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DIY Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know About

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We’re constantly on the hunt for ways to brighten our skin and whiten our teeth, but that often involves spending money on the latest trends. Yet, what if we could simplify our beauty routines with some handy tricks?

Beauty hacks not only save time and products but also cut down on expenses. There’s nothing more exciting than discovering and trying out new beauty hacks for ourselves. From fixing a broken pressed powder to saving your dried mascara, take a look at these clever beauty tricks you wish you’d known about earlier.

Concealer and Baby Powder for Longer Lashes

Photo: TikTok/@AndreeaPletea

We all desire those dreamy, full lashes, but with the constant flood of new mascaras in the market, choosing the right one can be quite a challenge. And let’s face it, they rarely deliver the promised results. But fear not, there’s a nifty trick for that – coating your eyelashes in some concealer and baby powder before mascara.

First, put a layer of concealer on your lashes; next, gently apply a thin layer to your lashes before putting on mascara. According to some savvy bloggers, it’s like getting professional lash extensions without breaking the bank. Give it a try!

Bra Insert for Applying Makeup

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Beauty blenders have been a major trend for some time, but makeup enthusiasts are always looking for fresh ways to up their game. A while back, silicone blenders gained popularity, but someone realized that bra inserts work just as well.

If you happen to have a bra insert at home, this won’t cost you a dime. You can use it just like a blender to apply your makeup. The great thing is that silicone doesn’t soak up much product, so your foundation will last longer, and you won’t need to replace it as frequently.

Aspirin for Blemishes

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Aspirin is budget-friendly and boasts numerous alternative applications beyond pain relief. For instance, beauty enthusiasts often grind it into a paste, blend it with water, and use it as a face mask.

This unconventional beauty hack utilizes compounds akin to those in premium skincare products. It’s believed to aid in fighting acne, reducing wrinkles, and calming irritated skin. Given its affordability compared to high-end masks, it’s certainly worth experimenting with.

Vaseline for All-Day Scent


Have you ever splurged on a perfume or cologne you adore, only to be disappointed when its scent fades by midday? Even the priciest fragrances can lose their allure before your workday ends, but fret not, there’s a handy solution.


According to savvy experts, there’s no need to invest in a new fragrance; simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your wrists and neck before spritzing your scent. This trick will help prolong its lasting power, and the best part? A tub of Vaseline costs less than $2 at Target.

Deodorant for Blisters…Or Servants

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Deodorant isn’t just for keeping you fresh; it’s a handy tool to prevent chafing on your skin and keep your feet blister-free. Simply spray or roll-on some deodorant on the problem areas, and you’re good to go, enjoying a comfortable day.

Alternatively, you can follow Queen Elizabeth’s lead. The Queen apparently gives her new shoes to a servant to wear for a few days, softening them up, and when she gets them back, they’re ready for her to wear in comfort.

Toothpaste for Bright Nails

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Toothpaste isn’t just for brushing teeth; it’s a versatile beauty hack. People use it for various purposes, from treating blemishes to creating DIY lip gloss or brightening their fingernails. Say goodbye to expensive cuticle oils and say hello to this minty fresh beauty secret.

You can simply grab an old toothbrush and gently scrub your nails with toothpaste. Alternatively, if you have sensitive skin, you can use your fingers to apply it. Let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it off to reveal nails that look bright and healthy.

Coffee Grounds for Exfoliation


Americans are known for their love for coffee, and people all around the world enjoy a good cup of Joe. This widespread love for coffee means that used coffee grounds are readily available. So, the next time you brew a pot, consider saving the grounds.

Coffee grounds can be an excellent exfoliator for your skin. They’re just the right texture to remove dead skin cells, and the caffeine in them contains plenty of antioxidants that are beneficial for your skin. Whether you use Starbucks coffee or a store brand like Kroger, many individuals swear by this hack, claiming it’s even better than pricey facial exfoliants.


Red Lipstick for Color Canceling Eyebags

Photo: Youtube/SHEfinds

We’ve all experienced those mornings when we wake up looking like we’ve been through a wild night, thanks to those pesky under-eye bags. Concealer doesn’t always do the trick, but there’s a nifty makeup hack you can try.

Just grab any bright red lipstick from your local Target or Sephora. Apply it under your eyes just like concealer, and voila! You’ll be ready to face the day in no time. The lipstick’s pigment does an excellent job of canceling out the dark circles, offering an affordable alternative to traditional concealer.

Mayonnaise for Shiny Hair

Photo: Pinterest

Using mayonnaise as a shampoo might sound strange, but many people who give it a try really enjoy the results. To give it a go, all you’ll need is a generous amount of mayo, a wide-tooth comb, and a shower cap for this DIY method.

Apply the mayo to your hair like you’re making a pastrami sandwich – massage it in, comb it through, then pop on the shower cap and let it sit for 20 minutes. After rinsing it out, your hair should look healthier and refreshed. It’s even gotten the thumbs up from some celebrities, so it’s definitely worth a shot if millionaires are giving it a go!

Floss Picks for Pores


Pore strips can be pricey if you opt for a good brand, but here’s a money-saving tip: you can achieve similar results using items you likely already have at home. Back in 2017, a beauty blogger introduced this handy hack to the world.

All you need to do is place a hot towel on your skin for five minutes to open up your pores, and then use two disposable floss picks to gently scrape your skin simultaneously. You’ll be amazed at how much gunk comes out of your skin. And if you don’t have floss picks, you can easily find them on Amazon for a very affordable price.

Baby Powder for Removing Sand


Beach days are a blast for the whole family, but let’s face it, getting dressed to head home can be a hassle. If you’re tired of spending a long time on your towel, struggling to remove that sticky, rough sand, here’s a useful tip for you. Simply take some baby powder.


You won’t believe it, but baby powder from places like Kroger can quickly dry up the sand, making it a breeze to brush off. Plus, it leaves your skin feeling super smooth and smelling as fresh as a newborn baby – a nice little bonus, don’t you think?

Fork for the Perfect Contour

Photo: Instagram/@makeuphousehold

Let’s be real, most of us have a spare fork lying around at home, so this little trick won’t cost you a dime. If you’ve struggled with contouring for ages and could use some help, your kitchen might hold the solution.

Simply place the fork on your nose, and it becomes a handy guide for placing highlight (in the center) and shade (on either side). It might sound a bit unusual to use a fork for makeup, but as long as you give it a good clean afterward, it’s your secret weapon. Some makeup artists shell out big bucks to master contouring, but here’s a wallet-friendly alternative for you.

Spoons for Reducing Puffy Eyes

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Here’s a tip: putting a couple of spoons in the freezer can come in handy. Cold spoons are great for soothing skin, especially after a bad seafood meal, dealing with hayfever, or post-cry recovery. They can help reduce puffiness and restore brightness, all without the need to buy fancy tools like Gua sha from Amazon.

So, the next time you reach for breakfast utensils, consider grabbing those frozen spoons for a quick skin pick-me-up – it’s a simple, cost-effective trick you might find quite useful.

Dryer Sheet for Eliminating Hair Static

Photo: Twitter/@missginadarling

If you own a dryer, you probably have dryer sheets on hand, but don’t worry if you don’t. You can easily pick them up at stores like Walmart for just a few bucks, and they’ll come in handy. Especially if you have long hair, you’re familiar with the annoyance of static.

Nothing beats that feeling of static in your hair, like you’ve touched a live wire. Fortunately, dryer sheets are a quick fix for this problem. They’re specially designed to eliminate static from your clothes in the dryer. Just place one on top of your hairbrush and run it through your hair. You’ll be static-free in no time.


Banana Peel for Teeth Whitening

Photo: Youtube/Natural Ways

When it comes to DIY teeth whitening hacks, there are countless remedies floating around. One of the most popular and easy options involves using a banana peel. Simply rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for a few minutes, and many enthusiasts claim it can provide a noticeable whitening effect.

This method’s effectiveness is attributed to the peel’s rich magnesium and potassium content, which is believed to be beneficial for teeth. Plus, bananas are both affordable and delicious, making this a low-cost and enjoyable option to consider. Why spend hundreds on professional teeth whitening when you can give this a try without breaking the bank?

Turmeric and Water for Brighter Skin

Photo: Pinterest

Turmeric has undergone a recent image makeover in the past few years. It’s gaining attention for its impressive health benefits, even endorsed by beauty bloggers on YouTube and Instagram. Not only is turmeric excellent for consumption, but it also makes a fantastic face mask.

Mixing turmeric into a paste can work wonders for reducing hyperpigmentation, soothing skin irritation, minimizing wrinkles, and combating swelling. Just a word of caution: don’t leave it on for too long, or you might end up with an unintended orange tint!

Baking Soda for Brighter Hair Color

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Philippe Alès

Gray hair can be beautiful, and people are slowly embracing it. However, without proper care, it may look dull. To enhance the beauty of your silver hair, consider creating a quick and easy hair mask by mixing baking soda with conditioner. Leave it on for two minutes to see the magic unfold.

This simple trick can help brighten your hair color and make those lovely silver strands stand out even more. Just a word of caution, though – baking soda can be harsh on the skin. So, remember to wear gloves and avoid applying it directly to your scalp. Your beautiful gray hair will thank you!

Toothpaste for Plumper and Shiny Lips

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Scott Ehardt

If you ever find yourself without lip balm or lip gloss, don’t worry; there’s a quick fix. Head to a bathroom with toothpaste – whether it’s Walmart’s brand or Colgate, both work. Apply a thin layer to your lips, and the minty freshness will naturally plump them up and give them a healthy shine. You’ll soon consider ditching the gloss altogether.


So, next time you’re in a lip care pinch, remember that toothpaste can work wonders for your lips, no matter the brand. Just apply a bit, and you’ll have plumper, shinier lips in no time, making gloss seem unnecessary.

Raw Potatoes for Bright Underarms

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Potatoes are pretty versatile. You can whip up fries, creamy mashed potatoes, or even get artsy with them. Surprisingly, they can also help brighten up those dark underarms. Just grate some and give your armpits a scrub.

It might sound a bit odd and feel a tad unusual, but the potato’s starch can work wonders on those dark pits, giving them a fresh look. So, if you’re prepping for a beach day or rocking a strapless dress, this little trick could be your go-to solution.

Tea Bags for Absorbing Shoe Odors

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Do you have a box of tea bags collecting dust in your cupboard? Well, if you’re looking to put them to good use, we’ve got a handy tip for you. We all have shoes that could use a bit of freshening up, and before you reach for expensive odor-eliminating products, take a peek in your kitchen.

Just pop a tea bag into your shoes overnight, and you’ll be surprised how it helps neutralize those unpleasant odors. Even herbal tea bags work wonders by absorbing the smells, leaving your footwear noticeably fresher the next day. It’s an affordable and effective trick worth giving a shot. Plus, it’s a smart way to use up old tea, saving you some extra cash.

Saran Wrap for Moisturizing Feet


You don’t need to spend a fortune on a fancy pedicure or foot mask. Instead, raid your kitchen cabinets for a simple and cost-effective solution. To pamper your tired feet and make them soft, grab some plastic wrap, olive oil, and tape.

Generously apply olive oil to your feet, like you’re seasoning a chicken, and then wrap them in plastic wrap, securing it with tape. Leave this overnight, and when you unwrap your feet the next day, you’ll be left with incredibly smooth and baby-soft skin.


Electrical Tape for Blister Prevention

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Jonas Bergsten

Tape is a remarkable invention that often goes underappreciated. We employ it for wrapping gifts, mending items, and even for safeguarding our feet, a handy trick especially well-known among hikers. If you’re new to walking adventures, this tip is worth remembering.

To prevent blisters and add extra cushioning, wrap a few layers of tape around the soles of your feet before donning thick socks. Experienced outdoor enthusiasts can attest to the value of this method, not to mention its cost-effectiveness.

Eyeshadow for Thicker-Looking Hair

Photo: Pinterest

Have you ever thought about using makeup in your hair? You might not have, but it’s worth a try. Celebs like Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian often seem to have flawless hairlines when they tie their hair up, but they might have a secret.

For a fuller, thicker look, simply grab an eyeshadow in a shade that matches your hair and a brush. Gently apply it to your hairline with upward strokes, and in a snap, you’ll have a luxuriously voluminous mane.

Ice Water for Glowing Skin

Photo: Instagram/@tinachencraig

You know the old saying, “the best things in life are free,” and here’s one of them. We’ve all had those mornings when we wake up looking like zombies due to a sleepless night. Instead of rushing for your makeup, try this kitchen remedy.

Grab a bowl, fill it with ice and water, and dunk your face in for short bursts. It not only reduces puffiness and gives you a fresh, glowing look, but it also helps wake you up and prepares you for the day. Alternatively, you can follow the lead of some and simply roll a large ice cube across your face.

Eyeliner Hashtag for the Perfect Smokey Look

Photo: Pinterest

Achieving the perfect smokey eyeshadow isn’t easy, but there’s a simple trick. Beauty experts suggest drawing a hashtag with eyeliner on your eyelid and blending it out.

It may not deliver the full-on Insta-look like Kylie Jenner, but it’s a neat alternative to battling with an eyeshadow brush and messing up your freshly prepared skin. Give it a try and save yourself the hassle of dealing with eyeshadow fallout.


Glue for Longer-Lasting Nail Polish

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Painting your nails can be a great idea, but it’s frustrating when the polish chips within hours, even if you’re super careful. Standard nail polish doesn’t always last, and even store-bought undercoats might disappoint.

But here’s a fun tip from beauty enthusiasts: try applying PVA glue before painting your nails. It sounds a bit crafty, using Elmer’s glue on your nails, but give it a shot. Who knows, it might just be the trick you’ve been looking for to make your polish last longer.

Saline Solution for Saving Dried Mascara

Photo: Pinterest

Saline solutions have a multitude of practical uses. They’re great for cleaning wounds, refreshing your eyes, or administering intravenous treatments. In other words, they’re pretty versatile. Consider keeping a bottle in your makeup bag.

When your mascara dries out due to trapped air, don’t rush to replace it. A quick fix is to add a few drops of saline into the tube. It revives the mascara, and it’s completely safe to use.

Silk Pillow Case for Hydrated Hair and Skin


You know, most of us don’t really give our bedsheets a second thought when it comes to our beauty routines. We often go for the coolest prints, but have you ever considered switching to silk pillowcases?

Silk is actually fantastic for both your hair and your skin. First off, it’s way gentler on brittle or curly hair compared to those regular cotton mixes because it helps keep your locks hydrated. And here’s the kicker: silk doesn’t suck up moisture like cotton does, so it’s also a better choice for your skin, especially if you’ve got dry skin issues.

Coconut Oil for a Smooth Shave

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Coconut oil is a real social media sensation these days. It’s incredibly versatile, serving as a fantastic solution for various needs, from moisturizing hair to making your lips shine. Plus, it makes a terrific shaving butter – simply apply and shave as usual.

Within a short while, you’ll enjoy skin that’s wonderfully smooth and radiant to the touch. What’s even better is that it’s affordable and long-lasting, so it’s a hack that truly delivers great value for your money.


Pantyliners for Sweaty Underarms


Pantyliners are naturally highly absorbent, and this clever trick is a great solution for staying sweat-free. All you have to do is grab a pack from Walmart. They’re designed to securely adhere and stay in place throughout the day, making them a perfect remedy if you’re tired of those pesky underarm sweat stains on your shirts at work.

To use this hack, simply attach a liner to the underarms of your shirt, and you’re all set to enjoy a sweat-free summer without worrying about embarrassing pit stains. This practical tip works for anyone, regardless of gender, as long as you’re a human with pores. Just be sure to secure them firmly.

Water for Drying Nail Polish Faster


In our fast-paced lives, we all need time-saving hacks, right? Painting your nails quickly is one thing, but waiting for them to dry can feel like forever when you’ve got a busy schedule. So, here’s a cool trick for you – forget the blowing and grab a bowl of cold water.

Just dip your nails in the cold water for 15 seconds, and when you take them out, they should be good to go. Another option is to run the cold tap and put your hands under it, but be careful – the water pressure might not be nail-friendly, so proceed with caution!

Deodorant Before Bed for Better Absorption


Many of us put on antiperspirant in the morning as a daily routine, but there’s a better way to do it. Experts suggest that applying deodorant at night is the optimal time. During sleep, our sweat glands are less active, allowing them to absorb the deodorant effectively. This means it won’t merely stay on the surface.

By following this routine, you’ll likely experience enhanced protection, requiring less frequent reapplication, and ultimately saving you money on product usage. So, by switching to a nighttime deodorant application, you can make the most of your product and enjoy longer-lasting protection.

Clean Toothbrush for Small Hairs


Toothbrushes are pretty amazing. They not only keep our teeth clean but can also handle bathroom tile scrubbing and more. And the best part? You can repurpose a fresh one for styling your hair.


We’ve all experienced that annoying frizz when we put our hair up in a sleek ponytail. But here’s a cool trick: use a toothbrush to tame those flyaways. Just brush your hair back, apply a little hairspray, and voilà, you’ll be rocking a polished look, channeling your inner Ariana Grande.

A Spoon for the Perfect Winged Liner

Photo: Youtube/BeforeAndAfterTV

We all have spoons at home, so the best part of this hack is that it won’t cost you a dime. Winged eyeliner has stood the test of time in the beauty world, but we all know it can be quite challenging to perfect.

If achieving a sharp wing has been a struggle for you, don’t worry. Just grab a spoon. The spoon’s bowl will assist you in shaping your eyelid, and the handle will handle the flick. In no time, you’ll have a fabulous eyeliner look that could rival Adele’s signature style.

Teaspoon for Curling Your Lashes


We all desire those luscious, long lashes without breaking the bank on extensions or dealing with tricky falsies. Glue can be messy, and extensions don’t always stay put, making them both costly and frustrating. So, why not try a nifty little trick?

Grab a teaspoon and gently press it against your eyelid, holding your lashes against it for a minute or two. Then, apply mascara right away for that added length. This clever hack, a favorite among women for years, is not only easy but also gentler on your lashes compared to traditional curlers.

Pigment and Lip Balm for a Custom Lip Color

Photo: Pinterest

Have you ever strolled through Sephora and felt frustrated not finding your ideal lip color? Don’t worry; it’s a common issue. But the good news is, making your custom shade is easy.

All you need is some lip balm and your favorite pigment color. Simply blend them, and voilà! You’ve got a unique lip color that’s all your own. The best part? You can whip up a small or generous batch, perfect for one-time use or more.

Dandruff Shampoo for Treating Acne

Photo: Pinterest

Dandruff can be a real hair hassle, but the products designed to tackle it are surprisingly clever. They’re tailored to address dry scalp, which is the root of the issue.


Interestingly, many of these dandruff shampoos contain skin-friendly ingredients like zinc with antifungal properties. That makes them handy for combating facial acne as well. So, you can try using it as a face mask – but do take care to shield your eyes.

Shaving Cream for Removing Stains

Photo: Pinterest

Absolutely, white clothing can be a real challenge to keep pristine. Ever had that self-tan mishap or foundation smudge on your favorite white t-shirt? Before you toss it out, try spraying some shaving foam on the stain.

Surprisingly, shaving foam is an effective solution to remove those stubborn marks. According to beauty experts, it’s a well-kept secret and a quick fix worth trying. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to find if you don’t have it at home.

Concealer for Better Lip Shape and Definition

Photo: Pinterest

Back in the noughties, people often used concealer as lipstick, but fortunately, we’ve evolved from that trend. However, the concept isn’t entirely obsolete. Plump lips are still in vogue, and if you’re not a fan of fillers, a concealer stick can do the trick.

Just apply it to the center of your lips and blend. This will give you the illusion of fuller lips, without burning a hole in your wallet. In a nutshell, the concealer-as-lipstick trick can help you achieve a Kylie Jenner-worthy pout without spending much.

Lactic Acid for an Even Skin Tone


Certainly, uneven skin tone is a common concern for many. While makeup can conceal it effectively, addressing the issue directly can reduce the need for daily foundation. Lactic acid, such as the one offered by brands like The Ordinary, proves highly effective. It not only evens out complexion but also brightens the skin, offering a gentle yet affordable solution.

The Ordinary’s pure lactic acid is a top choice for many seeking a radiant complexion. Unlike harsh alternatives, it’s both effective and budget-friendly. Taking this step can significantly improve your skin’s appearance without the need for heavy makeup every day.


Cling Film for Hard-to-Reach Stops When Self-Tanning


Looking for a budget-friendly way to achieve that summer glow-up without frequent professional spray tans? Self-tan products are a fantastic alternative, but the challenge lies in achieving an even application. Fortunately, there’s a clever hack for that.

According to various online sources, you can create a DIY tanning mitt by folding two feet of cling film until it’s about two inches thick. Apply your tanning product to this makeshift mitt and use it to evenly distribute the tan on your skin, particularly on hard-to-reach areas like your back.

Ketchup for Neutralizing Green Hair

Photo: Youtube/Tessarr

When summer arrives, it’s a blast to hit the pool and have a great time. However, if you’re a blonde, you might be familiar with the issue of chlorine giving your hair a greenish tint. Fortunately, there are some remedies for this, and one unexpected solution is good old ketchup.

Now, I know it may sound a bit strange, but squeezing out a whole bottle of ketchup onto your hair is surprisingly effective in getting rid of those green tones. Treat it like a hair mask, let the ingredients do their thing, and you’ll go from neon hair back to your beautiful platinum blonde self.

Chocolate Face Mask for Radiant Skin


Using chocolate as a beauty treatment might seem indulgent, but it’s more than just a tasty treat. Chocolate, especially the dark variety, is rich in antioxidants.

So, consider this: melting it and applying it as a face mask for 10-15 minutes can leave your skin looking radiant and fresh. As a bonus, you’ll even have that delightful Hershey’s aroma. Who can resist that?

Alcohol Solution for Fixing Broken Pressed Powder

Photo: Pinterest

It’s super frustrating when your new compact ends up shattered on the floor, right? No one likes makeup bag explosions! But, here’s a quick fix: grab some alcohol spray for a couple of bucks.

First, crush the broken makeup inside its container, reshape it, and then give it a good spray with the alcohol. This will set it in place, so you can use it with your brush like nothing happened. It might not look flawless, but it’ll be good to go again, and that’s what counts!


Socks for Curling Hair Overnight

Photo: Pinterest

If you’ve got long hair and some spare socks, this one’s a money-saving trick for you. No need for an expensive curler; just raid your underwear drawer. There’s more than one way to get those gorgeous curls!

Simply wrap your hair around the socks, treating them as your DIY curling rods. Tie them up at the bottom, sleep with them in, and wake up to natural, glossy waves. It doesn’t get much fairer than that!

Soap for Fuller Eyebrows

Photo: Pinterest

In 2020, we all got a clear reminder of the essential role soap plays in our lives. It’s not just about staying clean; soap has a surprising beauty hack. Professional beauty bloggers often use soap to add volume and set their brows.

Here’s how you can do it: grab a brow brush, rub it on soap, and run it through your brows. This simple trick separates and sets the hairs, giving your brows a fuller appearance. To finish the look, you can apply your preferred brow product.

Eyeshadow Primer for Controlling Oily Face

Photo: Reddit/birdgalroch

Just like a house needs a strong foundation, your makeup deserves a good start too. Primer works wonders in keeping your makeup flawless all day, but if you have oily skin, it can be a bit tricky.

For those with oily skin, using eyeshadow primer all over is a smart move. Your eyelids tend to get a bit oily in the creases, and many formulas are tailored to tackle this issue. It might not be the cheapest solution, but it’ll definitely save you time on touch-ups throughout the day.

Concealer for a Brighter Face

Photo: Pinterest

Wondering how to make concealer work like magic? Here’s the secret: apply it in an upside-down triangle shape under your eyes. But remember, start with the basics – moisturize, prime, and then apply your foundation.

Once your base is set, create the magical triangle shape under each eye, blend it gently downwards, and there you have it! This technique not only covers up imperfections but also brightens your eyes, giving you a youthful glow.


Water and Eyeshadow Mix for a DIY Liquid Eyeliner

Photo: Pinterest

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed eyeliner, but none was in sight? Whether you left it behind on vacation or your makeup smudged while you were out in the evening, there’s a simple solution. All you need is a fine makeup brush, eyeshadow, and a drop of water.

Makeup consists of pigments, and although not all makeup products are the same, you can mix and match them. Adding a drop of water to eyeshadow allows you to use it just like liquid eyeliner. Don’t forget to let it dry for a minute after application for the best results.

Spatty for Scraping Bottled Products


Wasting makeup and beauty products can drain your wallet over time. But fear not, there’s a clever solution – the Spatty. This nifty tool is like a tiny spatula that fits perfectly into small bottles, and it even made waves on Shark Tank. You can grab a set of two, the Spatty and Spatty Daddy Last Drop Spatula, on Amazon for just $12. Say goodbye to wasting another drop!

The Spatty is a game-changer for getting that last bit of cream or foundation out of your beauty products. This mini spatula duo is not only practical but also budget-friendly. Get yours on Amazon today and never let precious makeup go to waste again!