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Here’s How To Have An Awesome Home Gym On A Tight Budget

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of businesses – including gyms – to padlock their doors, too many of us were padding over to the refrigerator more times than we could count. And what started out as the Quarantine -5 became not just a temporary weight-gain but a way of life.

Now may be the time to set up a home gym or workout station where you can trim your waist without expanding your budget. Capital One Shopping, a free browser extension, searches for lower prices when you shop online at major retailers like Target or Amazon, and even automatically applies coupons and special offers.

Whether you’re looking to snag an extra comfy yoga mat, a set of dumbbells, or a top-of-the-line cardio machine, you could save big on home gym essentials. Read on to see how much we saved using Capital One Shopping when looking for exercise equipment on Amazon. Prices effective as of May 2021.


Capital One Does The Legwork:  Indoor Exercise Bike

Amazon listed the NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle for $2,119.98 (including a 12-month iFit membership), but before we placed the item in our cart, Capital One Shopping directed us to eBay. The same bike, complete with touch-screen display to stream workouts, was available for $159 less. Now that’s a sweet ride.


Snagging Great Savings Can Be A Balancing Act:  Body Sport Exercise Ball

Looking to improve your balance and tone your core? Include an exercise ball in your home gym – maybe even your home office – and you could be on your way to feeling and looking better. On Amazon, an exercise ball with pump cost $24.15, but Capital One Shopping found the same item for $6 less at Walmart. Additionally, because Walmart has partnered with Capital One Shopping, we were eligible for an extra 3% of our money back in the form of Capital One Shopping Rewards, redeemable at several big retailers.


Flexibility Is Key When It Comes To Shopping:  Bowflex Home Gym Series

A bar and pulley system and a sliding seat for leg presses are just a few of the features that come with this Bowflex system we found on Amazon. But the list price could leave you feeling more deflated than pumped up:  Amazon was selling it for a whopping $1,236.92, but Capital One Shopping found it at Walmart for just $847.99 – and provided an additional 3% back in Rewards.


Look Down On High Prices:  Chin-Up Bar

Amazon sells a steel chin-up bar that holds up to 450 pounds for $105.99. Capital One directed us to eBay where the same bar could be had for $20 less. 


Smart Thinking:  Dumbbells And Barbells

Let’s face it:  Pressing keys on the TV remote or the computer keyboard hasn’t done much for the muscle tone in your arms – it’s time to bench press some weights.

Amazon had a weight set that allows you to attach dumbbells to a bar, transforming the set into a barbell, that sold for $139.99, but Capital One Shopping tacked on a coupon that saved us $20.00.


Stretch Your Dollars:  Yoga Mat

We found a yoga mat that provides substantial cushion and great traction, and that comes with a handy carrier sling, for just $24.35 on Amazon. But Capital One Shopping showed us that we could save $3.52 by buying the same mat on eBay instead.


Who Can Resist Savings:  Exercise Resistance Bands

A 17-piece set of resistance bands, complete with a carry bag and a towel, sold for $33.99 on Amazon. When Capital One Shopping automatically applied a 20% coupon, the purchase price dropped to $27.19.

Our savings using Capital One Shopping totaled $630 on workout equipment, and we saved no small amount of time by not having to compare prices at different retailers ourselves. Which means you can outfit your home gym efficiently and economically, all while keeping your budget in tip-top shape.