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Pets See Things For The First Time And Their Reactions Are Priceless

Photo: henry

First reactions are unforgettable and priceless, especially when they come from pets. Whether it’s the first time feeling the grass under their paws or taking a swim in a lake, we love being there for our furry friends’ firsts.

We’ve collected some of our favorite moments of animals exploring the environment around them. Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or somewhere in between, buckle up for your daily dose of cuteness!

Fun In The Sun (And Sand!)


Honestly, who doesn’t love a fun-filled day at the beach? This adorable little puppy very quickly discovered that there are few greater joys in life than rolling around in the sand on a hot summer day.

This pup’s owner was probably less than thrilled with the sand that this little one left in the back seat. That said, there’s no doubt that watching this guy see the ocean for the first time was well worth any minor mess.

A Mighty First Howl


It’s hard to believe that the dogs we love and care for so much once descended from ferocious wolves. But, in the right circumstances, you can bring out the wild side in even the smallest pups in the pack.

This little one, no more than a few weeks old, is taking a moment to call back to his ancient ancestors. Though his howl may not have left anyone shaking in their boots, it’s hard not to appreciate the effort.

“Please Let Me In!”


Some cats love being out on the prowl, exploring the whole wide world in front of them, and staring longly by the window for a taste of the outside when they’re finally forced indoors. Others, not so much.

One owner decided to let his feline friend out the front door, just to see what exactly would happen. About five minutes later, he was shocked to find his cat clawing at the door, desperate to get back to his creature comforts.

Running Through The Grass


There’s nothing quite like running through a beautiful green field in the warmth of the sun. While it seems like a simple enough pleasure that’s almost universal, not every dog has gotten to enjoy that.

This dog looks like she’s in absolute heaven hopping along throughout this field. On first glance, you might even think from the furry coat and the upright ears that this little puppy was actually a bunny rabbit!

Meeting A Kangaroo


What exactly is that thing off in the distance? Even the most observant watchdog can sometimes be thrown off guard by an unexpected sight, such as this shocked kangaroo hopping along its merry way.

Clearly, this husky has never seen anything quite like this strange marsupial – you can practically hear him ask, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?!” By the look on the kangaroo’s face, it’s just as surprised to see the dog.

Baby’s First Flight


While every mother dreads the day that their little ones leave the nest, it’s an inevitability of nature. As sad as growing up can sometimes be, there are some beautiful moments that come with growing up.

This backyard photographer was lucky enough to capture these little duckings off on their first flight. They may look a little bit awkward, but in fairness, they seem shocked that they were able to lift off the ground at all!

First Time Going Around The Block


This cat’s incredulous look is worth a thousand words. On top of being forced out of the comfort of home by a leash, this owner had the gall to force their pet to get its paws cold in some snowy weather.

Though the cat may not have had the time of its life out in the cold, there’s no doubting that this little adventure gave the people involved a good laugh. We’re sure that the cat won’t soon forget this odd experience, either!

Hiding From The Vacuum Cleaner


When you’re just a little dog in a big world, just about everything can be terrifying. In this case, the labrador puppy pictured here is trying its best to hide from the sight and sound of a vacuum cleaner.

Luckily, this poor little baby was able to find sufficient shelter behind a pillow two or three times its size. We wonder if the puppy was able to pry itself from such a cozy spot once the danger finally passed!

First Walk Along The Shore


You can’t make everyone happy all the time. Though you’d be hard-pressed to find a person that doesn’t enjoy a nice long walk on the beach, this dog seems that she could do without the fuss of oceanside living.

There’s plenty of dogs out there happy to romp around on a hot summer day by the sea, but clearly this stubborn girl is not one of them. In fact, her owners seem to have had to drag her just to get her into the sand!

Seeing Kittens For The First Time


Evidently, even something as harmless as a kitten can be a frightening thing on the first encounter. Despite being four times the size of these feline visitors, this dog wasn’t quite sure how to react in this situation.

Thankfully for the dog, this gang of kittens appeared to be curious rather than bloodthirsty. Let’s hope that these four-legged friends eventually learned to get along once the canine made its way off the couch.

First Experience Out In The Rain


It’s no closely guarded secret that cats generally don’t love being wet. Nevertheless, this cat was (briefly) willing to give the stormy weather a shot if it meant a little bit of extra outdoor time.

Evidently, this cat was not built to brave the harsh elements. As much as he’d probably love to take on the world, a little bit of rainy weather ultimately left this critter headed home with his tail between his legs.

First Day On The Job


Everyone gets a little bit nervous on their first day of work – especially when your job happens to be in a police station. Evidently, this puppy was no exception and had a bad case of the first-day jitters.

Luckily, the folks at the precinct were willing to show this pup the ropes and help him get to know his brand new co-workers. With a face like that, how could you not immediately fall in love and want to lend a helping hand?

Noticing Her Reflection For The First Time


What are you looking at? This puppy just noticed her reflection in the mirror for the very first time, and without a doubt was absolutely flabbergasted to find another dog suddenly appear in the room!

Naturally, this puppy’s owner had to drop anything and take a picture of this monumental moment. Whether this little pup ever found a way to get to dog on the other side of the mirror is, unfortunately, unknown.

First Time In The Snow


More often than not, cats are more content curled up on a radiator than out in inclement weather. Nevertheless, this particularly fluffy cat decided to explore and experience some fresh snowfall, just for kicks.

Clearly, it takes a few moments for the cold of the snow to process in this cat’s brain – but there’s no mistaking that the initial curiosity ultimately dissolves into terror. Maybe next storm, this cat will decide to stay in!

Cat’s First Adventure On The Leash


Ready to go out and about? While being led on a leash certainly doesn’t come naturally to a cat, this one especially seems to be dumbstruck at the idea of heading out of the house with relatively little restraint.

It’s unclear whether this cat was eager to get out and explore or begging to get back in the house. Whatever happened to be the case, the face that this cat’s making at the thought of being out is hysterical.

Seeing Snow For The First Time


This corgi pup can barely contain its excitement for its very first snow day! Those short stubby legs make even the slightest snowfall seem like a big thing to navigate, but this eager beaver certainly isn’t bothered by the weather.

Hopefully, this puppy had plenty of fun frolicking through the inclement weather all throughout the winter. Even so, nothing really compares to seeing the surprise of snow on the ground for the very first time.

Kitty’s First Winter Wonderland


Have you ever dropped everything to admire the beauty of a fresh blanket of snow on a cold winter’s day? It seems that this cat is absolutely mesmerized by the delicate snowflakes dropping gently to the ground.

To be honest, it’s hard to tell whether or not this cat is enjoying the cold weather at all. Either way, though, curiosity seems to be taking hold of this cat as it experiences the snow for the very first time.

Enjoying A Ride On The Swing-Set


This little dog is the perfect size to fit in the baby swings at his local playground. With a little bit of help from his owners, he seems to be having the time of his life swinging through the breeze.

While it’s a bit unusual to see a dog enjoying the swingset, we’re glad that this boy seems to be having a good time. There’s no denying that this is one of the cutest “first” moments on today’s list!

First Trip To The Beach


It’s hard to imagine a purer embodiment of joy than this dog playing on the banks of some lake. Bounding towards the camera, you can almost hear him begging the person taking the picture to join in on the fun!

There are few things as heartwarming as watching our pets have a good time doing something simple. After a long afternoon of running along the water, we’d be willing to bet this dog had one of the best days of his life.

Tasting A Lime For The First Time


Few things excite a dog more than getting a try a scrap or morsel of human food. Without even thinking about what’s being offered, most will go in for a bite or two without considering what’s being offered.

Unfortunately, blind faith got the better of this dog when his owner offered him a lime to chow down on. Clearly, he’s not a big fan of the citrus fruit based on the face he’s making in the second shot!

First Family Reunion


Reuniting with the ones you love always warms the heart, regardless of what species you happen to be. Here, it’s clear to see just how ecstatic these two littermates are to finally meet up again long after being weened.

Clearly, the sister on the right recognizes her sibling and holds out her paws as if to give her a big old hug. While the sibling on the left is a bit more reserved, she actually almost seems to be smiling.

Hamster’s First Blanket


According to this hamster’s owner, this cute little critter spent two whole years in the pet shop without anybody really taking notice. It’s hard to believe no one wanted to take her home, considering how cute this creature is!

While there are worse places to be, pet shops just don’t offer the abundant TLC that comes from a forever home. This hamster was absolutely floored when she first had the opportunity to snuggle up with a blanket for the first time.

Seeing The Neighborhood For The First Time


When you’ve spent your entire life indoors, the outside world can be a rather intimidating place. This cat’s face really says it all as she hesitantly peers around her patient owner’s leg while out on the leash.

While most cats can hold their own hunting and prowling outside, some felines truly are home-bodies. We have our doubts about how much this little kitty actually enjoyed its big adventure out in the yard.

Puppy’s First Snuggle


How could you possibly say no to a snuggle with a brand new puppy? While it might be best to keep your pup in a crate overnight until it’s at least house-trained, we can’t blame this guy for bringing his new best friend to bed.

The puppy itself just seems happy to have found its forever home and a brand new person to experience life with. Judging by this picture, this snooze was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

First Time Trying Solid Food


With any baby, it’s exciting to see a little one have a go at solid foods. After all, have you ever cooed at a baby trying to eat (or just make a mess of) birthday cake or spaghetti for the first time?

As cute as kittens usually are, this particular post-meal moment is frankly a bit frightening. Fittingly, the owner of this particular feline chose the name “Gremlin” for this tiny terror – probably after watching it eat!

Exploring The Inside Of The Fridge


Every cat has its own set of quirks that owners can’t quite explain in a logical way. For a while, this cat’s inexplicable habit was attempting to hop inside of the refrigerator every time its owner went to grab a snack.

That is, until the day that the cat actually made its way inside of the fridge. In shock that it actually made it in and confused about what to do next, this cat clearly didn’t know what to do once it actually reached its goal!

Rat Tastes Watermelon For The First Time


While the dog likely didn’t realize that he’d be taking a little ride, we hope that the shock didn’t scare him off from the slide forever. Let’s hope that this is a look of exhilaration and excitement rather than terror!

By the looks of it, this rat is still trying to decide whether or not it likes the taste of this new fruit. But, with paws at the ready and a tongue proudly on display, we wouldn’t be shocked if it went back for seconds.

Dog Discovers Corn On The Cob


Ah, who doesn’t love a nice fresh batch of corn on the cob? Evidently, this dog enjoys some good produce as much as the rest of us – she may have claimed this ear of corn as her own by the look of things!

We’ve never seen a dog take much interest in eating fresh corn before, but it’s certainly outside of the realm of possibility. Whether it’s for eating or playing, we think we’ll let the dog keep the cob she’s had her tongue all over it.

First Trip Out Of The House


Rehabilitating wild animals is often a long, arduous process. However, all of the efforts that go into the endeavor are rewarded tenfold by the animals grateful to have the help and support of a human friend.

It’s hard to imagine, but these squirrels are actually much more comfortable hanging out on their caretaker’s head than they are in the trees they’d live in naturally. But, with a little time, we hope that life in the wild will grow on them!

Introducing A New Member Of The Family


It seems as if nobody took the time to tell this particular cat they’d be getting a new baby brother or sister. Probably used to being an only child, it doesn’t look like its thrilled at the prospect of a new family member.

While it’s probably not looking forward to competing for mom and dad’s attention, we’re sure that this grumpy feline will eventually grow to love its sibling. At least they didn’t bring home a dog!

First Encounter With A Spider


Anyone that’s ever owned a cat knows that they love nothing more than to squeeze into every unassuming crease, corner, and crevice of a house. Unfortunately, this kitten met an unexpected surprise while journeying.

Probably while trouncing around a crawlspace or attic, this cat managed to get all tangled up in a spider web! While she was able to escape, her owners probably weren’t thrilled by this mildly disgusting sight.

Hopping Through The Leaves


There’s a simple pleasure to the crisp crunch of autumn leaves on the ground. Clearly, this dog has no trouble helping his owner rake up what’s been left in the yard and tackles the job with gusto.

Experiencing a pile of leaves for the first time, this pup seems happy just to be able to freely jump around in the yard. With golden leaves raining down with each hop, we appreciate that he’s making the most out of this chore!

Baby Bear Learns To Climb


Alright – we know that wild black bears hardly qualify as a “pet”. Nevertheless, this baby bear trying to climb a tree for the first time is cute enough that we’ll include it in our list of favorite firsts anyway.

Dwarfed by the thick trunk of this tree, it’s both surprising and adorable to see this bear try to scale such a big obstacle. No doubt having mom nearby provided the necessary confidence boost to give it a try.

First Time Trying Out Public Transit


For people living in the big city, taking the bus or subway is just a way of life. However, for first-timers unfamiliar with schedules and fares, riding public transit can really be an intimidating affair.

This dog reminds hardened city dwellers just how scary something seemingly commonplace can be to an outsider. Clinging to mom, this dog cannot seem to wait for this wild ride to be over once and for all!

First Ever Bubble Bath


For puppies, bathtime isn’t exactly the most fun experience to undergo. However, for the human companions doing the hard work of cleaning up, few things are cuter than a puppy getting a warm bath for the first time.

This little fella seems anxious to get out of the bathroom and back to whatever mess landed him in the tub in the first place. But even with his pained expression, it’s hard to not have your heart melt a bit looking at this snapshot.

Cat Tries A Watermelon For The First Time


Most cats would probably struggle to figure out what to do with a slice of watermelon – taking on an entire melon on its own is an even greater challenge. However, this unphased cat was more than willing to chow down.

That said, this little kitty may have taken on a little more than it could chew in this case. As determined as it seems, we doubt it got much of a tasty snack without some owner intervention in the mix.

Pup Testing Out A New Set of Wheels


This first is actually a little bit more than just your everyday adorable moment. With his back two legs paralyzed, owners had doubts that this French Bulldog would ever be able to walk properly again.

Luckily, some kind person was generous enough to set this pup up with a new set of wheels to help him get around. Trying them out for the first time, you’d never know that anything was holding back this tenacious little dog!

Kitty’s First Christmas Tree


There’s something special about the holiday season, even for our furry companions. This cat seems eager to help (or hinder) the decorating process happening around the house in preparation for Christmas Day.

Dangling off this little evergreen tree, we can’t blame the cat for wanting to pounce on this particular Christmas decoration. And, considering how cute it is to see a kitty get in the holiday spirit, the owners were likely thrilled to snag this shot.

A Surprise Slide!


As this hapless dog is finding out at the bottom of this slide, life is full of surprises! Judging by the surprised look on his face, we doubt that he was ready for what this playground had in store for him.

While the dog likely didn’t realize that he’d be taking a little ride, we hope that the shock didn’t scare him off from the slide forever. Let’s hope that this is a look of exhilaration and excitement rather than terror!

Dogs Meet New Kittens


It’s natural to feel a little nervous when a big dog gets face to face with a tiny kitten. However, it’s clear to see that this group is sincerely puzzled by the tiny creatures on the other side of this window.

Luckily, the newborn kittens don’t seem to be too phased by this gang of dogs staring them down, trying to figure out what they are. We just wonder if mom would allow these visitors to get so close if she were around!

Taking A Look Beyond The Balcony


Have you ever woken up and seen the world a bit differently from the way it was the day before? That seems to be the case with this kitten, who’s just discovered that there’s a world beyond the confines of its balcony.

Peering out from a cluster of potted plants, it’s clear to see that this kitten isn’t ready to take on the world just yet. Nevertheless, it seems interested in all of the goings-on happening just outside its reach!

Raccoon’s First Steps Into the Wild


We all have a soft spot for the folks that take the time to rehabilitate wild animals in need. However, there are some serious obstacles to overcome when you dedicate your life to helping out critters.

Not knowing anything of life without a human companion, this raccoon is wary of going out into the wild for the first time. While we hope this specimen made it back into the forest, it’s touching to see the bond between human and animal here.

Meeting His New Friend For The First Time


After nine months of waiting, this big dog was shocked to see its family bring back a new best friend! This sweet, emotional introduction is absolutely adorable, and the proud parents will likely treasure this moment for years to come.

While this dog dwarfs his new baby sister, we’re sure that he fell in love at first sight with this little bundle of joy. A loyal protector and a faithful playmate, there’s no doubt that these two became fast friends!

Christmas For The First Time


Filled with colorful decorations, happy music, great food, and plenty of family and friends, Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year. There’s something magical that happens during this time of year – even if you’re a cat.

Many of us love to admire a beautifully adorned, brightly lit Christmas tree, and this kitten is no exception. Transfixed by the sight, it seems that this feline has never seen something quite so beautiful in his life!

Being Outdoors For The First Time


Some cats, upon going outside for the very first time, feel overwhelm and clamor to get back to the comfort of indoors. Others, like the one pictured here, are quick to embrace the pleasures of life outside.

Of course, it takes a minute to process the initial shock of fresh air and wide-open space. But after a few moments of taking everything in, this brave little cat leans into the breeze and looks right at home.

First Time Playing In The Snow


It’s hard to deny the fun that comes with a snow day, especially when it’s spent with your best friend. Evidently, this dog missed the weather forecast and is thrilled to see that everything’s been covered in white.

Eager to take full advantage of the day, he bounds towards the fresh snowfall with such vigor that he momentarily loses control of his face. Though his look is a little wild, there’s no doubt that this fella is having a good time!

First Time Meeting A Cat


Unfortunately, this dog learned the hard way that it should give the cat a little bit of space sometimes. One sharp swat from an impatient feline left this poor canine with a serious boo boo on the end of his nose.

At the very least, this poor puppy likely learned a valuable lesson in respecting other’s boundaries. Furthermore, that bandage will ensure a smooth, swift recovery in no time for this playful little scamp.

First Time Seeing The Sun


This adorable kitten is finally old enough to open its eyes and enjoy the sun! Though the light may be a bit jarring for this little one, it’s clear to see that this baby is really enjoying its first excursion outdoors!

It’s hard to express just how cute this monumental moment is to witness, even secondhand through photographs. Proudly prancing through new grass and buttercups, this kitten couldn’t be more proud of its first steps out.

First Time Seeing The Ocean For This Horse


One family decided to take their horse on a very special field trip just to see their equine companion’s expression. After a long ride out, this horse was led out to witness the ocean for the very first time.

The sight of such a huge body of water clearly left this horse feeling baffled. Unable to contain its confusion and excitement, the flood of emotions that came with the excursion all came out on its face.

First Time Eating “Proper Food”


Due to a digestive issue, this lamb had to subsist on mashed-up food for the first few weeks of its life. While not ideal, the special diet allowed the little one to grow stronger and get over the initial issue.

Eventually, the farmers raising the lamb decided that it was ready to give solid food a try for the first time. Judging by the look on this little one’s face, it’s grateful for the chance to test out some “proper” food.

Polar Bear’s First Time In Snow


It’s hard to imagine a polar bear that’s never experienced the snow before, but this summer cub had to wait a bit before playing in the white stuff for the first time. Without hesitation, it didn’t take long to feel at home.

Eating and burrowing in the snow, it’s clear that this bear was meant for life in the cold. Unbothered by the freezing temperatures, it couldn’t be much happier than it is at this precise moment!

First Time Swimming!


For some, swimming comes naturally, but others need to work hard in order to feel comfortable in the water. Luckily, this little corgi had a handy life jacket to assist in its first-ever trip to the lake.

By the longing look on its face, it seems that this pup’s first excursion in the water was an all-around success! Having dad nearby certainly added to the fun this little one likely had splashing around.

 Sleeping Indoors For The First Time


Something taken we take for granted can be an incredibly special moment for a creature that hasn’t had an easy life. While it may not seem like much, this particular moment will likely be one that neither dog nor human will ever forget.

After years of roughing in on the street, this senior dog was finally offered a place to stay – forever – in a kind passerby’s home. Settling down for his first-night indoors, it’s clear that this dog is filled with gratitude.

First Ever Steps


Again, we can’t exactly endorse keeping a chimpanzee at home as a household pet. Nevertheless, this outstanding and exciting moment was way too cute not to include in our list of first-time animal reactions.

Seeing a chimp take its first step is almost as awe-inspiring as seeing a human baby toddle around for the first time. Clearly, the little monkey is just as excited as anyone to be up on its own two feet moving about!

Enjoying His First Ride


With his head out of the window, it seems that this puppy is enjoying a moment of pure bliss on this particular car ride. With the cool wind blowing through his hair, nothing could be quite as relaxing.

This dog is having such a good time that he can’t help but let his tongue hang out a little bit! Let’s just hope that this was the first of many rides that this adorable little guy got to enjoy with his owner.

First Time Seeing A Human Baby


This cat is absolutely flabbergasted at the arrival of this brand-new human. Meeting the new family member for the first time, it seems that the feline can’t conjure much of a reaction beyond pure, unadulterated shock.

Whether mom and dad forgot to mention that they’d be bringing back a baby, we’ll never know. That said, it’s hard to anticipate all that comes with bringing an infant into the home until it actually arrives!

First Visit To The Vet


A routine trip to the vet can be a big deal for pets and their owners. Being examined by a strange doctor for the first time, it’s clear that this kitten is a bit frightened by the whole experience taking place.

Luckily, this little one had its best human friend close by to provide emotional support throughout its first checkup. Hopefully, with time, these trips to the local vet will become a bit less stressful.

 Two Cats Discover That Ceiling Fans Move


Even in the most familiar settings, there’s almost always something new to be discovered. For these two frisky felines, today’s jaw-dropping discovery happened to be the ceiling fan twirling in action.

That’s right – after spending their entire lives inside, these two never knew that the fan fixed to the ceiling could actually move. Hypnotized, they had some serious trouble looking away after making the stunning observation.

Watching The Vacuum Cleaner In Action For The First Time


When investigating an unknown threat, it never hurts to have a little bit of backup. Upon discovering the vacuum cleaner in action for the first time, this squad stuck together to get a closer look at the situation.

Though the vacuum doesn’t actually pose any real threat, these three were wary of the interloper nonetheless. Stack one on top of the other, they were ready to pounce if the cleaner got just a little too close for their liking!