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Famous 16th Century Astrologer Predicted This To Take Place In 2024


Nostradamus, a 16th Century French astrologer, is credited with having accurately predicted various world events long before they ever occurred. He astonishingly foresaw pivotal events in world history that nobody could have ever seen coming, and even to this day, his visions are still coming true in real-time.

Predicting everything from unfathomable natural disasters to war, and even to monumental economic events, Nostradamus had plenty to say specifically about the year 2023. With much of the year already in the history books, his degree of prediction accuracy has again proven to be eerily high. Considering Nostradamus’ track record, you’ll want to brace yourself before reading about the world-jarring events he said are still left to come in 2023…

Stock Market Faltering


2022 has seen America go through one of the toughest points in its history, and the general angst surrounding the state of the country has been palpable. The stock market has dropped significantly, with the Dow Jones going down over 10% between November 2021 and May 2022.

While the economic downturn has happened seems sudden, the writing has been on the wall for a number of months that this was coming. The price of oil reaching peak levels and the devaluing of the dollar has led to the worst inflation in decades. But the market crashing may just be the start.

Economic Collapse


Nostradamus pointed to increasing financial uncertainty, citing that people across the globe would suffer the ramifications. As it turns out, that’s exactly what has happened the last few years. With businesses around the world forced to close their doors in March of 2020, the domino effect of less labor and a shortage of materials has led to real economic issues, and further hurt the retail industry as a whole. 

The initial fall of the American stock index caused global shock waves, with the market being as volatile and unpredictable as ever in 2022. Many experts have likened what’s to come as being as severe as the economic collapse of 2008. 

Popularity of Cryptocurrency

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With 2022 global economies still feeling the harsh impacts of the shutdowns from the previous two years, the financial world has been far from stable. That may be part of the reason why since 2020, many have taken up a heavy interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Nostradamus may have alluded to the new financial situation that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have unleashed. He writes, “The copies of gold and silver inflated, which after the theft were thrown into the lake, at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt…all scripts and bonds will be wiped out.”

Crypto Crash


While the cryptocurrency market was surging for a while, it sank drastically in the Spring of 2022. The price of 1 Bitcoin was around $60,000 in November of 2021, and found itself at $30,000 in May of 2022. But there was a specific reason why it happened.


Investors found out that the Luna Foundation Guard, which was set up by the crypto firm Terra, had spent nearly all of the $3 billion in bitcoin in an effort to try to save the company. The Luna Foundation Guard was left with 313 Bitcoins of its original 80,000 in reserve, plunging the cryptocurrency market and leaving a big question mark on its future.

Gas Prices Surging


One of the biggest concerns Americans have faced in 2022 is the surge in gas prices across the country. As millions have returned to commuting into their offices, many full-time, the unsustainable cost of fuel has caused real worry. Americans have seen the cost of fuel rise in the past, but it has never been as bad as it’s been in 2022.

As of May, the national average cost of a gallon of gas was $4.52, which set a new record, topping the record set from earlier in the month. The high cost comes as the European Union looks to enact oil sanctions on Russia with its invasion of Ukraine. The record-price to fill up also comes amid-record-high inflation.

Supply Chain Issues


On April of 2022, almost a third of normal grocery products that customers usually shop for was found to be out of stock. That number was up by over 10 percent from November of 2021. In some states, such as Washington, New Jersey, and Texas, over 40 percent of products couldn’t be found in stores.

In addition to not being able to find some basic household staples, Americans have also had to spend more on those products. Grocery items as a whole were up 9 percent in March of 2022, compared to 2021, making the situation to find affordable food in an already-struggling economy even more concerning.

Baby Formula Shortage


Aside for the rise in prices and availability of basic goods such as eggs, bread, or milk, in 2022 America has seen supply problems it hasn’t faced in nearly forty years. One effect of the supply-chain shortage that has come to the forefront is the scarcity of baby formula nationwide. In February 2022, the FDA recalled a certain type of Similac formula, severely limiting the production.


During the first week of May 2022, an astounding 43% of formula was not in stock at various retailers around the country. That number has climbed from 31% just a month before. This issue has particularly hurt those with lower incomes, who don’t have the extra cash to stock up on it, and can’t afford the price gouging from secondary sellers.

Serious Famine


Many see the baby formula shortage and the supply-chain problem as only the beginning of hard times to come. If things keep up the way they are, many anticipate that there will be major food shortages for the United States, as well as for the rest of the world.

As the cost of food has gone up significantly, many more people will not be able to afford basic food supplies. Right now world hunger is at about 10 percent, but that number looks like it will go up. Nostradamus foresaw the cost of essential staples like these rising as well. He wrote, “So high the price of wheat…that man is stirred…his fellow man to eat in his despair.”

War-Torn Europe


With all eyes in 2022 actively watching the situation unfold between Russia and Ukraine, the world may see itself involved in another all-out world war. With NATO failing to impede a Russian invasion of Ukraine, a disastrous war between the two nations has already been underway since February of 2022, with other nations unclear of what the impact will be. 

At the end of 2021, the Russian President allegedly warned the countries that are part of NATO, “Everyone will be turned to radioactive ash” over the Ukraine crisis. Nostradamus has predicted that this may come to pass, saying, “Twice put down, the East will also weaken the West.”

China At Odds With The West


Nostradamus has long predicted the eventual fall of Western powers. In what comes as no surprise to those who are familiar with his prophecies, China seems to be taking center stage when it comes to the conversation of who one of the economic superpowers is.


Many economists theorize that China’s economic strength and success will surpass that of the U.S. later this decade. With the 2022 Olympics having been held in Beijing and the concerns regarding China’s human rights treatment, many countries including Canada, Australia, the UK, and the United States decided to diplomatically boycotted the Games, though they still sent athletes. Many have speculated that Russia’s actions in Ukraine can lead to China potentially invading Taiwan.

Space Isn’t Just For Astronauts Anymore

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From the invention of the telescope to the launch of the first-manned space flight to orbit the Earth, mankind has always been obsessed with outer space and seeking what else may be in the universe. Nostradamus mentioned that we’d expand in our exploration of space to include regular “Joes,” as well. The predictions of the Frenchman weren’t just about our doom.

2021 saw civilians Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and William Shatner take flight, and while they’re not “regular,” they’re certainly not astronauts, giving credence to the Frenchman’s prediction. There was even a point in 2022 when comedian Pete Davidson was set to take a journey to space. But billionaire Elon Musk has said that he intends to make his first orbital flight in his Starship in 2022, with the eventual aim to bring people to the Moon and Mars.

Artificial Intelligence Makes Monumental Waves


In addition to the advances in space travel planned for 2022, Elon Musk has grand plans to escalate artificial intelligence development as well. The entrepreneur intends to launch a humanoid robot, known as the Tesla Bot or Optimus, making it a priority for 2022.

Nostradamus has alluded to the creation of AI for the coming year, writing, “The moon in the full night over the high mountain…the new sage with a lone brain sees it… by his disciples invited to be immortal.” Musk has said that his ultimate goal is to have humanoid robots replace some humans in the workforce.


The United Kingdom Falters


Nostradamus did also predict the fall of the United Kingdom, beginning with their secession from the European Union in 2016 when a referendum was passed. This historic decision of Brexit is significant in that it also affects the global superpower, as well as the rest of Europe. 

Though the timeline is not entirely accurate, there have been rumors that there is dissension in the ranks of Parliament. There are also other countries, such as Poland, who have been talking about following the United Kingdom’s model by leaving the EU as well.

A Huge Power Shift In North Korea


For decades, the family of Kim Jong-Un has ruled North Korea, using tactics of fear and intimidation to maintain control. Jong-Un took the throne in 2011 after Kim Jong-Il died, carrying on his father’s traditions with as much of a tightfisted grip as his predecessor.

Nostradamus potentially predicted that 2020 would be the year of Jong-Un’s dethronement. The dictator did have a mysterious illness in 2021 that led some to believe that he was dying. Whether Jong-Un’s leaving office would happen at an oppressed people’s hands or Russia playing a part, we have seen some changes taking place in that corner of the world that mirror his predictions.

Social Unrest In The United States


If the last few years are any indication, a real economic and social crisis is brewing in the United States and Canada. Social and political unrest have led to riots across cities, and great divisions have been drawn between people and classes in recent years. 

With gaps and divisiveness growing wider by the day, the media and online discourse seem to be enlarging and highlighting those gaps. Nostradamus saw this social unrest contributing to what would eventually escalate into a devastating war stating, “Rain, blood, milk, famine, weapon, and pestilence” would be the result.

Solar Storms Heats Things Up




Global climate change has certainly been a topic of discussion for some time now, but many have said that 2022 and the next few years will be the tipping point for it. Many scientists have attributed rising temperatures of the Earth and more volatile weather patterns to increasing solar wind activity. 

Nostradamus has written specifically about the planet’s elevated temperature, saying, “Like the sun, the head will sear the shining sea. The live fish of the Black Sea will almost boil.” Climate scientists have warned about the polar ice caps melting, and what that means for the rest of the life on Earth. 

Widespread Wildfires Devastate Forests


The last few years have seen increased wildfire activity on a global scale. In 2021, the United States experienced record-breaking years of drought, wildfires, and excessive heat that affected the entire country. California has already seen wildfires in 2022, which usually doesn’t happen until the summer. A fire chief in California said “We no longer have a fire season; we have a fire year.”

Colombia’s Amazon jungle has also seen record heat and fires in 2022, which have alarmed environmentalists. Nostradamus has mentioned several countries in Europe such as France, Greece, Croatia, and the Netherlands eventually being ransacked by flames. It’s likely that we should brace ourselves for another challenging year from Mother Nature.

Great Harmony and Peace….For A Time

Photo: Migaj

At one point in time, Nostradamus points to a period of peace and harmony that will reign supreme on planet Earth. Though it’s not readily apparent at this time when this time will happen, the world is hoping that something like this will come to pass eventually.

Of course, it’s also predicted that after this magnificent period of peace would come another period of chaos, death, and destruction. Some visionaries claim that this could be the prediction of the world’s end, so that nickname of “The Prophet of Doom” is an apt name.


Now that you’ve seen some of the events that Nostradamus has forecast for the year 2022 and beyond, take a closer look at some of the past events that he was able to accurately foretell, many of which were world-altering when they occurred…

Princess Diana’s Fate

Princess Diana
Photo:ên Phúc Nguyễn Quang

One of the most famous names in the Royal Family is Princess Diana. Despite being one day short of an accurate timeline, Nostradamus predicted nearly everything else about Princess Diana’s untimely passing with paparazzi chasing her and boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed through the Parisian tunnel system. 

From citing the “penultimate son of the man with the Prophet’s name” to making mention of Diana’s name, supporters of Nostradamus cite that this is one of his more accurate predictions to date.

The French Revolution


Nostradamus refers to “headless idiots” in his quatrain referencing the French Revolution in 1789. French peasants decided they’d had enough of poor aristocratic rule, and they forced the royal aristocracy from their thrones, locking them in prisons and eventually beheading them.

Nostradamus’s reputation as a master of divining information was further solidified after these events. After the storming of Bastille on July 14, 1789, stunned visitors to the fortress filed past a table containing a copy of “The Centuries,” opened to a page of his predictions penned nearly 200 years earlier.

The Great Fire Of London

great fire of london

The quatrain detailing the London fire is perhaps one of the most perplexing of all of Nostradamus’ writings, for it even seems to cite the year in which this event took place. “Twenty threes the six” is interpreted by many as the year 1666, when fire swept through the ancient lady, threatening all who lived there.

Though some scholars cite that the fire started via lightning strike, other tales suggest that the disaster took place because of a wayward flame in a bakery. With 89 churches, over 13,000 houses, and most of the city destroyed, one amazing fact surrounding this fire was that only six people perished.


Devastation On Hiroshima and Nagasaki


With pictures of “famine within a plague” and reference to two cities experiencing destruction “the likes of which was never seen before,” it seems that Nostradamus’ prediction of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II was accurate.

In August of 1945, the United States dropped two of the most destructive weapons imaginable on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing Nostradamus’ prediction to pass. Hundreds of thousands perished in the blasts, and disastrous effects could be felt for years after the attack.

John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

john f kennedy

U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s assassination was a tragic and pivotal moment in 20th Century history, so it’s no surprise that historians should turn to Les Propheties for a bit of insight into the event. We are told that “a dead innocent will be accused of the deed,” perhaps referring to presumed assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, who was shot while under arrest for the crime. 

Perhaps even more shocking about this predicted assassination was the connection to President Kennedy’s brother, Robert Kennedy. In keeping with what seems to be a Kennedy family curse, tragedy struck again when Robert was assassinated shortly after delivering a victory speech for the California primaries in 1968. 

King Henry II’s Demise

king henry ii
Photo: Kihl

King Henry II of France was a close, personal acquaintance of Nostradamus, so imagine his surprise when Nostradamus pulled information about his tragic death from the ethers. The King, being a passionate fan of jousting, met his maker after a splintering lance sent debris into his eye and skull.

Ironically, Nostradamus had once referred to the king as “The most invincible Henry King of France.” Future information must not have been accessible until much later, when the leader met his untimely death at the hands of one of his own soldiers.


Napoleon’s Career

Napoleon Bonaparte

A little word play took place in Nostradamus’s quatrain involving Napoleon Bonaparte. Three towns imprisoned by Bonaparte spell out his name as “Napaulon Roy” in French, referring to the pint-sized yet powerful general. 

Was Napoleon one of the three antichrists that Nostradamus predicted would rise? He plunged his little corner of the world into chaos, that’s for sure. Perhaps Nostradamus was picking up on strong personality and even stronger ego.

Louis Pasteur and His Work

Louis Pasteur

Despite all his work and discoveries surrounding microbial decay, what would have been a celebrated career for Louis Pasteur ended in dishonor after an article in the New York Times cited that he gave a misleading account of scientific work on the anthrax vaccine. Nostradamus was startingly accurate on this one.

The father of Biogenesis can be credited with years of research on bacteria and living organisms that contribute to health and disease. Nostradamus saw the disgrace of Pasteur at the height of his success, citing that “rumors of theft would dishonor the scientist.”

World War II Occurring 

Photo: on a Match

Quatrains surrounding the events of the second World War are some of the most interesting and accurate of Nostradamus. From detailed descriptions of air battles to the rise and inevitable fall of Adolf Hitler, we have a very detailed picture of these events.

With hindsight on WWII giving us a clearer picture of where we don’t want to go, many speculate that he has also written events that outline a possible World War III, with many unsavory predictions that don’t have to be realized, should we choose a different outcome.

King Philip’s Reign of Spain

king philip

The reign in Spain was prosperous when King Philip took the throne, until a young onion thwarted his efforts to set up a successful empire. Nostradamus actually cited the “young onion” in his quatrain detailing the rise and fall of the monarch.


The onion turned out to be Henri IV of France, who disagreed vehemently with the King’s allegiance to Catholicism. The two were embroiled in bitter battles on religion and economic affairs until Henri’s death.

Charles De Gaulle’s Leadership in France

charles de gaulle

In one of Nostradamus’s most accurate predictions yet, Charles De Gaulle is named as leader of France. His pivotal role in France’s Free French forces made him a formidable force to be reckoned with during World War II.

Nostradamus mentioned the name of this French President in his quatrains, citing that he would be a “three-time leader who would prove to be stronger than Hercules”. De Gaulle went on to fulfill this prophecy, serving France as Prime Minister and President of the Fifth Republic.

September 11, 2001 


September 11, 2001 is a date that is indelibly etched in the minds of millions. Many look at the quatrain referencing the World Trade Center towers being attacked and collapsing as downright creepy in nature. A combination of fire, accurate angles, and tragedy combine to create one of the most significant tragic events in recent U.S. history.

Scholars are particularly interested in the “forty-five” degrees reference by Nostradamus. Whether that is referring to NYC’s 45-ish latitude location or the 45-degree angle of the broken buildings soon after their collapse, either interpretation still gives pause as to if this tragedy was foreseen. 

Space Shuttle Challenger’s Tragic Fate

space shuttle challenger

January 28, 1986 is another date that many Americans remember for tragic reasons. On this day, the space shuttle orbiter Challenger exploded mid-flight while millions of Americans watched in person and across television screens, claiming the lives of six astronauts and one elementary school teacher.

Shortly after the explosion occurred, supporters of Nostradamus circulated claims that one of his quatrains involved a prediction detailing the disastrous event. While critics pointed out that the prediction spoke of nine individuals being on board, other details accurately foretold the astronauts’ fate.


The Death Of Mother Theresa

mother theresa
Photo: Afonya

Mother Theresa was an Albanian-born nun and missionary who lived and served the people of India for decades before her death in 1997. Her charitable work has been recognized worldwide, earning her several international awards.

Her death was one of Nostradamus’s more accurate predictions. He referred to her as a “petite royal following the way of a saint”. This small spiritual giant who had taken a vow of poverty started an organization that yielded a net worth of $100 million upon her death.

The Rise Of Adolf Hitler


From squalid beginnings, one of history’s most infamous dictators, Adolf Hitler, rose to enormous power. His path somehow went from failed artist who rose from obscurity to not only bring the world to war, but went on to mastermind the single greatest genocidal event in world history.

The quatrain that details this prophecy is amazingly accurate, from Hitler being “born of poor people” to “seducing a great troop by his tongue,” every aspect of this prediction is spine-chilling and cryptic, as this was a definitive turning point in world history.

The Rise of the Antichrist


The character known as the Antichrist has been the subject of many prophecies, past, present and future. Nostradamus refers to this feared creature as “Mabus,” stating that he will be coming to shake people’s beliefs and create utter chaos.

While that is not a period in human history that any of us are excited to experience, many wonder if we’ve already seen this character in the likes of notorious political figures that have caused massive loss of life such as Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden.