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Count On This Free App To Save You Money Without Giving It A Thought

We all know the feeling… Payday comes. Money goes. And, unfortunately, none of that hard-earned cash ends up in your savings account because, well, there’s nothing left after the bills are paid and you splurge on a little something for yourself. Or the kids. Or the house. 

That’s where Dobot comes in. You read it right: Dobot, not to be confused with robot. Think dough, as in money, moola, greenbacks, bread… Dobot is a free app from the Fifth Third Bank that pairs with more than 9,000 U.S. banks. All you need do is set your goals and determine your timelines. Dobot does the rest of the hard work.

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Connect Dobot to your checking account, and it’ll automatically determine how much money you can afford to put away in savings. Every few days, Dobot will automatically transfer cash into your savings, but the amount will vary each time depending on your account balance and spending patterns. Don’t feel comfortable with the automatic withdrawals? Don’t sweat it. You can always manually transfer the money to your account. And you can also withdraw money from your Dobot account, whenever you’d like.

Quick, Easy, And Effortless Saving. Really. And Reliably.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to saving dough with Dobot.

  • Go to and enter your phone number to receive a download link. Download the free app. Then, create an account.
  • Set your savings goals, whether it’s for education or vacation, getting married or getting out of debt, paying off credit cards or paying attention to retirement. Whatever’s most important to you, and most in need of monetary rescue can determine your goals.
  • Follow the instructions for connecting Dobot to your money source. 
  • Start racking up the savings. That’s all there is to it.

Every few days, Dobot will transfer money from your account and stash it toward the goal or goals you’ve identified. You’ll receive texts with updates, so you can stay on top of transactions, and clearly see the progress you’re making when it comes to achieving your savings goals.

If you’ve got a phone, saving money isn’t beyond your reach. Check out this app, as it might prove to be time well spent.