White Claws is $16.99 while a 12-pack of Vista Bay is only $11.99.

L’oven Fresh Bread


You will not find a better bread deal than Aldi’s. Their L’oven Fresh brand is killing the bread game offering quality bread at incredibly low prices. The variety alone is impressive. They have your standard sandwich options of white and wheat, but they even have Gluten Free and Keto friendly options.

Bread from Aldi is inexpensive and tastes just as good as bread from popular brands like Sara Lee. It also freezes nicely, so you can stock up on a few loaves and always have a backup on hand.


Aldi’s Fresh Fruit


Aldi has long been known to have some of the lowest-priced produce in the industry. Mangoes can cost over a dollar a piece at Target, but at Aldi you can get one for $0.39. If you’re in the mood for guacamole, go to Aldi for avocados as they generally have some of the lowest prices for those as well.

When it comes to fresh produce, Aldi is unrivaled, so it’s easier than ever to eat healthy on a budget. Just make sure you check the products carefully so you get the freshest items available.

Peanut Delight Natural Creamy Peanut Butter


Whether you need a quick lunch or you’re craving something sweet late at night, nothing beats a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. How does Aldi’s Peanut Delight Natural Creamy Peanut Butter stack up against market leaders like Skippy and Jif?

Food blogs and consumer reviews agree, Aldi’s peanut butter is equally as good in taste but is much more affordable than the other brands. A 40 oz jar of Jif costs $6.49 at Kroger, whereas a 40 oz jar of Peanut Delight Natural Creamy Peanut Butter costs only $3.95 at Aldi.

Tuscan Garden Salad Dressings


Aldi has a tasty line of affordable salad dressings under their Tuscan Garden label. You’ll find flavors such as fan favorite Ranch, Balsamic Vinegar, and Caesar just to name a few. Arguably their most popular flavor is their take on the famous Olive Garden Italian Dressing.

Aldi’s customers can’t get enough of the tangy dupe that tastes just like the original, for half the price. The Tuscan Garden dressings retail for around $2, while the Olive Garden brand dressing sells for $5 in other stores. The taste and price are what keep consumers coming back for more.

Simply Nature Almond and Soy Milk


In recent years, the market for milk alternatives has flourished in response to the increasing demand from health-conscious shoppers and vegans. Almond, soy, and coconut milk are alternatives to conventional milk, although they can be quite expensive.


You can pay up to $3.50 for a single carton of Almond Breeze or a similar product in the supermarket. Aldi’s Simply Nature Almond and Soy Milk alternatives are the cheapest on the market at only $2.45. With quality comparable to that of more expensive brands, it’s an easy decision.

Simply Nature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olive oil is a must for every kitchen. It’s great to have on hand for salads, cooking, and even hydrating the skin. It’s easy to see how popular olive oil is and because of this, some more well-known companies charge a premium for their product.

Aldi, on the other hand, only charges $3.15 for their regular bottle of olive oil and just $5.15 for their organic version. Both have great flavor and quality. Few people can tell the difference in taste from more expensive bottles and therefore this is one deal that customers adore.

Pueblo Lindo Flour Tortillas



Aldi actually has a great selection of Latin products ranging from spices to candy and everything in between. Their tortilla section even rivals bigger grocery stores in terms of variety. Their Pueblo Lindo brand includes tortillas, tostadas, and tortilla chips.

As with nearly everything else at Aldi, the price just can’t be beaten for their tortillas. A 10-pack of Mission tortillas from Walmart retails for $2.79 and Aldi’s Pueblo Lindo Flour Tortillas are a steal at only $1.09 for a package of 10. Customers say the tortillas are super soft and taste great.

No store is without flaws. Even Aldi’s biggest fans can agree that there are some products Aldi either misses the mark on, or you’re just better off purchasing elsewhere. Here are the items you may just want to pass on at the discount supermarket.

Summit Cola


There have been many attempts to duplicate the success and taste of Coca-Cola. Aldi joins that long list with their Summit Cola soft drink. Unfortunately, this dupe just doesn’t pass the test. Most customers complained that the soda tasted flat and didn’t have enough bubbles.


Although a 12-pack of Summit Cola only costs $3.85, many customers aren’t impressed with the flavor. This is especially true when compared to regular Coca-Cola. Even though Vive only costs about 32 cents for each can, it, unfortunately, doesn’t taste or feel as carbonated as Coke.

Aldi’s Meats: Various Brands


For many shoppers, meat is one of the most expensive categories, making Aldi’s low prices all the more alluring. All of their meat brands, including the popular Kirkwood and Simply Nature, are reasonably priced, but cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

When prepared properly, cheaper cuts of meat can still create a satisfying supper. However, there is usually a reason why it costs less elsewhere. Looking for larger cuts of meat with less processing at stores like Kroger may be the best option. The higher price tag is justified by the superior quality.

Willow Toilet Paper


Willow toilet paper from Aldi isn’t terrible, but it’s not a good enough discount to sacrifice the quality it does. Savvy shoppers might actually save more money by waiting for a sale and then visiting a large supermarket loaded with coupons to buy the name brands.

Customers have complained that the Aldi brand isn’t as soft as other brands and it also can be very thin. Though it may be less expensive, you actually end up needing to use more of it which negates any savings you might have when purchasing this product compared to its better-known competition.

Elevation By Millville Ready To Drink Protein Shakes


It’s a common misconception that everything sold at Aldi is a steal. Many of Millville’s health food offerings are fantastic bargains, but the company’s Elevation Protein Shakes are overpriced. The price of $7 per 4-pack may seem low, but it’s actually comparable to other big brands.

Premier Protein, Atkins, and Muscle Milk shakes generally retail for around the same price with maybe a dollar or two difference. However, the real reason to pass on Elevation’s shakes is the taste. Consumers said they couldn’t even drink them, they were so thick and chalky tasting.


Boulder Ultra Paper Towels


Most households keep paper towels on hand to clean up messes, spills, hands, and faces. Some people make a special trip to stock up but others pick some up during their routine grocery trips. When shopping at Aldi, is the Boulder paper towels worth adding to the cart? Consumers think not.

These paper towels are said to be thin and not very absorbent. Therefore, you end up using way more than you would a higher-quality brand. So even though you may save a few bucks initially, you’ll be buying rolls more frequently making this a poor option for both your wallet and the environment.

Sea Queen Salmon


There is a Reddit thread dedicated to Aldi’s Sea Queen salmon, but it is not complimentary. Users on the forum debate over whether or not this salmon is in fact salmon, or if it is white fish. Needless to say, the taste doesn’t seem to impress consumers.

With a price this low, you can pretty much guarantee that the salmon isn’t super high quality. However, it’s better than eating no fish at all if you’re trying to add fish to your diet, but don’t have the money to splurge on more expensive cuts. The taste and quality may be a reason to pass.

Millville Cereals


Aldi’s Millville cereal brand may seem ideal for families with a lot of hungry mouths to feed, but frugal shoppers may be better off using coupons and sales for name brands to get the best discounts. There’s nothing wrong with Aldi’s cereals. They just aren’t as flavorful as some of the big-name brands.

The variety, however, is great. Whether you’re craving granola, cornflakes, or Marshmallows and Stars, Aldi has you covered with a wide selection of delicious cereal imposters. A box will only set you back about $1.75, but if you’re used to higher-end brands, you might want to look elsewhere.

Crofton Awesome Pan 


Aldi is not the place you might expect to find cookware, but they actually have a decent selection most of the time. The Always Pan is a $145 versatile pan that has quickly become a fan favorite. The Always Pan is not cheap, but if you use a pan even once a day, it will be money well spent.

The Crofton Awesome Pan, which can be found at Aldi, is an inferior imitation of the original. Reviewers complained it was cheap in quality and definitely would not last. It’s also missing many of the key elements that make the Always Pan so appealing such as a colander and steamer basket.

Boulder Sandwich Bags


Americans go through a ridiculous amount of sandwich bags each year. There are so many uses for them so we end up using several a day. That cost adds up so finding an affordable option is ideal. Aldi’s Boulder brand bags are definitely a lower price, but they’re not necessarily a good deal.

Critics have slammed the bags saying that although they are cheaper, they are harder to seal, leak more, and aren’t as good quality as the name-brand ones. Many consumers complained of the bags ripping open even on their first use so don’t think about reusing them as you may be able to with other brands.

Little Journey Diapers


Little Journey diapers are a must-have for each parent. Moms say they are just as good or even better than popular brands. They are hypoallergenic and highly absorbent. Also, at around $4 for a pack, these are among the most reasonably priced diapers available.

They are incredibly flexible and move with your baby instead of slipping off and parents claim they are just as leak-proof as other tried-and-true brands, preventing even the messiest of blowouts. At that low of a price, they’re definitely worth a try.