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The Storied Dating Life Of Pamela Anderson


Ever since she appeared on TV screens in her iconic red bathing suit in the ’90s, the world became very familiar with Pamela Anderson. Her sunny-blonde hair and picturesque physique were the envy of women allover, and garnered the attention of men worldwide.

By being one of the biggest stars on the planet, any time Pamela Anderson would be involved in a relationship, it would consistently make headlines. While her love life with rockers Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and Bret Michaels have been highly publicized, there are a number of other big names in entertainment that you won’t realize who also dated this Baywatch beauty.

Dan Ilicic


Pamela Anderson graduated from high school in 1985, and then went on to work as a fitness instructor in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where she would begin dating photographer Dan Ilicic in 1988. The next year, Anderson stumbled into her big break while attending a football game.

The then 21-year-old Anderson appeared on the Jumbotron at a Canadian Football League game while wearing a Labatt’s T-shirt, causing the crowd to cheer so enthusiastically that the beer company hired her as a spokesmodel. Anderson and Ilicic parted ways shortly thereafter, once she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue fame.

Jon Peters


Once in Los Angeles, Anderson got busy putting herself out there, securing for herself a handful of modeling gigs. She also got exposure by accepting dates from men who were in the entertainment industry. She met American film producer and hairdresser Jon Peters at a Playboy Mansion party, and the two were off and running.

Sparks flew almost immediately despite the 22-year age difference, and they were living together after only a short dating period. Even though Peters had thoughts of “forever” on his mind, Anderson turned down his marriage proposal. Neither realized at the time that they would be reunited much later in life.

Scott Baio


Actor Scott Baio, the man who most people knew as Chachi from the wholesome show Happy Days, met Anderson in 1990 at the Playboy Mansion. The pair ended up dating, and lit up red carpet appearances with their charming good looks and fashion sense, from 1990 to 1993.

The duo had a falling-out over infidelity on Baio’s part, before he became another in a long line of men who proposed marriage to Anderson, and were turned down. Fun fact: Baio was the one who sent photos of Anderson to Baywatch‘s casting agent, so he should get a morsel of credit for her eventually becoming an international sensation.


Eric Nies


Eric Nies was carving out a career for himself as a model when he would meet Pamela Anderson in the early nineties. He was working his way through the first season of a new show that was premiering on MTV called The Real World: New York when he would meet the model and actress.

After the success of The Real World, Nies would then be cast on the MTV show The Grind. Nies would gain more popularity and would end up mentioning all of his dating conquests in a wayward interview on the Howard Stern Show. Anderson decided to then call it quits after a few months of their courtship.

David Charvet


David Charvet is a French actor and singer who would end up starring alongside Pamela on several seasons of the hit show Baywatch. The opportunity presented itself for these attractive co-workers to date, so they began their relationship in 1992 while the show was at the height of its popularity.

Charvet and Anderson dated for two years, from 1992 until 1994, opting to go their separate ways after they faced challenges of working together and being in a relationship. Charvet’s work would take him back overseas to France. To this day, he remains a successful singer, actor, model, and television personality.

Dean Cain


Dean Cain is best known for his role as Clark Kent on the television show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The hit series would premiere in 1993, shortly after Anderson had joined Baywatch. Cain would also make a name for himself as the host of the show Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

This relationship for Anderson and Cain in the early ’90s was pretty short-lived, however. The attractive Baywatch actress and the man who played Superman certainly stole the spotlight at some red carpet events, but much of the story of their courtship is a bit of a mystery.

Arsenio Hall


Arsenio Hall is another man in showbiz who was romantically involved with Anderson. He has enjoyed a long list of Hollywood successes, first with a couple appearances on the show Soul Train, before co-starring in the hit comedy Coming To America alongside superstar Eddie Murphy. He would also have a hugely popular talk show from 1989 to 1994.


Hollywood insiders were surprised to see that Arsenio and Anderson hooked up for a time. Again, there is not a lot of public information about their dating life, but they both have acknowledged that they had a chemistry at some point in the mid-1990s.

Bret Michaels


Before there were the dramatic ups-and-downs she’d have with future husband, rocker Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson paired up with the lead singer of Poison, Bret Michaels. He and fellow bandmember Rikki Rockett were just getting the group going when Michaels’ romance with Anderson began.

Aside for Anderson’s mother disapproving of the relationship, the couple would become embroiled in a scandal involving a video tape of the two of them. It circulated around the internet for quite a few years until Michaels was successful at shutting it down. It seems that their relationship ended because as Michaels put it, he “liked the buffet,” while Anderson was more into monogamy.

Tommy Lee


The most famous man in Pamela Anderson’s love life has to be Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The two first met on New Year’s Eve in 1994 after Lee was getting divorced from actress Heather Locklear. They would meet again in February of 1995, and after a mere four days of courtship, the two embarked on a spontaneous adventure in Cancun, Mexico.

Apparently, vacation wasn’t enough for these two. They exchanged marriage vows on a beach, with Anderson sporting a bikini at the ceremony. Anderson’s mother was reportedly shocked to learn of her daughter’s marriage by reading about it in People Magazine.

Tommy Lee Continued


Anderson’s relationship with bad boy Tommy Lee would be well-publicized for a variety of reasons. Some private footage of the couple from their exotic honeymoon was stolen by a former electrician and released to the public. A TV adaptation of this saga called Pam & Tommy aired on Hulu in 2022.


After three years of marriage and a couple of children with him, Anderson would eventually file for divorce from Lee. She would end up pressing charges against her ex-husband after he allegedly kicked her while she was holding one of their children. The drummer would actually spend six months in jail for assault. The couple would give their relationship another shot in between 2008-2010, but it wouldn’t stick.

Kelly Slater


Kelly Slater was yet another of Anderson’s co-workers on Baywatch that caught her eye. Slater would have a 27-episode stint on the show starting in 1992. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the entire cast frolicked in the surf wearing swimsuits each day, but Slater and Anderson found their groove on and off the set.

This surfer, actor, author, model, and entrepreneur had dreams that extended beyond the set of Baywatch. Inspiring others through his love of surfing, he has gone on to be regarded as one of the best professional surfers of all time. When discussing his relationship with Anderson, he says, “We had an amazing time together.”

Marcus Schenkenberg


Shortly after her divorce from Tommy Lee, Anderson began dating Swedish model Marcus Schenkenberg. The two managed to keep most of their personal relationship private, which stood in stark contrast to some of her previous high-profile couplings that would circulate the Internet.

She reportedly fell for the Swedish hunk when she saw him rescue a bird that fell into a toilet in Monaco. Anderson even would accept a marriage proposal from Schenkenberg, but they would end things before getting married, with her citing that she wanted to spend more time with her kids. Schenkenberg would end up dating some other big names in entertainment, such as singers Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey.

Michael Bolton


One of the more surprising pairings on our list of Anderson’s beaus is singer Michael Bolton. He showed up at the right time, shortly after her split from Schenkenberg. The two would hit it off at Michael Jordan’s Celebrity Golf Invitational Party in Paradise Island, Bahamas.


There, Anderson challenged the singer and songwriter to a tequila-drinking contest. She won the match fair and square, and the two would pair up after, though only for a short time. Anderson still has a high regard for him and their time together, as it helped her get over her relationship with Schenkenberg.

Kid Rock


As Anderson worked her way through the music scene, it was only a matter of time before she would end up encountering Robert James Ritchie, better known to most people as singer Kid Rock. The two had met up at an Aretha Franklin tribute concert in 2001 and wound up dating the next year.

Naturally, with Anderson’s apparent affinity for rockers, they would eventually get engaged in 2002. The two didn’t make it down the aisle this time around, though. However, much like some of the other past loves, her and Kid Rock would end up reigniting the flames a few years later.

Fred Durst

Photo: L – R-

Frontman of the punk-rock band Limp Bizkit Fred Durst also had ties to the fair-haired Anderson. Apparently a falling out with Kid Rock in 2003 hadn’t taken her too long to get over, and while still sticking with someone who made music, she was ready for something new.

In the summer of 2003, her and Durst had gone out on a few dates and were publicly spotted together at the Spike TV launch party at the Playboy Mansion. But it seems like Durst was just a rebound for Anderson, as their relationship lasted just mere weeks.

Stephen Dorff


After enough intense flings with people in the music scene, Anderson turned to her circle of friends for advice. Longtime friend and actor Stephen Dorff was there not only to offer support, but to step up and play the role of boyfriend for nearly half-a-year.

Anderson ended their five-month romance because “the spark just wasn’t there.” The two parted ways amicably, citing that maybe the relationship shift shouldn’t have happened. They remain good friends to this day, and even got back together for a wild night in Miami in 2008.


Mark McGrath


Mark McGrath was used to musical success as front man of the band, Sugar Ray. He scored what he thought was relationship gold when he hooked up with Anderson in 2005. McGrath would end up making a joke about her well-endowed physique at the Teen Choice Awards that year.

The two were together for a weekend at Anderson’s Malibu beach house where they barely left the house, except for grocery shopping. She revealed in post break-up interviews that she was still holding a candle for ex-husband Tommy Lee, and that McGrath had been an enjoyable fling for her.

Ray J


Pamela Anderson is no stranger to making strong advances toward any man that she sets her sights on, and it almost always pays off. This proved to be true after a night out at a club in London in 2006 that brought her and rapper Ray J together for a short period of time.

The much younger musician had bottle after bottle of champagne sent to his table to impress him, courtesy of the former Baywatch babe. The two bonded over their penchant for PDA and would have a short fling together. Ray J was also famous for dating Kim Kardashian before she became a household name.

Eddie Irvine


Apparently, playing hard to get is one of the things that makes some men appealing to Anderson. At yet another party, she would try to woo Eddie Irvine, the accomplished Irish race car driver, as he sat at the Cipriani Bar in Manhattan.

As hard as it must have been for the Formula One driver to hear that the legendary blonde star was after him, he left the party without her that night. It was only a matter of time before rumors began circulating that the two were indeed involved romantically. But their fling would end after several months.

Kid Rock Again


Pamela would end up getting back together with Kid Rock a few years after they split up the first time. This time they would end up walking all the way down the aisle, with the ceremony being held on a private yacht in the south of France. This marriage wouldn’t last too long however, and they would get divorced just 17 days later.


Supposedly, the comedy movie Borat would be a major reason for them ending things. At the screening of the movie, Rock was outraged about Anderson’s involvement in a particular scene of the movie. When star of the movie Sacha Baron Cohen asked Anderson what her husband thought of the movie, she said, “He’s getting divorced.”

Laurence Hallier


Laurence Hallier is one of the few men on this list that was not actively involved in the entertainment industry, so fans may have been a bit surprised by his relationship with Anderson in the first place. After her short marriage to Kid Rock, she would date the Show Media Inc. founder and property developer.

The two dated on and off between 2006 and 2010, and things turned downright ugly when she sued him for $1 million, citing that he had broken an arrangement they had made where he promised her a condo. Eventually, the two settled out of court amicably.

Hans Klok


Pamela Anderson had a surprising stint as a Las Vegas magician’s assistant when she decided to see if the affair would turn magical. Hans Klok had been a successful performer in Europe for years before bringing his show to America, and eventually Vegas. The two hit it off almost immediately after she began working for him on his show The Beauty of Magic.

No one was more surprised than Anderson when Klok would disclose on Craig Ferguson’s late-night talk show that his association with her was just a publicity stunt to gain more notoriety. He also disclosed and confirmed that he had been in a same-sex relationship for over 16 years.

David Binn


It’s no doubt that Pamela Anderson likely makes a lasting impression on each man that she becomes romantically involved with. This was especially evident when her ex-husband Tommy Lee chose to buy a home for her in Dubai, “just because” he felt like it.


Fans were shocked to find Anderson spending time with San Diego Charger long snapper David Binn, especially after this grand gesture by Lee around the same time. Binn and Anderson reported that it was just casual, even though the two planned an elaborate trip to Russia together. Anderson had said that the former football player was a “real man.”

Sylvester Stallone


Pamela Anderson had her share of random flings with some high-profile men, some of which could certainly be considered A-list celebrities. One of those men was actor Sylvester Stallone. Although it’s unclear how long Stallone’s relationship with her lasted, Stallone reportedly offered Anderson an apartment and a Porsche if she conceded to being “his number one girl.”

Anderson made the mistake of asking the Rocky star “Does that mean there’s a number two?” She didn’t like the answer to the question, and she never formally accepted his offer. She did find him very entertaining though, and wonders what would have happened if she accepted his offer back in 1989.

Michael Jackson


One of Pamela Anderson’s secret crushes manifested itself with musician Michael Jackson. The two started casually dating in 2008, always meeting in complete secrecy and arriving separately, so no one would suspect that they were together. At one point, Anderson showed up to fashion week with a masked date, who many presume was the King of Pop.

After several drinks, some dinners, and much talking about their shared love of plastic surgery, the two moved on to other pursuits. Anderson admitted that she always had feelings for the charismatic performer, but that nothing really happened between them.

Julian Assange


Julian Assange is a famous businessman and fashion mogul that is most well-known for founding Wikileaks, the media outlet that published classified media and news links provided by anonymous sources. Many have speculated about the extent of his relationship with the actress.


While Assange was hiding out at the Embassy of Ecuador in London in 2012, Anderson said it wasn’t easy to have a relationship with him. On an interview with Piers Morgan, she didn’t exactly deny rumors of romance, stating that “she adored him, and that they were “good friends.” She would run extensive campaigns to try and get Assange released from prison after his 2019 arrest.

David Spade


Yay for the little guy. Pamela Anderson apparently wasn’t just into rockers and musicians. We’ve seen before that she has a thing for funny guys, too. David Spade was the perfect companion for several publicity appearances at the Jet Nightclub and the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas in 2007.

Paparazzi went wild, snapping pictures of the two getting cozy in the club. While it’s unclear how long this relationship lasted, the pair earned some serious attention while they were rubbing elbows. In addition to Anderson, Spade actually has been known to date some other knockouts including actresses Krista Allen, Julie Bowen, Jillian Barberie, and Heather Locklear.

Rick Salomon


Rick Salomon is known not only for his high-stakes poker successes, but his ability to land relationships with several high-profile women including Elizabeth Daily, Shannon Doherty, and most famously, Paris Hilton. In September of 2007, Anderson disclosed on Ellen that she was engaged to a poker player, but didn’t disclose his name.

Her and the poker star had been friends for 17 years before they decided to get married. The two had an intimate wedding ceremony at The Mirage in Las Vegas. It would end up being annulled less than three months later, with Anderson citing claims of fraud. In 2014, she and Salomon would end up getting married again, but would split again later that year.

Criss Angel


Moving on from the Hans Klok situation, Anderson linked up with Cirque du Soleil magician Criss Angel. Angel had been moving up in the ranks with a spinoff series on television and several other solo appearances that appealed to Anderson’s interest in magic.


This union burned bright, but would inevitably fizzle out shortly afterward. They were spotted kissing at Anderson’s 41st big birthday celebration in July of 2008. Maybe Anderson just had a hatchet to bury after her disgraced relationship with Klok, but this one wouldn’t last long either.

Matt Evers


In between her two marriages to Rick Salomon, Anderson dipped into the co-worker pool once more and pulled up Dancing On Ice partner Matt Evers. Due to a wardrobe malfunction, the two ended up being the first disqualified from the contest, however. Finding they worked well both on and off camera, the two began dating after the show.

The two were seen shopping, dining, and partying together for a short time, and Evers became Anderson’s esteemed guest of honor at her New Year’s Eve party in London. They even joked about how domesticated they’d become in a short time together. Ultimately, the relationship wouldn’t last.

Adil Rami


Adil Rami is a French soccer player that had carved out success for himself both on and off the field. When Anderson began dating him in 2017, the rumors started flying about the scandalous 18-year age difference. There was also talk about the quick turnaround that seemed to trademark Anderson’s love life.

Anderson supposedly took this relationship more seriously than Rami did. As rumors flew about engagements, Anderson moved to the French Riviera to be closer to him. A few short years later, Anderson eventually accused Rami of “living a double life.”

Steve Jones


Steve Jones was one of Anderson’s shorter relationships, but it certainly wasn’t a forgettable one. This English-born television celebrity has the remarkable ability to make Hollywood starlets swoon. Everyone from Angelina Jolie to Paris Hilton has been tempted by this honest interviewer.

Pamela Anderson may have been just another notch on his belt of famous women that he’s been entangled with. As with other relationships involving Anderson, it started hot and fizzled out fast. The pair would be done with each other within a month of dating.


Christian Monzon


Anderson admitted fully that this next relationship wasn’t a matter of love, but just was “lust at first sight.” That’s how she described it when she laid eyes on 27-year-old Christian Monzon. Refusing to be deterred by a relationship that Monzon was involved in, she gave him her private number.

Two weeks later in 2013,  the pair were dating, citing that sheer animal magnetism had brought them together. While their relationship was short-lived, Anderson states that it was worth every magical moment they would share together.

Robbie Williams


Robbie Williams and his crooning songs caught the eye of Ms. Anderson in between marriage proposals in 2004. She supposedly was the one who issued a dinner invitation for a candlelit meal at London’s Conrad Hotel, insisting that they “needed to meet properly.”

Interestingly enough, this intimate dinner took place while Anderson was still rumored to be dating model Christian Monzon. Robbie wasn’t squeaky clean himself in this arrangement. He accepted the invitation because his girlfriend Lisa Brash was conveniently on vacation. Anderson has since denied that the two of them ever dated.

Antonio Sabato Jr.


Baywatch stars spent enough time together that it became inevitable that romantic relationships would certainly surface off the beach. It’s reported that Anderson and Antonio Sabato Jr. were together while the two of them were filming the popular television series.

More recently a formidable figure in the political world having run for Congress, the former Italian model has chosen to pour his passion into politics, although the two co-workers remember their time together on set as frivolous, flirty, and just plain fun.

 Mario Van Peebles


Mario Van Peebles is an American film producer and director who starred in New Jack City and USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage. The son of actor and filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles, he developed an interest in producing and directing at a very young age.


Van Peebles and Anderson were reported to have struck up a friendship that turned into something hotter after they met at a charity function. She was impressed by his drive and ambition, and the two dated off and on for several steamy months.

Jon Peters Again


Pamela Anderson certainly has been known to revisit old flames and reconnect with men that she had been together with in the past. It turns out that Kid Rock, Tommy Lee, and Rick Salomon weren’t the only ones that Anderson would come back to after a long hiatus.

Her and producer Jon Peters had initially dated when Anderson was just making it into the entertainment industry, all before she became a megastar. While Peters proposed to her all those years ago and Anderson turned him down, the two would end up getting married in January of 2020, but would split just 12 days later.

Jon Rose


Jon Rose is a former pro-surfer, as well as humanitarian who worked his way out of what he’s called “a very self-indulgent lifestyle” to one that is devoted to helping others. He is involved in charities across the globe that deliver clean drinking water to impoverished communities.

Rose and Anderson met in Las Vegas and proceeded to travel the globe for a bit, stopping in Argentina so Anderson could tape the South American version of Dancing With The Stars. It’s a shame this duo didn’t last, for they tangoed quite well together.

Dan Hayhurst


Dan Hayhurst is a good-old Canadian boy who was living on Vancouver Island when he met Pamela Anderson during the lockdown of 2020. The pair hit it off instantly, and he served as her bodyguard before amping up their relationship to the next level.

They would end up getting married on Christmas Eve of 2020 in her Vancouver Island home. Their relationship reportedly was so plagued with drama that they couldn’t make it work, and the pair split after only a year of being married to each other.