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5 Places You Can Find Remote And On-Site Jobs For Tax Season

Tax season… It usually brings visions of money being owed, checks being written, and bank accounts going down. But it’s also a time when cash flow can actually increase if you take advantage of the hiring spree that takes place every year during tax preparation season.

Beginning in January, and running until about mid-April, tax hiring season usually offers employment to tens of thousands of seasonal workers that help tax filers ahead of the April 15th deadline. Government agencies, tax software companies, customer service firms, and tax preparation franchises all offer seasonal work – some remote and some onsite.

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Widely known for TurboTax, this California-based financial software company’s claim to fame is tax-preparation software. Intuit recruits remote workers from anywhere in the US. The remote openings are predominantly for tax support associates and tax experts.

Tax Associate positions require some experience in filing personal federal and state tax returns, as well as a basic understanding of tax laws and concepts. Tax expert positions require an in-depth knowledge of tax laws and the credentials to back it up – either an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation (or both). Two plus years of management experience is also required.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

The IRS lists nine positions that are in high demand during tax preparation season: Clerk, Financial Clerk, Mail and File Clerk, Cash Processing Clerk, Tax Examiner, Data Transcriber, Contact Representative, Correspondence Examination Technician, and Mail Processing Equipment Operator. All seasonal workers are eligible to receive federal worker benefits, including paid holidays and health insurance. For more information, visit the IRS’s career portal and select the “seasonal” filter.


An international business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, Sykes, partners with tax software companies. Some “nice to have” qualifications for seasonal tax workers include a background in financial services, health care, technology, or customer service. Many tax-related customer service positions are available around the country through the company’s work-at-home program.

Working Solutions

As a BPO firm, Working Solutions works with tax software providers. Contractual positions require a commitment of 20 hours per week, but as an independent contractor, you won’t qualify for benefits through the company. Basic qualifications include having at least one year of customer service experience in a “high-volume” role, computer skills and knowledge of Mac and Windows operating systems, and some experience using tax software.


H&R Block

With more than 10,000 franchise locations in the U.S., H&R Block offers seasonal positions in three categories:  tax professionals, team leaders, and tax office support. To qualify for any of the positions, you need a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent. While relevant experience is a plus, it’s not a requirement.


Note, however, that team leaders and tax professionals must complete H&R Block’s tax preparation course and meet the 18-hour IRS education minimum, as well as any necessary state requirements. Something else that’s in the plus column about working with H&R Block? Seasonal employees are eligible for MediCal insurance, employee discount programs, and retirement plans.

See? Tax time isn’t ALL bad news.