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5 Common Things People Waste Money On

Ever notice that some people seem to throw away money on things that aren’t useful, practical, necessary, or needed? Never mind where the money comes from. There are people who have money to burn and burn through it they do, usually by snapping up junk that ends up cluttering their homes, their closets, or their lives. When Reddit users were asked what they’re guilty of wasting money on, here are some expenses they owned up to…

Photo: Pixabay / bohed

Illogical Smartphone Purchases

It has a familiar ring to it: changing smartphones every time a new one comes out, hoping for a slightly better camera or the newest features. Jumping from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 7 might make sense in terms of upgrades because tech does become outdated. If you’re getting a new phone every year to keep up with the Joneses, on the other hand… well, that just isn’t a smart move.

Photo: Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk

Buying Big Movie Snacks Makes Little Sense

You’re catching a two-hour movie, not going for a two-week vacation. Just how much popcorn, soda, and Junior Mints do you need? Movie snack prices are exorbitant, and a lot of what’s purchased seems to go to waste. Just ask someone who’s worked in a movie theater. They’ve undoubtedly cleaned up loads of overturned tubs of uneaten popcorn, casually spilled soft drinks, and dropped candy stuck to the floor.

Hemming And Hawing: Got To Have Designer Clothing For The Kids

Does a toddler, or even a pre-schooler, really need the latest pair of Nike Air Max? It’s a fact that kids outgrow clothes. Fast. When you spend top dollar on designer wear for little Johnny or Mary, those items will only last a month or so before you’ll be tossing them in the ‘too small’ bin. Dressing your kids to the nines ends up being an exercise in futility and extravagance.

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Memberships Not Remembered

Signing up for that membership was easy, so why is canceling it such a chore? The process is probably much the same, only in reverse. If people are being billed regularly for something they’re not using, why not put an end to it? The age-old adage ‘money to burn’ comes to mind, when wasted money doesn’t spark you to cancel your unwanted subscriptions.

Slacking Instead Of Paying Off High-Interest Credit Cards

No, credit cards aren’t an interest-free loan that you give yourself. In addition to piling on the interest month after month, credit cards often come with stiff penalties for missed payments. Before you know it, the card that enabled someone to buy that gotta-have piece of jewelry has chained them to payments that don’t seem to make a dent in the balance. Ironic how disinterest in paying off a card can lead to, well, more interest.