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The Inside Scoop on Hollywood’s Iconic Leading Man, Brad Pitt

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It’s almost four decades now since Brad Pitt started his acting career in Hollywood. Today, he’s one of the most recognizable names and faces in the world, and has starred in many of the most beloved movies in entertainment history, including “Thelma and Louise,” “Interview With the Vampire,” “Moneyball,” and “A River Runs Through It.”

His appearance may have helped him get early opportunities, but it was his determination and talent that allowed him to create a long and successful career in acting and producing. Here’s how this Missouri kid found his way to Hollywood and rose to fame.

A College Dropout

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Acting wasn’t Brad Pitt’s first career choice. Initially, he aspired to become a journalist while studying at the University of Missouri, but just two credits away from completing his degree in Journalism, he made a bold choice to transition into acting.

At 22, he left college to immerse himself in the world of acting opportunities. His decision to pursue acting shortly before graduation turned out to be a pivotal moment in his life, leading him to the successful career he enjoys today.

Calendar Boy

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Brad Pitt’s striking good looks were evident long before he entered the world of showbiz. In fact, during his college years, before he made the decision to leave and pursue a career in Hollywood, he even posed for the campus calendar.

Imagine the task of searching for attractive college students for a calendar shoot and coming across this ideal combination of mesmerizing blue eyes, silky hair, and a jawline that could rival any. It must have been an unforgettable day. It’s intriguing to think that one of those calendar copies could potentially be quite valuable today.

His Favorite Film

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It’s always fascinating to discover an actor or actress’s take on a great film and their personal favorites. After all, it’s their craft! Brad Pitt, for instance, has a soft spot for “Saturday Night Fever.” In an NPR interview, he said that it was his favorite movie when he was young, and he found the cultural background of the story incredibly fascinating.

But don’t let the disco and glitter fool you! Pitt appreciates a wide range of movie genres. In addition to “Saturday Night Fever,” he holds “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Dr. Strangelove” dear as some of his other favorites. Quite an eclectic selection, wouldn’t you say?

His Favorite Candy

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It’s always fascinating to catch a glimpse of our favorite actors outside their on-screen roles. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt revealed his everyday preferences. Surprisingly, he confessed that his go-to candy is Twizzlers. Oprah found his choice a bit unusual, but that’s what makes each person’s tastes unique, right?


Pitt didn’t stop there – he also shared that he considers “Frosted Flakes” his favorite cereal and pizza as his top snack. Although we usually think of pizza as a meal, if that’s how Pitt enjoys it, who are we to argue?

His Best Worst Film

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Ironically, Brad Pitt’s personal favorite among his works happened to be a box office flop, “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” In this film, Pitt both starred in and produced it, yet despite its $30 million budget, it only grossed a mere 4 million dollars.

Audiences expected an action-packed western film but were surprised to find a slow-burn exploration of jealousy and fame, which had a meditative effect, even on the most energetic viewers. However, because of its remarkable cinematography and understated performances, the movie has garnered a devoted cult following over the years.

A Cartoon Made Him Cry

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Brad Pitt, although a seasoned actor, isn’t someone you’d typically associate with shedding tears. He recently shared that he’s not one to cry often, but there’s a particular movie that got to him.

It was the ending of “How to Train Your Dragon” that brought a tear or two to his eye. It’s great to see someone like him express their emotions. Remember, there’s absolutely no shame in shedding a tear over a touching story!

More Than an Actor

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Brad Pitt, despite his extensive filmography, openly expresses a preference for working behind the camera. It’s quite remarkable, given how accustomed we are to his on-screen presence, but it’s easy to overlook his remarkable talents behind the scenes.

In line with many in the film industry, it appears that he values the collaborative nature of the craft more than the relatively solitary pursuit of acting. His choice is truly commendable and adds to our respect for his multifaceted talents.



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Many globally famous individuals may appear to have the world at their disposal, but that’s not always the reality. Because of his 1997 film, “Seven Years in Tibet,” Brad Pitt faced a ban from entering China.

The Chinese government’s disapproval of the film, because they felt portrayed their nation negatively. However, after nearly two decades, the ban on Pitt’s entry to China was finally lifted, and he had the opportunity to promote his 2016 film, “Allied,” in the country.

Recasting Kidman

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When you hear the name Nicole Kidman, you’d likely expect any actor to jump at the chance to work with her. However, Brad Pitt didn’t quite feel that way. Back when they were considering roles for “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Kidman was a contender, but Pitt didn’t think they had the right on-screen chemistry, making him hesitant to take on the project.

But a significant shift occurred when Angelina Jolie was ultimately cast in the role. It’s safe to say that the chemistry between Pitt and Jolie on-screen was undeniable, and little did we know, it even led to them becoming a couple after the movie.

Help From Melissa Etheridge

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It’s quite unbelievable, but there was a time when Brad Pitt was both unknown and struggling financially. When he first arrived in Hollywood as a budding actor, he had just a bit over $300 to his name – barely enough to get by.

Luckily, he received some assistance from singer and songwriter Melissa Etheridge, who graciously allowed him to crash on her couch as he pursued his acting dreams. She even taught him to fly fish (in her swimming pool) for his audition in “A River Runs Through It.”

A Side Hobby

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Fans adore learning about their favorite celebrities’ side interests, as it offers a glimpse into their everyday lives. Brad Pitt, apart from his globetrotting and scripted roles, has a fascinating hobby – he’s a true architecture enthusiast. His passion for architecture goes to such lengths that he once undertook a DIY project to renovate a wine cellar in his own home.


Remarkably, this endeavor caught the attention of an L.A. architecture firm, “Frank Ghery,” leading to Brad securing an internship there. We can’t even imagine how he managed to squeeze an internship into his busy schedule, but hey, there’s nothing impossible if it’s for things you love.

Presidential Ties

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Brad Pitt has an interesting connection to an American president – he’s a distant cousin of Barack Obama. A 2008 report from the New England Historic Geological indicates this familial tie through a man named Edwin Hickman, making them ninth cousins.

They’ve even met a few times, like when Pitt discussed his green housing concept to explore federal funding possibilities. Fun fact: There were rumors that Angelina Jolie, Brad’s ex, might also have a distant link to Hillary Clinton. What a small world.

A TV Star First

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Many future movie stars kick off their careers on television, and Brad Pitt is no exception. Before he became a big-screen sensation, he began his journey in the world of TV soap operas. Honestly, it’s easy to see why he fits the quintessential “soapy” look – maybe it’s the hair, the eyes, or the perfect combination.

Just like many other celebrities, Pitt’s career started with daily soap operas. He made his debut on the NBC series “Another World,” where he performed so impressively that he subsequently secured a recurring role, appearing in four episodes of “Dallas.”

Poster Boy

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Stars often kickstart their careers in TV and film through advertisements or modeling. The old saying “there are no small roles” holds true, as modeling and ads provide an accessible avenue for aspiring stars to gain recognition and supplement their income while they strive for more substantial acting opportunities.

Brad Pitt followed a similar path. Apart from a stint as a student model for his college calendar, he made his debut in a Pringles TV ad in 1989 when he was 26. Frankly, considering his good looks, it’s rather astonishing that he hadn’t been scouted for modeling gigs earlier.


Thanks, Billy!


Actor Billy Baldwin might have played a significant part in Brad Pitt’s rise to fame in Hollywood. Wondering how? Well, initially, Baldwin was set to portray “JD” in the iconic movie “Thelma and Louise,” which happened to be Brad Pitt’s breakthrough role. Can you even picture someone else in that role? We certainly can’t.

However, let’s get back to the story. Baldwin eventually left the project to pursue what he believed was a more appealing role in Ron Howard’s “Backdraft.” This decision led to Brad Pitt stepping in and seizing the opportunity that catapulted him into the limelight.

A Creepy Incident

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Sometimes, people can really take being a fan to a whole new level – and it can get pretty intense and even scary. Take this one young Brad Pitt fan, for example. She was so obsessed with him that she went to extreme lengths to get close to him, even managing to find out where he lived and breaking into his home!

As luck would have it, nobody was home when she entered. The girl ended up dressing in Brad’s clothes and even slept in his bed – quite a shocking situation, to say the least. Eventually, the housekeeper discovered her, leading to her arrest and Brad Pitt understandably getting a restraining order against her.

Nice to Meet You, Jen

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, known for their charm and good looks, were a renowned Hollywood couple. Interestingly, their introduction didn’t happen on a movie set or at a star-studded event, but through a matchmaking effort by their agents.

This somewhat unexpected union quickly became iconic in the Hollywood scene, lasting seven years, with five of those years as a married couple. However, as we all know, their story eventually took a different turn, leading to a divorce.

Wine Not?


Brad Pitt’s diverse interests extend beyond the ordinary, from renovating his wine cellar for fun to securing an architecture internship through this endeavor. And now, he’s delving into the world of winemaking.


After tying the knot with Angelina Jolie in France, the two developed a deep affection for the region. This affection led them to purchase a property and start their own winery. In 2012, their winery introduced a rosé wine, followed by a less successful white wine. Regrettably, after their divorce, they made the decision to sell the property.

Grab a Chair


Brad Pitt dabbled in some pretty quirky hobbies, like creating his own furniture line. Imagine owning a chair crafted by the man himself – many folks would jump at the chance. Heck, some might even snatch up a piece of gum he’d stepped on!

Back in 2012, Pitt had a bustling year on the entrepreneurial front. He teamed up with furniture designer Frank Pollaro to curate a line of high-end furniture, all inspired by his passion for architecture and design.

Flying High

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Brad Pitt is more than just a Hollywood star – he’s also an amateur architect, furniture designer, and winery owner, and he holds a pilot’s license. Yes, you read that right; he can take the controls if needed during a flight.

It was Angelina Jolie, his ex-wife, who introduced him to the idea of flying his own plane. She already had her pilot’s license and encouraged Pitt to experience the thrill of it too. In 2013, Pitt invested a cool $3.3 million in a WWII airplane, showcasing his passion for aviation.

A Life Philosophy


So, what’s your guiding principle in life? Almost everyone has a personal philosophy they live by, whether they acknowledge it or not. This holds true for celebrities too, who are often seen as influencers and symbols of success.

Take Brad Pitt, for example. He’s known for his philosophy of “keep moving.” This approach helps him stay relevant, resilient, and positive in the face of life’s challenges. It seems to be working quite well, given the immense success he’s achieved in various fields.


Bill Pitt?


Celebrities frequently opt for stage names to enhance their marketability, often because they or their agents believe their birth names lack glamour. This led Norma Jeane Mortenson to transform into the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Surprisingly, Brad Pitt’s actual name is William Bradley Pitt, named after his father. So, technically, you could call him William Pitt or even “Bill.” However, “Bill Pitt” doesn’t quite carry the same Hollywood appeal.

At Clooney’s Expense


Brad Pitt and George Clooney have been close pals since collaborating on multiple projects since 2001, notably the “Ocean’s 11” series. Apparently, spending that much time on set can create some strong friendships.

One of their cherished hobbies is playfully pranking each other and teasing one another. Pitt even takes advantage of silly tabloid rumors about Clooney to have a good laugh, and Clooney is a good sport about it.

Really Cutting His Teeth

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Many actors push their limits for a role, but some have their boundaries. In the case of “Fight Club,” Brad Pitt went the extra mile, willingly chipping his teeth for his character, Tyler Durden. He later had them fixed after filming.

Brad Pitt’s dedication to the role led him to schedule a unique dental appointment. He maintained the chipped teeth throughout production and then had them restored once filming was completed.

It’s All Greek… to Him

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Impressing your in-laws and getting on their good side is always a smart move, and Brad Pitt was well aware of it. Back when he was married to Jennifer Aniston, he went above and beyond. Aniston’s dad, the late actor John Aniston, was famous for “Days of Our Lives” and had Greek roots, being born in Greece.

To really make an impact, Pitt took on the challenge of learning the Greek language, which was no walk in the park. Hopefully, his genuine interest and dedication to embracing her Greek heritage left a lasting impression on her back then. Who knows, he might still remember a few Greek words to this day!


Meet the Other Pitts

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Fans often wonder about the families of their favorite stars, and not everyone knows that Brad Pitt has a brother and a sister. His sister, Julie, also has a sizable family, with both biological and adopted children.

His brother, Doug Pitt, bears a striking resemblance to his famous sibling (that jawline is quite unique). Doug has occasionally stepped into the limelight, including a 2012 Virgin Mobile ad, but his primary focus is on investment and philanthropic endeavors.

Basketball Reject

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Before becoming a big movie star, Brad Pitt had dreams of playing middle school basketball. This was a few years before he reached his current height of five feet and eleven inches. However, he didn’t make the team after trying out.

Despite the setback, Pitt’s optimism prevailed. He decided to form his own basketball team, naming it the Cherokee Rejects. He even recruited his dad, Bill, to be the coach. It just goes to show, where there’s a will (and a Bill), there’s a way.

Parental Controls


Celebrity parents often worry about how their children perceive them through tabloid gossip. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, facing this concern as their kids grew older and more curious, took steps to address it.

Pitt admitted to blocking his and Jolie’s names from their children’s computer search engines, a clever tactic to shield them from tabloid rumors. Nonetheless, their kids likely have friends without any such restrictions on their computers, making it clear that parenting has its limits.

The Highway to Success


Many well-known actors share their journey to fame with interviewers. Brad Pitt’s path to success, while not without its challenges, was comparatively swift. Within just seven months of arriving in Los Angeles, this aspiring actor secured representation from an agent.

This accomplishment is quite impressive, especially for someone new to Hollywood. In contrast, other familiar figures in the entertainment industry often endured years of hardship before achieving their breakthrough or gaining recognition.


Extra, Extra

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Brad Pitt’s journey to fame may have been relatively short, but it wasn’t an overnight success. Along the way, he deliberately accepted smaller roles to boost his presence in the industry. Not long after he arrived in L.A., Pitt opted for uncredited roles.

One interesting example was his appearance in the film “Less than Zero.” This movie featured Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz, and Robert Downey Jr., and centered around a young man who discovers his friend’s struggle with illicit substances. In this film, Pitt portrayed a young man involved in a party altercation.

Run Around Sue

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Here’s a little-known fact about Brad Pitt: he once owned a car. Well, if you own a car too, you now share something in common with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But don’t worry; there’s more to this story than just car ownership.

What makes it interesting is that Pitt’s old vehicle was a Datsun, and he affectionately called it “Run Around Sue.” This car held sentimental value as he drove “Sue” from Missouri to Los Angeles, making it a unique part of his personal history.

On-Screen Snacks

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Brad Pitt’s films often reveal an intriguing pattern – he’s frequently seen snacking on-screen, even when it’s not scripted. This tendency is particularly noticeable in his portrayal of Rusty Ryan in the Ocean’s 11 series. Unless he’s in the midst of an elaborate heist, you can bet he’s got a snack in hand.

Pitt’s decision to chow down while acting may serve to soothe his nerves or infuse an extra layer of humanity into his characters. Regardless of the motivation, snacking on camera has undeniably become his signature move as an actor.

A Blue Collar Background


Bead Pitt hails from an ordinary background with no special Hollywood connections or favoritism – well, except for his undeniable good looks, which are just part of the package. His journey to success has been paved with tenacity, humility, and sheer hard work.


These values likely stem from his family; his mother worked as a high school counselor, and his father owned a trucking company. They understood the significance of setting goals, putting in the effort, and not resting on one’s laurels when success comes knocking.

Invested in His Work

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How far would you go to enhance your work? Method actors are known for going to great lengths to fully embody their characters during filming and both before and after. Other actors often engage in extensive research and sometimes even embark on field trips, some of which can take them to rather intense places.

For Brad Pitt, he checked himself into a mental institution in Philadelphia for a while to prepare for his role as a mental patient in the 1995 film “Twelve Monkeys.” Sometimes, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and get into the thick of it.

Some Unexpected Roles


When people think of Brad Pitt, they usually picture him in comedies or dramas. However, he also ventured into animated films, voicing Metro Man in “Megamind” (2010) and Sinbad in “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.” He even made a brief appearance in the animated TV series “King of the Hill” as Patch Boomhauer in a 2003 episode.

Pitt’s versatility extends to animated projects, showcasing his talent beyond live-action films. Despite his association with mainstream genres, he successfully brought characters to life in the animated realm, leaving a mark on both big and small screens.

Hand-Me-Down House


Fans are always curious about celebrities’ homes – they’re often lavish and over-the-top. People love seeing the incredible houses that stars call home. Another intriguing aspect is who they buy from or sell to.

Take Brad Pitt, for example. He once sold one of his stunning homes to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi for $13 million. It’s like a mini real estate bubble in the entertainment industry.


Keeping the Brotherhood


Fraternities and sororities are a fundamental part of American college life, typically based on shared interests. They offer students a chance to build lasting friendships, although some may view them as promoting elitism.

On a different note, Brad Pitt was a member of Sigma Chi at the University of Missouri before pursuing his acting career, showing that not everyone sees an issue with joining a college fraternity.

A Very Special Appearance

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Celebrity cameos are a delightful surprise for viewers, especially when they feature mega-famous stars. It’s always a treat to see your favorite celebrity unexpectedly pop up on screen. Brad Pitt made a particularly memorable cameo as he was rising to stardom.

He joined a roster of Hollywood A-listers in the popular TV show “Friends” alongside his then-wife Jennifer Aniston. Audiences were thrilled to watch Brad seamlessly integrate into the storyline, especially in a plot where he was meant to “hate” his real-life spouse. To make it even more interesting, his character even founded a high school club called the “I Hate Rachel Club”!

Giving Back


Brad Pitt values tenacity, hard work, and humility, and he’s also passionate about community service. In 2006, he founded the Make It Right Foundation, aiming to rebuild homes in New Orleans devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

As of 2021, the organization successfully constructed 109 homes for disaster-affected individuals. Over time, its reach expanded, and they’ve been instrumental in building eco-friendly homes in places like New Jersey, Newark, and Kansas City, among others

A Jewelry Designer

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Brad Pitt is a multi-talented individual, excelling in various fields. Apart from his remarkable acting prowess, he’s ventured into home renovations, winemaking, and even flying planes. Surprisingly, he’s now delved into jewelry design, showcasing his versatility.


When he got engaged to Jennifer Aniston, Pitt played a hand in creating a stunning $500,000 ring, featuring a prominent central diamond surrounded by smaller ones. Additionally, for his engagement to Angelina Jolie, he designed an elegant 16-carat art deco-style diamond ring, valued at around $250,000. It’s evident that Pitt’s talents know no bounds.

An Ironic Twist

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Being an actor has its fair share of challenges, especially in action movies where things can get risky on set. When Brad Pitt portrayed the ancient hero Achilles in “Troy,” he did it without a stunt double. Ironically, he ended up injuring his Achilles tendon during a stunt, resulting in a long-lasting limp.

Fortunately, despite the injury, Pitt managed to complete the film without any other mishaps. It’s a reminder of the dangers actors face, even in the pursuit of creating memorable scenes on screen.

His Craziest Gig

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Minnaert

Many celebrities had regular jobs before they became famous. Some had more unusual pre-fame experiences. For instance, Sylvester Stallone once cleaned lion cages at the Central Park Zoo!

And then there’s Brad Pitt, who used to don a chicken costume to promote El Pollo Loco, which means “crazy chicken.” It might not be the worst job, but dressing up as a chicken for work sure adds a quirky twist to his pre-fame life!



You’re likely aware that Chanel is a globally renowned brand, particularly in the world of perfumes. While Chanel has featured several famous women as the faces of their fragrances, Brad Pitt made history as their inaugural male spokesperson.

Despite his predominantly masculine image, Pitt fearlessly embraced promoting a brand traditionally associated with women. Following this groundbreaking opportunity, he also starred in significant Chanel Number 5 advertisements, effectively reaching a broader audience. Kudos to Brad! It’s quite a scent-sational move.


Working Dad


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, despite no longer being together, have always put their large family first. With six children, balancing their careers as two highly sought-after actors hasn’t been a walk in the park. They’ve made a point to ensure their kids have both parents in their lives regularly.

Even as A-list actors, they managed to juggle their schedules to be there for their children. They often coordinated their work to ensure that one of them could be at home while the other was on a film project. This commitment to family has remained a priority throughout their careers.

Chasing Waterfalls


Celebrity life often comes with numerous perks, like substantial wealth and the ability to buy extravagant, even absurd items. We think of fancy cars and massive mansions, but what about something as unique as waterfalls? Yes, waterfalls.

During Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage, Jolie gifted Pitt a parcel of land with a waterfall for his birthday. That’s quite a remarkable gift, isn’t it? It makes you wonder if anyone else in the world can claim to have received a real waterfall for their birthday.

A Big Prankster


Brad Pitt surprised many fans when he made cameo appearances on two episodes of the MTV show “Jackass.” However, considering his history of pranking with George Clooney, it’s not entirely unexpected.

The show is notorious for its outrageous pranks, and Pitt enthusiastically joined in the wild antics. In one episode, he donned a gorilla suit and ran around Los Angeles, while in another, he staged a fake abduction. It’s safe to say he added a unique touch of entertainment to the show!

A Big Title

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In Hollywood, being an actor or actress isn’t just about performing anymore. It’s evolved beyond the arts, and today, it means you’re a celebrity with real influence in society, whether people like it or not.


This shift occurs because, with countless fans tracking your high-profile career, your words and actions carry more weight than those of the average person. In 2007, Brad Pitt earned a spot on Time Magazine’s list of the most influential people of the year. That’s the kind of impact being an actor can have nowadays.

The “Unknown” Woman


Brad Pitt’s dating history is as star-studded as his Hollywood career. Before his marriages to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, the actor was linked with famous women like Geena Davis, Thandie Newton, Robin Givens, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

However, in 1994, he briefly dated the relatively unknown aspiring actress Jitka Pohlodek. At the time, Brad sported a distinctive platinum-blond hippie Jesus look. His relationship with Pohlodek was short-lived, and he eventually moved on with Gwyneth Paltrow. Little is known about what transpired with Pohlodek in the years that followed.

An Unusual Tattoo

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Tattoos can convey deep meaning, and cultural significance, commemorate moments, or simply embrace eccentricity. Fans often find celebrity tattoos intriguing, and curious about the words, symbols, or characters etched on their skin.

One such intriguing tattoo belongs to Brad Pitt, featuring the Iceman, also known as Ötzi, the world’s oldest natural mummy from the Copper Age. This enigmatic tattoo adorns his left arm, leaving us to ponder its significance.

His First On-Screen Kiss


Almost every actor or actress experiences their first on-screen kiss. Contrary to the romantic portrayal in the final cut, behind the scenes, it’s far from private, spontaneous, or intimate. On a film set, everything is meticulously scripted and executed in front of a larger audience than one might prefer.

Brad Pitt had his first on-screen kiss while appearing as a guest on the popular TV show “Dallas” with Shalane McCall. He was in five episodes of the show before becoming a famous movie star.