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How To Find A Better Job Than Your Current One

A lot of things go into a job search — and that includes searching inside yourself for the determination, perseverance, and optimism it takes to conduct a successful (and perhaps prolonged) “employment exploration.”

New Methods Of Job-Searching

Yes, the days of pounding the pavement are (long) gone, and the dreaded cold calls via telephone are an anachronism. But searching for a new job still requires reaching out, expanding your contacts list, and learning all you can about potential job opportunities. Today, looking for work often begins and ends on the internet, where you can send cover letters and resumes with just a quick click. That’s where online job boards like ZipRecruiter can make the search less frustrating and more fruitful.

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What Is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter uses AI-driven technology to match people with job postings, expertly curated, that fit their unique skill set and interests. ZipRecruiter does all of the legwork – and it’s FREE. Which means you can reap the rewards of a job search that won’t eat up a significant portion of your time with dead end prospects, discouragement, and predictable but never realized “We’ll get back to you” promises.

According to one successful job candidate, Kristina R., “Like a personal recruiter, ZipRecruiter did the legwork for me.” The ZipRecruiter process includes the following:

  • You create a simple user profile
  • ZipRecruiter’s AI-technology scans your resume
  • Taking into account your education, experience, and skills, ZipRecruiter matches you with the best jobs from its more than 9 million active postings
  • You decide which jobs you’d like to apply for, and with one click, your application is done

Additional ZipRecruiter Job Search Features

After you’ve created a profile and started applying for jobs, you can check to see if your applications have been viewed by employers; you’ll also receive instant notifications when an employer sends you a message. In addition, you can opt to receive daily email updates that include all of the new job listings in your field, which means you’ll be among the first to know when new opportunities relevant to your job search pop up.

Thinking about changing careers or exploring new employment avenues? The ZipRecruiter website provides information on more than 35,000 job titles, the required qualifications for those jobs, and a synopsis of what makes a successful candidate for each particular job. The ZipRecruiter website also includes a wealth of information on Trending Job Titles, Trending Job Types, Trending Categories, Trending Cities, and Trending Companies.

All of which is geared to helping make sure that, regardless of what type of work you’re looking for, finding a job isn’t a full-time job.