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If You’re A Resident Of These States, You Might Get Another Stimulus Check

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 provided a third round of stimulus checks to the American public. As the overall economy begins to improve, it now seems unlikely that the federal government will release a fourth stimulus check.

But some areas of the United States are still having major difficulties with ongoing pandemic effects. Attempting to aid their residents, some states are stepping up to the plate and offering state-funded stimulus checks.

States Offering Stimulus Checks


New Mexico

The state earmarked $5 million to aid residents that were ineligible for federally-funded stimulus payments. The program funded checks up to $750 for over 4,000 households. Since this didn’t deplete the program’s funding, the state anticipates a second disbursement in the coming months.



The Lone Star state didn’t create a special program for statewide relief payments. However, some school districts are supporting their employees who need relief aid. The aid is offered as a retention bonus in the form of checks or pay raises, or some offer both.



Florida has had a bid of a resurgence of the pandemic, and the state recognizes that teachers are having an extra difficult time in this pandemic. As a result, the state is aiding educators by disbursing $1,000 checks. In addition, the sacrifices of first responders are not going unnoticed. They too can receive up to $1,000 in aid.



State officials recognize Tennessee teachers require assistance, particularly as hazard pay from the pandemic. Officials initially sought a 2% raise, but they settled on a single disbursement for full-time educators of $1,000 ($500 for part-time). The distribution is anticipated by year’s end.



California’s budget surplus is funding stimulus relief for state residents. Those who filed 2020 tax returns and earned less than $30,000 already received one state-funded stimulus check.

Another round will be distributed by mail or direct deposit for residents earning less than $75,000. Eligibility and amount dispersed are contingent on the resident’s immigration status and whether there are dependent children in the household. The payment will range from $500 to $1,100 per eligible resident.

States That Already Paid Out



Full-time educators, administrative education employees, and state employees in the Peach State received state-funded stimulus payments of $1,000. Educators who work part-time received half as much.



A state-funded grant of $73 million disbursed hazard pay to educators and support staff at state schools. Full-time teachers received $500 checks, while staff members and part-time teachers received $250.



Residents of Colorado who received one or more unemployment checks were sent an additional state-funded payout of $375. Over 400k residents received the stimulus that was directed to households that qualified as low-income. Residents that received more than $500 in weekly unemployment benefits were ineligible.


New York

Undocumented immigrants in New York, ineligible for federal stimulus checks, may have qualified for a $2.1 billion state-funded program established solely for their aid. Eligible undocumented workers had to show the pandemic affected their earnings. They also had to make less than $26,000 in 2020. Nearly 300,000 qualified for the program.



Maryland also paid stimulus checks to qualified residents of households making low to moderate wages. The disbursement paid $500 to families and $300 to individuals eligible for the 2020 earned income tax credit.

Maryland residents also received enormous tax breaks when state administrators waived all local and state taxes on unemployment benefits.