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Check Out The Funniest Photos Ever Taken At Walmart

Photo: Pinterest

Shopping for groceries may not sound like the most exciting weekend plan, but think again. Here are some of the funniest, naughtiest, and most unexpected moments captured on camera at Walmart.

Who would’ve thought that shopping at the supermarket could be so hilariously bizarre…

Just Buying A Snack

Photo: Pinterest

These two beautiful girls look like they belong anywhere but in a Walmart. What are they even doing in the cheese aisle?

Are they buying some food before going to a party? Or are they just so glamorous that they got dressed up just to get groceries? We’ll never know.

Captain America

Photo: Vatan

Children and adults alike love dressing up in Marvel costumes for Halloween, but who would ever imagine coming across Captain America on a random Saturday morning at Walmart?

Well, this man didn’t mind playing the fool and showed up in this hilarious Captain America costume, but the best part is that he has the same expression as Chris Evans! Maybe he was shopping for some shields.

Groceries And Glamour

Photo: Mighty Scoops

It’s quite common for moms to choose matching outfits with their daughters, but this woman took things to the next level.

This gorgeous lady dressed herself in a stunning pink dress that an average person would wear for a wedding and chose a matching pink outfit for her baby.

Enough Is Enough!

Photo: Mighty Scoops

Working at Walmart can’t be easy. Endless 8-hour shifts with almost no breaks, customers complaining all the time, guys falling asleep under the phone accessory aisle… Wait, what?

I bet the guy was thinking, ‘Why do all these phone thingies look the same!?’ until he gave up and opted for a quick nap.

Posing And Shopping

Photo: Sportingz

This girl needed to buy some groceries but also wanted to get some cool Facebook pictures out of it. So, why not kill two birds with one stone?

Although it’s an unusual place to take pictures in, we’re sure she got lots of likes on this photo.

What’s The Rush?

Photo: Pinterest

Isn’t it irritating when you’re trying to walk down the supermarket aisle, but there’s a lady who keeps standing right in the middle, blocking the way?

Well, not only is this lady blocking the way, but she’s also walking her tortoise, so don’t expect to walk past her anytime soon. How can one manage to get anything done when having to match the pace of a turtle?


Harley Quinn

Photo: Mighty Scoops

If you thought Captain America would be the only ridiculous costume featured on this list, you were clearly mistaken. Here’s another adult who doesn’t seem to bother acting in accordance with his age.

Ever since Suicide Squad hit the theaters, Harley Quinn has become one of the fans’ favorite comic book characters. But isn’t going to the supermarket dressed as Harley Quinn a little bit too much?

Ready For The Club


Have you ever wondered how annoying it must be to go shopping at the supermarket if you’re shorter than five feet? How do those people even manage to reach the products on the upper shelves?

Impossible is nothing for this short yet savvy woman, who managed to reach the top shelves by putting on a pair of high platform shoes. Now, how she manages to walk with those high heels without breaking a leg is beyond me.

Funky Style

Photo: Mighty Scoops

You know when you’re a teenager, and your mom keeps telling you to make sure your clothes match? Well, there’s a reason: so that you don’t end up dressing like this.

Her shirt is colorful enough, but what’s with that bug-like sock on only one of her legs and those giant knitted stars stemming from her head? That golden ribbon is actually the most discrete item she’s wearing.

Walmart Abbey Road

Photo: Mighty Scoops

Remember The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road cover? Well, this is the third-age supermarket version. How often can you find four people riding their carts down the aisle in a row?

Even though it looks like those people are having some fun, those carts actually serve a practical purpose, as they’re meant to be used by customers with walking disabilities. It doesn’t make the picture any less funny.

Ready For A Photoshoot

Photo: Pinterest

There is nothing wrong with putting on makeup before going to the supermarket, but some people have taken it a little too far.


This girl looks like she’s ready for a photoshoot instead of just going grocery shopping.

Laundry Day

Photo: Chuck’s Fun Page

We’ve all been there: you put off doing your laundry for weeks, and before you know it, you run out of clean clothes.

This beautiful girl had the brilliant idea of just grabbing a cardboard box and using it as a dress. We can’t really judge her because she’s a genius.


Photo: Mighty Scoops

You know when you’re waiting in line at the counter, and the guy right in front of you keeps turning his head around to stare at you? Until you realize it was only a tattoo…

I’ve seen all sorts of creepy tattoos, but this giant eyeball on the man’s scalp definitely deserves the gold medal. Judging by the beard, he’s kind of like Satan’s version of Santa Claus.

Challenging Gender Roles

Photo: Mighty Scoops

If there’s something that defines this century, it’s the progressive deconstruction of gender roles. So much so that even supermarkets live up to the new ways.

One can’t help but wonder whether this middle-aged couple put on each other’s clothes without even noticing or whether they deliberately chose to defy traditional social norms. Either way, they look great.

Just Woke Up

Photo: Pinterest

There are some days in which you just have to drag yourself out of bed, or else you’ll spend the entire day sleeping.

This girl just forgot to leave the sheets at home and took them with her to Walmart. Perhaps, she was too lazy to put clothes on that day. We’re sure the male shoppers were not mad at all that day.

Dog Day Afternoon

Photo: Mighty Scoops

It seems like this woman went for some dog shopping, as those three pups are basically the only thing she’s carrying on her cart. Just in case, let’s make something clear: Walmart does not sell pets.

Despite Walmart’s no-pets policy, I guess this woman thought her pups were too young to stay home alone, but unlike the monkey lady, she didn’t even care to disguise them.


Shameless And Lovestruck

Photo: Pinterest

Deep deep down, all of us dread growing into the typical grumpy old man who everybody fears and nobody loves. But let’s not get carried away. I don’t want to be the goofy guy who everybody makes fun of, either.

No matter how ridiculous he looks, I actually admire this fellow. He’s so madly in love that he can’t go anywhere without his heart-shaped glasses and antennae, and he doesn’t mind looking like a fool. That’s the spirit!

Walking Down The Wrong Aisle

Photo: Mighty Scoops

You know when you tie the knot with your better half, but you make a quick stop at Walmart before heading to your honeymoon suite? The answer is obviously no, cause nobody does that.

Maybe the bride and the groom wanted the whole world to know they were married? Or they just couldn’t wait to get their photos developed? Either way, it’s just hilarious.

Walmart Model

Photo: Pinterest

It’s common knowledge that models need a portfolio if they want to join a professional modeling agency. For some strange reason, this girl thought it would be wise to showcase her talent between supermarket shelves.

Why on earth would anyone pose so hard while choosing their morning cereal? We’ve got to give her some credit, though. She does look stunning.

Meat Chiller

Photo: Mighty Scoops

Doing the groceries can be tiring, especially when it’s boiling hot outside. Exhausted from what must’ve been a sun-drenched day, this woman chose to cool down in the quirkiest of ways.

Tempted by its ice-cold temperature, this lady impulsively decided to take a nap in the chiller, covering herself in meat. Did she really think no one would notice?

Unusual Accessory

Photo: Mighty Scoops

It’s common knowledge that pets aren’t allowed in supermarkets, but this young girl sneaked in with her pet lizard… on her head!

I’m pretty sure the workers figured it was just some sort of unusual hairpin and not an actual giant lizard. After all, why would anyone take a reptile to the groceries?


Another Unusual Accessory

Photo: Mighty Scoops

If you thought we were done with pics of wild animals clinging onto their owners’ hair, you were wrong. What is this animal, anyway?

According to Google, that furry little fellow is a marmoset, which is pretty much half monkey and half stuffed animal. It pretty much matches her owner’s hair color, so kudos on those camouflaging skills.