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These Are The Best Cities For Landing Your Dream Job

It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Many people dream of leaving their small town behind and living out their dream careers in a whole new city. You see it play out on tons of sitcoms and blockbuster films, and your old high school friend is constantly posting about her new life in Los Angeles or Chicago. Luckily, the United States is a big place, and there are plenty of cities to make your mark and have a better shot at starting a great career. Do your research and consider booking a one-way ticket to one of these locations…

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

Washington, DC

There’s a lot to see in the nation’s capital…from intriguing political hotspots and historical sites to diverse entertainment and culture. While the D.C. metro area definitely isn’t cheap, it’s still significantly more affordable than places like Boston or New York. The median home value is $403,000, while the median base salary is $64,000.

You may want to consider moving to Washington, D.C if you’re a security or tech enthusiast, as there are the most job openings in risk consulting, systems administration, and security analysis.

Boston, MA

You’ve probably heard a few things about this legendary city, and Boston’s job opportunities are as rich as its cultural history and dedication to baseball. While it’s certainly a higher cost of living area than most, the median base salary is a bit higher ($62,000) to match. You’ll have the best luck starting a career in Boston as a project manager, software engineer, or administrative assistant.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/John Edwards

Memphis, TN

Nashville is cool and all, but have you seen Memphis? This metro area is great for a barbeque or blues concert in an iconic venue, and the booming nightlife provides plenty of career opportunities. Move to Memphis and become an account executive, restaurant or club manager, or product manager with a median salary of $43,900.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/US Department of Labor

Cincinnati, OH

This city’s economy is rapidly growing and has plenty of opportunities in the sports, outdoor, and entertainment arenas. You can see a great concert or take a beautiful hike in Cincinnati for a much more affordable price than you’d find in NYC or Los Angeles. While there are openings in all fields, you may want to think about Cincinnati if you’re a software engineer or sales executive.

Pittsburgh, PA

Voted by Glassdoor as the top city for job seekers in 2018, this city is a growing technology and education hub that makes a great home for registered nurses, warehouse associates, financial advisors, and everything in between. When you’re not working, you can enjoy a growing number of sports stadiums, botanical gardens, and museums.