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20 Female Meteorologists That Give New Meaning To The Term “Heat Wave”

Photo: Instagram / @iamyanetgarcia

There was a time when the meteorologists that you’d see on TV delivering the weather were only men. But, thankfully, in recent years however, many news programs have started having female meteorologists provide the forecasts

It seems like the right decision as many intelligent and captivating ladies have graced our TV screens to tell us how much rain or sun we’ll be getting. Take a look at some of the most stunning meteorologists out there and see why “weather” has become many viewers’ favorite segment of the broadcast…

Christina Blackwell

Photo: Brian Barbier

Christina Blackwell is currently the weather girl on KENS 5’s Great Day San Antonio every morning. This half-Mexican beauty actually studied culinary arts in Paris before becoming a newscaster.

She then went on to study speech communication before realizing that she wanted to be on television. She first appeared on Mexican television before moving to Texas.

Ximena Londono Cordoba


Believe it or not, this girl is a meteorologist. She may be the only girl in the world that has exceeded the parameters of a common meteorologist.

Ximena works for Despierta America on Univision. The Colombian meteorologist is not only a weather girl but also a model and actress.

Mary Gamarra

Photo: Everipedia

Mary Gamarra is a Peruvian meteorologist who has worked on several news shows. Nowadays, you can find Mary on Telemundo.

She has also worked for CNN as an intern and later for Univision and Noticiero 47. Curiously enough, our Peruvian weather girl is also a yoga expert.

Jackie Guerrido

Photo: LinkedIn

Revolutionary is a word that describes Jackie Guerrido. The Puerto Rican meteorologist and journalist knows how to heat up the news broadcasting industry, and it’s by using sexy outfits.

Jackie graduated from the University of Miami. She is another meteorologist who has also taken part in the film industry.

Jennifer Delgado


Jennifer Delgado is the weather anchor for CNN International. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she studied journalism and meteorology in Mississippi.

She is a member of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. The only thing she loves more than her job is animals.

Bri Winkler

Photo: Pinterest

Bri Winkler is a shining star who has always achieved her goals. Bri earned a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric and marine science at the University of Miami.


She had it all: beauty and intelligence were by her side, but in 2012, she faced several health issues that pulled her out of the weather forecasting industry.

Sheena Parveen


The beautiful Sheena Parvin studied meteorology at Florida State University. After graduation, she became the weather forecaster at NBC 10.

She also hosted the morning show Pet Adoption, where she showed everyone her love for animals. She is currently the weather girl for NBC 7 San Diego.

Carolina Ramirez

Photo: Univision

Carolina Ramirez is a weather reporter for Univision’s Despierta America!. The Colombian-born beauty currently lives in Miami.

She started out as a model and participated in several beauty pageants. She also has a large presence on social media and has over 62,000 followers on Instagram.

Araksya Karapetyan

Photo: Reddit

Araksya Karapetyan was born in Armenia in 1982. Her family moved to the United States when she was just eight years old after her hometown was destroyed by an earthquake.

She first worked as an intern at KABC-TV in Los Angeles before becoming a host. She is now the anchor of Fox 11’s Good Day LA.

Sabrina Fein

Photo: Twitter

Sabrina Fein was born in California. She studied Meteorology at the University of Miami and graduated in 2004. After that, she became a meteorologist on Fox 4.

She then became the chief meteorologist on CW6 Bay City Television in San Diego, where she stayed for six years. She currently lives in Maryland.

Chita Craft


Every morning person in Texas loves Chita Craft. Chita has been working on the KHOU morning weather team in Houston for ten years now.

She earned both a National Weather Association seal of approval and an AMS seal of approval. She is definitely a combination of elegance and brilliance.

Naile Lopez

Photo: Pinterest

Naile Lopez is so popular that viewers usually just tune in to watch her do the weather report. This Mexican beauty used to work as a model before becoming a meteorologist.


Viewers loved her so much that she got offers to also work as an actress and has appeared in several Mexican soap Operas. She also still does some modeling here and there.

Jackie Johnson

Photo: Eleven Magazine

Jackie Johnson was born in Plymouth, Michigan. She studied meteorology at the University of South Alabama and later attended Middle Tennessee State University to study journalism.

After that, she moved to Florida, where she got her first job on television as a weather girl. She has also worked as an actress.

Megan Glaros

Photo: Twitter

Megan Glaros studied atmospheric sciences and journalism at Indiana University. During this time, she was a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts.

After she graduated, she quit cheerleading and became a meteorologist for CBS 2 Chicago. She has also made appearances on several shows, such as Good Morning America and CBS Evening News.

Indra Petersons

Photo: Ninja Journalist

The gorgeous Indra Petersons is the current meteorologist on NBC News. Born in Los Angeles, California, Peterson studied atmospheric physics at the University of Arizona.

She then became a certified meteorologist and joined the American Meteorological Society. Her favorite subject to report on is extreme weather conditions.

Yanet Garcia

Photo: Pinterest

Yanet Garcia has something that not every weather girl has: popularity. Yanet has two million followers on Instagram, and she is known for wearing very revealing outfits.

She looks like a model rather than a weather forecaster. Yanet visited Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgeon, and it shows.

Evelyn Taft

Photo: Youtube

Evelyn Taft is not only a charming woman but also very intelligent as well. Evelyn obtained two degrees: a meteorology degree at Mississippi State University and a degree in broadcast journalism and political science at the University of Southern California.

We have learned that this brilliant and beautiful weather girl also enjoys sailing and eating at street food trucks.


Lluvia Carrillo

Photo: Cargo

It’s almost like Lluvia Carrillo was destined to become a meteorologist since her first name means “rain” in Spanish. This Mexican bombshell first worked as a sportscaster in her home country.

She then became a weather girl and gained popularity with viewers. She also works as a swimsuit model.

Sonya Hill

Photo: Daily Star

Sonya Hill was born in Texas and spent most of her childhood in Mexico, where she became fluent in Spanish. This has allowed her to report the weather in two different languages.

Before becoming a meteorologist, Hill made it to the top ten in the Swimsuit USA competition. She also works as a model.

Leticia Castro

Photo: Daily Star

Leticia Castro found a lot of success in beauty pageants before she became a meteorologist. She represented Nevada and Mexico in several competitions and even founded her own pageant, Nuestra Belleza USA, designed to empower Latinas.

She then became a weather girl and worked for several networks. She also hosted the Telemundo show La Herramienta del Futuro, for which she won an Emmy.

Sugey Abrego

Photo: El Sol de Mexico

Sugey Abrego worked as an actress for many years before becoming a meteorologist. She studied acting in Mexico and appeared on many TV shows there.

She went viral online after she experienced a wardrobe malfunction on air in 2016. Since then, she has been very popular on social media.

Lauren Sanchez

Photo: Youtube

Lauren Sanchez first worked as a desk assistant at KCOP-TV in Los Angeles before becoming a news anchor for the network. She went on to host several shows and report the weather.

She was also nominated for an Emmy award for hosting So You Think You Can Dance. She is currently dating the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos.

Gabriela Grechi

Photo: Reddit

Short skirts and tight dresses define Gabriela Grechi’s most iconic outfits. So far, her revolutionary outfits are proof that she is nothing but a trendsetter.


This beautiful and sexy weather girl lives in Italy and works for station Rete 4, the Telelombardia network.

Mayte Carranco

Photo: Pinterest

This weather girl wears close-fitting dresses and tops that let you admire her figure. Mayte Carranco is a Mexican meteorologist who takes your breath away.

It’s a fact: rating numbers rise the minute a hot weather girl appears on TV. Let’s just admit that male meteorologists wearing a suit simply doesn’t catch everybody’s attention.

Angie Sabrina Gonzalez

Photo: Lifestylogy

Venezuela is lucky to have Angie Sabrina Gonzalez every morning on TV delivering the weather forecast. Angie is a weather girl who always shows up in astonishing outfits.

Apart from being very beautiful and smart, Angie is also an athlete who participated in the Olympics.

Jill Nicolini

Photo: Affair Post

Beautiful, hot, sexy, and smart are the qualities that every weather girl possesses. But Jill Nicolini is much more. Jill is a meteorologist, actress, and model.

She even appeared in Playboy magazine. It was later that she decided to be a meteorologist, and now she works for WB11 Morning News.

Alex Wilson

Photo: Wothappen

It seems that every weather girl is sexy and intelligent. They just have it all, like Alexandra Wilson. Alex has worked for The Weather Channel for more than ten years.

She graduated from Syracuse University and Pennsylvania State University. She is known for her charm and good looks.

Domenica Davis

Photo: MultiVu

Domenica Davis is a meteorologist who graduated from two universities: Boston University and Mississippi State University. She first worked for Fox News, and now she is working for NBC 4.

Domenica likes to keep her life private, so we don’t know much about her. However, the picture speaks for itself: she is hot, she is charming, and she is very smart.

Magda Palimariu

Photo: Youtube

It looks like some female weather forecasters pretend to be modeling while predicting the weather. This is the case of Magda Palimariu, a Romanian meteorologist that always dresses for the occasion.


Magda graduated from university with honors, as she studied meteorology, literature, and sports journalism.

Maria Quiban

Photo: Pinterest

Born in Hawaii, Maria Quiban is a meteorologist who first worked for KHNL and later for KTTV-TV. Maria obtained a meteorology degree at Mississippi State University.

Fun fact: Maria is also an actress. You can spot her in Criminal Minds, Everybody Hates Chris and Bruce Almighty.