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Americans Can Easily Travel Almost Anywhere – Except Here

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Even during times of extreme measures, such as statewide lockdowns, Americans love to travel. Whether it be for business or pleasure, the idea of a quick, or even not-so-quick escape can be both alluring and even necessary.

But the truth is that there are certain countries where Americans simply aren’t welcome. Some of the countries that aren’t particularly fond of Americans might surprise you, but regardless of whether the information catches you off-guard or not, treating this information with a modicum of scrutiny would probably be a wise choice…

North Korea

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The North Korean Government isn’t what you’d call friendly to Americans. Government officials are authorized to perform random searches on USB drives, laptops, smartphones, and other assorted electronic devices, as certain content is prohibited from being on these devices when one is in the country.

Any content that criticizes the government of North Korea is considered a violation, and as a result, Americans who bring offensive content into the country may end up being subjected to hard labor or other legal repercussions, such as being detained in the country, paying expensive fees, or even serving jail time.

Americans who do enter the country are under constant scrutiny. Something as simple as snapping pictures can have deadly consequences. In addition, even if visitors to North Korea are with a tour group, they may be held in the country without having done anything ostensibly wrong. In short, think twice before attempting to visit this country.


It’s no secret that citizens of Australia aren’t always kind to Americans. They become annoyed by simple things, such as when Americans refer to what they know as the herbivorous koala, as a “koala bear.”


Aside from having an American accent, Australian residents can spot an American a mile away simply by hearing someone call them koalas.


The people of Denmark look down on Americans because they believe Americans feel superior to them. Ask anyone in Denmark, and they will proudly state that they are equal to Americans…


If not superior to them. This kind of tension means that Americans are generally made to feel unwelcome in Denmark.


Americans also disillusion natives of Germany. Many believe they are slobs, while others feel that Americans aren’t as intelligent as they are. The impression of Americans that Germans have is that they live on unhealthy foods, and they are incredibly patriotic.


Many Germans find this to be off-putting. One of the reasons Germans feel superior to Americans is that the German educational system is hugely rigorous compared to the United States. Students in Germany are very young when they learn to speak English. By the time they are in high school, most are taking college prep classes.


Many parts of Brazil are in poor condition. When Americans come to see the worst parts of Brazil, locals look down on them for it. Even officials of the country are disgusted with Americans who go there to view what they consider to be “slum lords.”


The belief in Brazil is that it is tacky for Americans to want to tour these areas and take photos to remember them by. Locals believe that Americans gawk at the inequality and poverty that is a way of life for some Brazilian residents.


U.S. tourists are looked down on in Indonesia. The main reason for this is that many have acted poorly while visiting. It is not uncommon for visitors from the U.S. to take up space on a street corner and panhandle for money.


Indonesians refer to this as beg-packing. The idea is that tourists beg for money so that they can travel around the country’s many islands. With a large portion of the Indonesian population being in poverty, this is seen as tacky.


Americans are notorious for their fascination with England’s soldiers that guard their castles. They are known for trying to touch the guards, causing locals to dislike them for their actions. Tourists of all ages are guilty of this.


Those who visit from the U.S. often make it their mission to get the guards to laugh, knowing they are not permitted to while they are on duty. Guards have been known to berate American tourists for inappropriate actions towards them verbally.



Even though many Americans travel to Russia, the country does not make it easy for them to get in.


The application process for a U.S. citizen to obtain a visa for Russia is roughly twice as long as the application people from other countries have to compete. The main reason for this is the political differences between the two countries.


U.S. citizens are extremely limited in where they can go and what they can do when they visit Cuba. Americans are not permitted in the country unless they are part of a specific tour group, which they have to stay with the whole time. Also, Americans are not allowed to obtain services from companies that are run by a branch of the military.


In Cuba, most hotels are owned by military companies and, therefore, will not allow Americans to stay at them. If Americans visit Cuba and need a place to stay, it must be a hotel owned and run by civilians, as opposed to the government. One popular alternative to this is to take a cruise around Cuba instead of.


India is another country that does not welcome Americans with open arms. To get a visa for India, U.S. citizens must provide references on their application. Also, they have to provide their employer’s information. On average,


It takes U.S. citizens one month to get a visa to enter the country. Those that need to be there in less than one month must pay extra to have their request expedited.


Though in the past, it has been a vacation destination for some Americans, Somalia is not friendly towards them. Al Qaida terrorist activities make the country an unsafe place for Americans to go.


It is difficult for Americans to obtain entry into Somalia because the U.S. doesn’t have an embassy for it. The local laws aren’t made clear to American visitors. Even breaking the law unknowingly can get an American in a lot of trouble. With no formal criminal justice system, the law is often hostile when applied to U.S. citizens.



Americans are not permitted to enter the country of Turkmenistan unless they are formally invited to do so. Even with an invitation from the government, the approval of a visa is never guaranteed.


The easiest way for Americans to gain entry into the country is to obtain a transit visa that allows them three days to pass through it.


Those who are citizens of the U.S. will have an uphill battle to be able to get into Iraq. They are discouraged from doing so, as violence against Americans is common in the country. Americans are at risk of being kidnapped if they enter Iraq for a visit. The local embassy is not particularly helpful to U.S. citizens, because there isn’t much they can do for them. If an American obtains a visa for Iraq, it must continue to be valid for six months following their visit. Many Americans are discouraged from entering the country because if they do, they must get tested for hepatitis and HIV.


Also, local terrorist and militant groups are known to commit crimes against Americans. Sectarian militias won’t hesitate to target those visiting from the U.S. Americans are particularly at risk if they support the local government. They are also at risk of being attacked if it is determined or even suspected that they are not heterosexual. ISIS will imprison or even execute anyone they believe falls into one of these categories.

The Central African Republic

Known as one of the world’s most corrupt countries, The Central African Republic is extremely violent, as well as unkind to Americans. Even those work for the U.S. Government is restricted when they are in the country. To leave the U.S. embassy compound, they must obtain permission to do so. The possibility of an American being held hostage is said to be significant. As a result, U.S. citizens are urged to take certain precautions if they will be visiting.


This includes choosing a family member to be their contact in the event they are held, hostage. Americans are encouraged to set code words that will indicate to the family member that they are alive. In addition, Americans are told they should leave their health care provider a sample of their DNA.



Angola is almost impossible for U.S. citizens to get into. Prior to entering the country, Americans must be invited. They must receive a Portuguese letter which has to be notarized. In addition, Americans must pay extensive fees that don’t even include obtaining a visa for the country.


Visitors are banned from applying for one until after they reserve a hotel room and pay for the airfare. If they are later denied a visa, the airline ticket and hotel reservation go to waste. Once Americans are in Angola, it is not uncommon for foreigners to be detained. They may not be allowed to leave the country until they pay expensive gratuities to the government.


Due to the likelihood of terrorist attacks, Americans aren’t safe when visiting Afghanistan. ISIS, the Taliban, and other extremist groups are known to incite violence against American tourists.


Since 2001, the u.S. has been battling against these groups. It is not uncommon for U.S. tourists in Afghanistan to come across explosive devices. They are also at risk of being held hostage or getting kidnapped.


Bangladesh is another country where even government officials from the U.S. aren’t safe. In 2016 a terror attack was launched against a restaurant with a heavy customer base of Americans and other foreigners. U.S. Embassy worker’s families were evacuated as a result.


Any U.S. Government official that visits Bangladesh is limited in their travels around the country. They are not allowed to use open-air vehicles in the country or even walk around in it. They are banned from places open to the public and from any type of large gathering.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

U.S. Government officials are not safe in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the past, family members that lived in the country were forced to leave.


There are many armed groups that incite violence against anyone they encounter, including Americans. These groups are known to commit rape, murder, kidnappings, and robberies, and no one is off-limits to them.


American tourists are advised to avoid traveling to Honduras. Between 2011 and 2016, the total number of murders of American visitors was 37.


Americans also have to worry about being kidnapped in this country. Due to local conditions, most murders that take place in Honduras are never even solved.


Terrorist groups have made Lebanon unsafe for Americans to visit. Hezbollah, ISIS, and others are active throughout the country. Dozens of people have been killed in suicide bombings enacted by groups of terrorists.


Conflict often breaks out in this country, and when it does, Americans may find it difficult to get out of Lebanon. Access to airports is sometimes cut off completely when conflict is taking place.


Extremist groups in Libya often choose American tourists as their targets. Due to the ongoing danger, there is no longer a U.S. Embassy in Libya.


This is because in 2012, Christopher Stevens, Libya’s U.S. Ambassador, was killed. Along with him, three officers were killed, as well. Ever since, the U.S. Government has discouraged Americans from visiting the country.


When American officials visit Mali, they are not allowed to go anywhere outside of the country’s capital region. This is because the country’s security measures are so unstable.


Terrorist groups often target foreigners. In addition, an American was killed in 2015 when one of the groups launched an attack on a hotel.


Outside of the popular tourist destinations, Mexico is also an unsafe country for Americans to visit. Other parts of the country are extremely violent. The main reason for this is drug trafficking.


This often results in gunbattles, kidnappings, robbery, and carjacking. Criminals in Mexico are known to act as police officers, making it easier to get away with their crimes. Every year American tourists are killed in Mexico.


Terrorist groups in Pakistan often attack places where American tourists are known to go. Many Americans get kidnapped in Pakistan, as well.


There are many security risks for Americans visiting the country. As a result, when U.S. Government officials are in the country, they are advised not to set foot in hotels or on public transportation.


Turkey is also unsafe for U.S. citizens. Conflict within the government puts tourists in danger. If an American does visit Turkey, they are advised to stay at only the most secure hotels.


They are also told to stay out of large crowds, which includes all of the areas of Turkey that tourists typically visit.


In Eastern Ukraine, American citizens are in danger. This is especially true in the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk. Separatists control both of these cities.


Separatist forces are known to kidnap Americans. There is also danger posed by rocket attacks and landmine explosions. These incidents often result in the death of innocent Americans.

South Sudan

South Sudan is known for violence against Americans. In 2018, 10 aid workers from the United Nations were kidnapped.


Ever since then, the U.S. State Department has advised Ameican citizens to stay away from the country. Aside from kidnappings, the country is also known for shootings, carjackings, and ambushes.


The U.S. advises its citizens not to travel to Yemen. One reason for this is that a ship piloted by the U.S. Navy was targeted with two missiles.


While another boat came along to stop the attack, ever since then, there has been a conflict between Yemen and the U.S. As a result, in 2018, the US. Government-issued a warning to all residents of the country.

El Salvador

El Salvador is so dangerous for American visitors that the Peace Corps stopped operating there.


In the country’s national parks, tourists that are climbing and/or hiking are in danger. There have been many reports of these people being the victims of armed robberies.


Militant groups in the Philippines are known to attack foreigners and even kidnap them in exchange for ransom money.


They do this so that they can afford to commit crimes such as robbery and theft, though physical assaults are also a common occurrence. Americans are advised to avoid Marawi City and Sulu Archipelago particularly.


U.S. visitors to Chad are told to avoid the country’s border regions. Many minefields are found on the border of Sudan and Libya.


Organizations that participate in extreme violence will often target Americans that they find around Lake Chad. Like in the Philippines, criminals in Chad kidnap visitors to demand ransom.


Of all the countries in Latin America, Guatemala is one of the countries with the highest level of crimes committed. Tourists are often targets of armed robbery and theft. These crimes are committed at all hours of the day and night.


Rape and sexual assault runs rampant in the country. As a result, women are warned against going anywhere alone in Guatemala. Crime is so rampant in the country because law enforcement is not always able to respond to these crimes quickly enough.

South Africa

Much of South Africa is poor and plagued with ongoing violence. Cape Town is among the unsafest parts of the country, but the part that many American tourists have a desire to visit.


Crimes like rape and murder are very common there. Robberies and carjackings are also a frequent problem throughout the country.


Even though Jamaica is a popular vacation destination, there are parts of it that U.S. citizens are advised to stay away from. Gang-related crimes are often reported in various parts of Kingston.


Places tourists are advised to avoid Mountain View, Arnett Gardens, Trench Town, Grants Pen, Tivoli Gardens, Cassava Piece, and Standpipe. Spanish Town and certain parts of Montego Bay are also reported to be extremely dangerous for tourists. Nowhere in the country are visitors safe from becoming victims of sexual assault.


Egypt is much more dangerous for American tourists than many other countries are. Protestors frequent Tahrir Square, one of the country’s main tourist attractions.


Gunmen often kidnap anyone they can find. Attacks on the country’s police stations are also common. Stadium riots are also a problem in Egypt and have led to deaths in the past.


Myanmar, also known as Burma, has begun to attract American tourists in recent years. Even though the local government has no problems with tourists entering the country, members of the military are hostile towards anyone not from their country.


This, combined with bad medical care and the prevalence of many health conditions, makes Myanmar an unsafe country to visit.


Due to political strife, Georgia is an unsafe place for Americans. Political demonstrations often result in violence, putting everyone at risk.


South Ossetia is particularly dangerous because it is a separatist region. For that reason alone, Americans are urged to stay away from it.


Nigeria has always been dangerous, and Americans are advised against traveling there. Extremist groups are active throughout the country, especially in its northern part.


The most commonly targeted places in Nigeria for violence are hotels and restaurants, among other attractions.

Each of these countries poses risks to Americans. Visiting one of these countries requires them to be vigilant, smart, and safe. U.S. tourists are urged to find other countries to travel to. With the violence and political issues in so many countries, even U.S. government officials are urged to avoid them.

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Are citizens of the U.S. truly safe in countries that have a problem with America? Doesn’t seem to be the case. This makes choosing a safe travel destination a little trickier for Americans across the country.