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The Best Airport Travel Tips For Seniors

Are you retired and dreaming of traveling far and wide (or just to visit your grandkids?), but hope to avoid the headaches that accompany airport travel? Not to worry. You can have a smooth – and luxurious – airport experience during your next trip. Just follow the simple tips below…

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Plan Ahead

Make sure to book your flight anywhere from 40 – 90 days ahead of time to enjoy better airfares. You can also call your airline to see if they offer any discounts for seniors. Don’t forget to make sure the flight is nonstop, if possible, to reduce your overall travel time. It’s recommended to book a trip without layovers, even if it means a longer drive to the airport or a higher price for fare. Saving yourself from unnecessary time in an airport is well worth it.

Travel Smart

It’s important to travel smart and safe by remembering to keep any medications you need in your carry-on, so they aren’t stowed out of reach. Wear comfortable shoes, drink plenty of water, and keep a list of emergency contacts on you.

There are also many services that can make your trip more comfortable. You can request early boarding on the plane to avoid standing in line while your designated group is called. Wheelchair reservations are free and help you avoid even more standing and long walks through the airport. You can even invest in an escort or a concierge who will help you from the time you enter the airport to the time you leave.

Expedite The Process

No one likes navigating the rigmarole of security checks. Did you know that there’s a way to fast-track those security points and get through much easier? Feel like a V.I.P. and breeze through security by signing up for the TSA Pre-Check membership. The process only takes 10 minutes and involves fingerprinting and a background check. Once you’re done, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of removing your shoes, jacket, belt, laptop, or liquids ever again.

You may be able to skip the line altogether with the American Express Black Card (which comes with many other travel benefits, too), or—if you have a disability or medical condition—you can present a TSA notification card.

Speaking of travel cards, the Nexus card can also be a great investment. Who wants to wait in a crowded, tedious customs line? Instead, you could access expedited lanes and reach your destination that much quicker.

Treat Yourself

Instead of hunkering down in the terminal to wait for your flight, consider purchasing lounge access for the day. You’ll enjoy more comfortable seating, complimentary drinks, free food, fresh coffee, reading material, and access to sparklingly clean bathrooms—it’s definitely worth the $ 40-day pass! Lounge access may even be a free perk if you have a travel card.


All-in-all, it’s not difficult to make your airport experience an enjoyable one. Happy travels.