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3 Characteristics Of A Good Seller’s Agent

When it comes to selling your home, experience can open the door to more profits. Enlisting the help of a qualified real estate agent could significantly impact not only your profit but also the complexity of the process. According to the National Association of Realtors, agents sell homes for 33% more, on average, than if the same property were listed as for-sale-by-owner.

In addition, a seller’s agent can offer guidance and suggestions throughout the entire selling process, making it more manageable and, yes, even easy. When looking for a seller’s agent to help make your house move quickly on the market, consider these three important characteristics.

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Chalk It Up To Experience

An agent who has years or decades of experience can make a world of difference throughout the selling process. Why? Because an experienced agent, first and foremost, knows how to set the right price by analyzing current market trends and your home’s assets. Set the price too high and potential buyers might be turned off because they think negotiating a more reasonable price is out of reach. Set the price too low and you might not maximize your profit.

Experienced agents also have a network of industry contacts as well as potential buyers that they can reach out to, expanding the possibilities for selling your home. It’s recommended that you interview your potential agent before you agree to list your home with them or sign any contract.

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Reliability Translates To Ability

Reliability is essential when it comes to an agent’s ability to sell your home.

Appointments need to be made — and kept. Information must be accurate. House showings need to be scheduled and carried out. Paperwork, tedious though it may be, requires timely processing and delivery. With a reliable real estate agent, you can focus solely on closing the deal, not on closing any gaps in the process. 

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Friendly Terms

Don’t discount the importance of an agent being friendly and personable. The selling process can be demanding; it can consume a fair amount of your time and, most likely, it involves one of the largest transactions of your personal life.

Find an agent you gel with, who doesn’t mind being asked questions, and who can offer support when you’re feeling totally stressed (most home sellers experience one or two “I can’t wait for this to be over” moments.) An agent that’s agreeable and pleasant can serve as an advocate throughout a process that requires patience and a fair amount of persistence.