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3 Reasons You Ought To Hire A Real Estate Agent

In today’s era of individual empowerment, it’s now possible to start a business in the afternoon, use your social media presence to make money, and even rent out your home on sites like Airbnb. While these DIY life hacks provide great opportunities, there are times when it pays to call in an expert. For example, if you need a tooth pulled, having a trained dentist perform the procedure makes more sense than trying to remove the tooth yourself.

When it comes to buying or selling a home, working with a trained professional might also be your best bet. Sites like Zillow and Redfin have made it easy to list local properties right on your phone, which lulls many people into trying to buy and sell homes on their own. However, doing it yourself doesn’t always provide the best outcome. This is where a realtor comes in…

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Realtors Have Intimate Knowledge Of The Surrounding Area

Most buyers have good ideas of what they want in a future home, but finding it in real life is another matter entirely. If you’re willing to spend hours each day browsing listings or dedicate entire weekends to open houses, then perhaps you might make it on your own. However, it’s far more likely that you simply won’t find what you’re looking for.

Good realtors know the local market, and after they get to know what you’re looking for, it’s their job to do everything they can to get you what you want. They might even know of neighborhoods that you haven’t considered but still suit your needs. They can also detect things you might be looking for – often before you even realize you want them.

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Realtors Know The Market, And Where It’s Headed

Once you’ve found a great home, and are ready to place an offer, a good agent will guide you on making the best offer, and what to expect once you’ve submitted it. Agents have skin in the game, and scoring the deal means they get paid. Therefore, they will be right there to help you when the seller is highly motivated, to steer you to outbid other potential buyers, and to help you submit an offer that can’t be refused.

On the other hand, when selling your home, a good agent will help you get the most out of the deal. This can add up to anywhere from 10 to 30 percent more money to the deal than if you were to sell without an agent. Basically, realtors have their fingers on the pulse of the market, and where it’s headed. This means they know the right actions to take, whether you’re buying or selling.

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Realtors Have Connections

The whole process of buying or selling a home can be complex. If anything gets overlooked, it can cause problems for years down the road. With an agent, all your paperwork will be in order, and they have a legal responsibility to their clients to make sure their needs are met. They also have a large, curated network of professionals they can call on to make sure every part of the process is covered effectively.


Agents can prevent shady deals, help you get the most for your money, and make sure you’re satisfied once your home is purchased or sold. For many people, realtors are a big plus in the whole process, but for others, they’re nothing short of essential.