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If You Have A Dog, Here’s Why You Should Get A Dog Car Seat

Car seats have long been known for providing safety and security for children traveling in vehicles. And while you may think it’s a bit excessive how some people may treat their dogs like babies, it does make sense for a dog to also be more secure while riding in a car.

If you’re planning to take your beloved family pet for a car ride, consider purchasing a dog car seat. Pets that are unrestrained in a vehicle can pose a danger to everyone else in the car as they leap and move around, and they could get seriously injured in the event of an accident.

You most likely have had to slam on your car brakes at one time or another and watched as your purse, phone, or other items in the car are catapulted into the car’s interior like airborne projectiles. Because dogs have no ability to secure themselves to the car seat should an accident occur, they, too, can become airborne.

A dog car seat isn’t about obsessing over or pampering your pet; it’s a safety measure. A car seat means you’re taking your pet’s wellbeing and safety seriously while they’re in a moving vehicle with you. Your four-legged family member deserves no less.


Types Of Dog Car Seats

A dog seat isn’t just a seat that sits on the bench in the back of your car; they’re typically installed and anchored in a vehicle’s back seat but can also be secured in the front seat. Pet car seats come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, including tether-style seats and booster seats. Whichever type of seat you choose, it should be designed to restrain the animal while you’re driving or in the event of a crash.

Dog car seats that match your pet’s size and weight offer the most protection. Some pet safety seats resemble booster seats more than an actual restraint system, which might leave your canine companion vulnerable to injury. Brands such as Kurgo make convertible hammock systems that allow various installation methods depending on the size of the dog. Some dog car seats can also function as seat covers, and most are easily removable and washable.


Safety Harnesses

A dog safety harness can be a great alternative to a dog car seat, but only if it’s designed to spread the force of an impact out as much as possible. For example, large dogs wearing small safety harnesses might not be sufficiently protected from harm should an impact occur, given that the force of the crash is concentrated in a small area on their bodies. The most effective harnesses distribute force across a dog’s body in a crash; a too-small harness can deliver too much force in one area. Harnesses that offer the most protection feature adjustable straps and can be securely attached to the car seat belt. In general, car harnesses allow for some movement, but they aren’t so loose that the dog can run around in the vehicle.


Pet Carriers

According to the Center for Pet Safety, the best way to protect your dog when on a road trip is to install a crate or other box-like container system. Choose a pet carrier that fits securely in your vehicle, allows for adequate ventilation ,and provides enough room for your pet to sit and lie down comfortably. Some carriers include removable, machine washable inserts and that provide additional comfort for your pet and ease of use for you.


Not all pet seats, harnesses, and carriers are alike. Be sure to choose a style well suited to your dog and the interior space of your vehicle. Some retailers that offer a variety of dog seats, harnesses, and carrier options for dogs include Amazon, Luxury Lookout II, Snoozer, K&H Pet Products, Chewy, and PetSafe Happy Ride.