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5 Car-Friendly Ways To Make Extra Money

When thinking of extra ways to earn money, it’s wise to work with tools you’ve already got. For some people, this means using a computer. For others, it could mean using their car. If you’re already driving on a regular basis, there are myriad opportunities to multi-task during that time, and earn some extra cash. Here are five of the ways you can turn miles on the road into money in the bank.

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Deliver Food to Customers

 Although transporting food in your car may make it smell like a kitchen, it allows you to make money feeding hungry customers. Services such as Uber Eats gives you the option for flexible food delivery, in terms of schedule and location. You can make deliveries on foot, using a scooter, a bike, or your car. You’ll receive pick-up and drop-off fees, as well as some money for the travel. It’s possible to cash out up to a total of five times per day, allowing for instant pay.

Become a Lyft or Uber Driver

Ridesharing companies are opening up tons of opportunities for drivers to freelance and write their own ticket. They allow you to work days, nights or even weekends depending on what works with your schedule. What makes these services even more attractive is you can seamlessly switch between both apps. As long as you’re 21 or older, have a minimum of one year of driving experience, your car was made 2007 or later, and you can pass a background check, you’re all set to drive for both Uber and Lyft.

Carpool To Work

There are actually four cities in the United States that will pay you to carpool to work. Those cities are Boulder in Colorado, San Mateo County in California, Birmingham in Alabama, and Washington, D.C. You can make extra money in each of these cities, all while dealing with less traffic and congestion.

Become a Mechanic

This one’s for the more technically-inclined who have a love for cars. The advantage is you aren’t tethered to an auto body shop. YourMechanic calls themselves a “mobile mechanic company” that has the capability to dispatch a specialist to someone’s home or work when their car needs any sort of service. All that’s required of you is to simply arrive when and where the customer needs you, without the need for ordering parts, marketing or invoicing. You can even set your own hours through the use of their app.

Test Drive Cars

There are companies, like BestMark, that give you the opportunity to test out cars by posing as a potential car buyer. One of the requirements, however, is the need to sit through a sales pitch, which may not be terribly exciting. That being said, making money from sampling driving cars is not a bad way to go. Plus, it fulfills the lifelong dream of many young men.

In Summary

Cars don’t have to be a drain on your bank account. They can help you produce an extra source of income to not only offset your vehicle costs, but also your insurance and repair costs, as well. With the freedom of creating your own schedule, you’ll only work when it works best for you, while still maintaining balance.


Whether you choose to deliver, drive, or repair, each of these options is great for putting some extra cash in your pocket and making those bills a little lighter. Not only that, but you now have the option to make as much or as little as you need in your spare time.