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Places That Are Paying Well For People To Work Remotely

The combination of job flexibility and job security once seemed like a remote possibility. But that was then, this is now. As the economy and the working world adjust itself to getting back to life after the last couple of years, it’s clear that since 2020, the world has changed. That means that a variety of things are different, including our work habits, employee expectations, and job commitment.


Thinking About Your Job

As the months of lockdowns went on, workers began to take a closer look at how – and where – they spent their workday. This labor reevaluation led to unprecedented mass departures from the workplace, which came to be known as the Great Resignation.

Consequently, workers found themselves in the catbird seat owing to the high demand for labor, and employers have responded with surprisingly generous relocation and bonus incentives designed to lure workers to new locations around the country.

According to the job site Indeed, some jobs offered in towns, states, and regions throughout the United States in 2021 tantalized workers with relocation bonuses of $10,000 or more. Luring remote workers can benefit both employers and employees: Individuals who relocate for work secure a significant bonus while also spending their money in a new community, helping to support the local tax base and grow area businesses.

Sign-up bonuses for remote workers tend to be more common in certain industries. Not surprisingly, the last couple of years have significantly increased the need for medical workers, including doctors, nurses, and EMTs. In addition, laboratories and hospitals are hoping that offering sign-up bonuses will help attract much-needed medical personnel. One example: Penn State Health offered a $20,000 bonus to attract registered nurses, along with salary increases and more time off.


Where Should You Go?

There are work perks aplenty if you’re willing to up and move. In 2021, the following places offered bonuses that ranged from major cash to cultural memberships.

Newton, Iowa | Individuals relocating to this town could buy a home that starts at a price of $190,000 and receive a $10,000 cash incentive.

Topeka, Kansas | Buy a home here, and you could snag $10,000 to put towards your purchase. Prefer to rent? You might qualify for a $5,000 relocation bonus. Some restrictions apply, including that the employer is located outside of the county where Topeka is located.

St. Clair County, Michigan | If you hold a college degree in a STEAM-related area, St. Clair will pay up to $15,000 to entice you to this locale in hopes of growing its workforce to include those who’ve studied science, tech, engineering, arts, and math.


Northwest Arkansas | Move to this region and you see a $10,000 cash bonus provided by a council of local philanthropists and businesses looking to attract remote workers. An added incentive to get your wheels turning: You can choose between getting a free bicycle or an annual membership to a local art or cultural institution.


Course Correction: Moves Don’t Have To Be Permanent

Incentives may be great for luring remote workers, but what happens if after the move you decide you want to move on? Be aware that some states and communities have stay requirements in order for workers to secure the entire incentive amount.

West Virginia offers $10,000 for moving to that locale, plus an additional $2,000 if you stay for a second year. But if you decide to leave after only one year, the original cash incentive is all yours.

The Tulsa Remote initiative in Oklahoma rewards remote workers with a $10,000 payout that comes with one stipulation: a one-year requirement. After that, you can choose to up and leave, hopefully having had some rewarding new experiences.

Northern Alabama’s Shoals Area pays up to $10,000 for you to move there and commit to residency for a year; should you decide to leave after six months, the incentive payout is reduced by half.